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  • For those who don’t know, Ms. Hetal’s own daughter has full 5+ years of trainings in institutional/educational/dance school/non-commerical – tap, jazz, ballet as pre-competitive and competitive dancer/teams/city and state level before she moved to Indian Dances and recreational-hiphop training.
  • Her daughter’s main reason to leave non-indian dances was that she was the only Indian there and was feeling left out as she moved to higher levels of trainings and dance accomplishments in competitions. Her daughter left the trainings in all the non-indian dances in 2011 and moved to Indian dances from 2011 onwards. She is currently national level(straight decade for 3 genres of indian dances) as well as paid dancer / model and continues taking her advance trainings for performing arts including hiphop. She made wonderful friends throughout her journey of non-indian performing arts and collaborations continued for the fun of it with full trainings & safety, from 2011 and onwards. For in-house production such as Nutcracker & Yearly Programs, she would visit them. Even her own choreographers and their affiliates were invited to give the lessons for teaching techniques by hour and all students actually took them by class. See our collabs here.
  • Right after that, 2011 onwards to 2021, Ms. Hetal met lot of other parents who were in same boat as her own daughter and Grace Creations was formed in 2013 considering Ms. Hetal straight background and wonderful healthy – friendships.
  • Her experience of working with niche artists of performing arts industry made a very strong impact on Ms. Hetal’s existing institutional knowledge and expertise that she had gained in India from/with her own teachers. Having worked with institutional performing art schools & institutes/their choreographers in non-indian performing arts – so often;here in USA, she gained several insights that were not possible to achieve under Indian performing arts.
  • Diversity has always been part of Hetal’s life right from her school and college days. With this, it was even easier to connect the dots. Even her first batch of hiphop students in Irving-Texas were a perfect blend of diverse students from Indians to Mexicans, Americans, French and those who were born in diverse families when she started her hiphop classes first time in 2014-2015. While some students who had joined hiphop programs were pure desi/Indian students who loved the peppy beats of bollywood songs that had hiphop beats and came from non-classical backgrounds/environments. See here.
  • Ms Hetal was looking for right venue from 2018-2019 itself right before the pandemic of Covid started. Covid sort of slowed down the plan and getting a right venue was important to her. The place that fits her requirement of performing arts studio, properties that meet certain criteria to avoid too much of structural remodeling and other factors as first timer. Getting right people was other issue too. These criterias were her priority. She has always been over-achiever in her life and with this, possibilities were endless. Finally, in 2020, she found this place in Arlington that met her requirements and budget-Both. It is like when you find the right place, you just grab it. Rest will follow. G2 dance factory is the place where dance-form/genre specialized dances will be taught and fusion for those who are interested or fully trained already. Having a venue of your own 24×7 opens to whole new possibility and speeds up process too.
  • In 2020, g2 dance factory was formed under Hetal Nagaraj and venue-papers were signed in Arlington, Texas, USA. The idea and thus the brand was created by Hetal Nagaraj to create beautiful dances with our own teams under her leadership and choreography with full trainings of all techniques. Thus, hire some of the finest people that had good experience to get it done-right! While working with outside choreographers and her affiliates, there were limitations. By the time it was 2019, Hetal actually took trainings and taught these dance forms and saw what was causing those problems. G2 Dance Factory was then formed to enter the world of Non-Indian Performing Arts with full trainings. She continues to teach hiphop and contemporary currently in Lewisville and Frisco, till date-seperate batches. Since G1 would be Grace And Grooves Group of Companies as in Indian Dances. G2 it would be – for the next!
  • The center will also offer some of the oldest Indian Martial Arts Forms as part of their programs. Martial Arts is part of performing arts and dance as well. In India, it is performed both the ways. Ms. Hetal specializes in 3 Martial Arts Forms of India (Kalaripayattu-Dance And Martial Arts, Chhau-Dance And Martial Arts and Kshatriya – Purely A War Art Form) and teaches these as part of Martial Arts as well as Dance Both by curriculam in Lewisville and Frisco, Texas. See her national and regional level students of Indian Martial Arts. Student 1, Student 2.
  • Till date, each of our venues/city had atleast 10 years of operations and thus the graduates, by genre and location. We are looking to get into permanent locations-next!
  • See her own Graduates by Location, Genre and Programs too. She goes to every single location, teaches there from start to finish by level and age groups.
  • Her graduates too teach but under their own names and under her. That is why, productions are under Ms. Hetal’s exclusive name and she gives out about 3 productions in a year each are by genre. Till date, maximum number of students in these productions are her-own first hand students that perform in productions;they actually sign up under her for lessons each year. It is 2021 and she still teaches. International artist from 2014-2015 onwards and she performs by genre for paid assignments (solo mostly or with her teams) and has worked for several artist -management companies as freelance and on request. She performs in her own shows very often, by genre of her own specializations. Each of her productions have about 70 students just as part of productions that take trainings and do it year by year.
  • See the accomplishments under Hetal Nagaraj’s own leadership and her own achievements at our parent site : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/

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