List of Group Of Companies By Hetal Joshi (hetalnagaraj)

Our List of Group Of Companies Under Grace And Grooves LLC Exclusive to Hetal Joshi M.

Exclusive because, on paper, these brands have requested to operate with full leadership and under the execution plan of Hetal Joshi M including the artists!

Not all programs are companies | Not all companies are programs | Not all brands are companies | Not all companies are brands

Not all brands are programs | Not all programs are brands | Not all brands are registered!

ALL are operating in their specialities. Performing / Fine Arts and Related are listed here.

Thus the list :

  1. Grace And Grooves LLC – International. The Company itself operates seperately and independently under Hetal Joshi/Hetal Nagaraj : International. This was when we did not have other companies or when we did not buy any brands!
  2. Grace & Grooves LLC – International. Seperately registered as well :). To save on the name. Has it’s own seperate-logo and mostly devotional dances are done under this brand – Spiritual Dances
  3. Mirchi Bollywood Dance Academy : International | own partnership.
  4. Nruthyakala Indian Folk Dance Academy : International | was our client and Hetal’s sponsor for 2 paid events.
  5. Grace Creations Fusion Company : International | Hetal & her own family-friends.
  6. Kalasri Institute of Indian Classical Dances : International | was our client and Hetal’s sponsor for 2 paid events.
  7. Dhamaal Events, USA : International. | own partnership from friend.
  8. The Grace Effects, USA : International. | idea by our interns, led/directed/produced/financed by Hetal.
  9. Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 : International. | was a good friend’s business that got in trouble.
  10. Texas All Star Talents, USA : International. | community-giving back projects exclusively for amateur/gifted-artists.
  11. Sarva Dance Production Series : USA | own dance production – non – classical – bollywood and theater.
  12. Anantha Classical Dance Production Series : USA | own dance production – classical dances & Natyam.
  13. Rang Indian Folk Dance Production Series : USA | own dance production – folk & folk-dramas
  14. G2 Dance Factory : USA : Our Own Start | from grace creations start up.
  15. Nirja Setty : International. | our own grads.
  16. Samarth Setty : International. | our own grads.
  17. Setty Siblings : International. | our own grads.
  18. Hetal Joshi M – Non – Dance related : International. Hetal takes personal projects seperate from Company.
  19. Hetal Nagaraj – Dance Related : International. Hetal takes personal projects seperate from Company.
  20. Aahana M : International. | our own grads.
  21. Ashna Pethe : International. | our own grads.
  22. Puja Natesan : International. | our own grads..
  23. Maharshi Sri Arvind | Shri Aurobindo – International : Brand & NGO | Fundraising International Cultural & Performing Arts Activities (Center : Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India).
  24. Jazz it Up : Wholesale – Retail Costume Supplier – sold under name of hetal joshi only. USA | our own.
  25. Theaters Of India : USA : Social Media Not Required. | our own.
  26. 4 other brands, non-dance related in partnerships : USA with own network of friends.

Total Brands Owned by Hetal Joshi : 29 as of 2021.

Un-registered brands are not part of Total Brand Count :).

Hetal prefers to start her state of affairs/partnerships within her own network first unless the proposed partnerships are from reputed company or celebrity or has straight/transparent background or brings large/huge capital.

Real Knowledge is always the power & Yes-Good Money/People Bring Good Resources aka Realtime Skills :).

Sell us your company/brand as is! We will take very good care of it and we will take it to the best places!

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