Salutations To Our People…We love you.

We thought of compiling the list of parents who work for us as an applaud to their services and volunteer assignments when they are able to do so for all our social media, ads, flyer printing, customer service, entry submissions to our organizers, website maintenance, costumes maintenance and costumes.

They either come to us or they do it from their place. They dance with us or their kids dance with us with their own freelance group terms due to their full time travel or local jobs. There may be times when our company calls may be directed to any of them and they do not work as payroll or more than hour so they may not disclose their names and there is no remuneration involved.

It is exclusively for the love of dance. 

  • Digvijay Singh. aka Dg or Dj, Jasmindar & family
  • Hetal Shah Patel, Patel & Family.
  • Vanita Patel
  • Jinal Shah Mehta
  • Kalpana Sai
  • Shweta Jagadish
  • Deepthi Chandrasekaran
  • Sindhu J
  • Kavitha R
  • Tejaswini K
  • Mandi Parikh : intern/holidays.
  • Prushti Dave : New –
  • Ketki S : New – June 2019 to October 2019.
  • Nimisha Sri : New
  • Devi S. : New – Sept 2019 to Oct 31 2019.

Our other point of contacts are/were/have been are Mansi Chauhan, Shruti Sheladia.

This post is an appreciation to these lovely people for spending their precious time for us. We have received lot of rumors about who works for us or Mrs. Hetal Nagaraj. These people are very well set in their life with their full time job commitments. We trust them because of their contributions to our company and its work.

They have not worked with any other dance company so far that we know of due to our thorough background check or if they have, they have disclosed it to us about their equations. We feel thankful and blessed.

Thank you for all you do and maintaining the transparency.
We do offer part time, temporary work for seniors, stay at home moms, college students who are on legal status.
The work given to them are mostly data entry jobs that they do for 2-3 hours and get over with. None of our choreographers/these people are allowed to bring their gadgets, they usually use our given gadgets to maintain transparency and continuity.
We do not discriminate for gender/race/ethnicity/country/color and like to respect people who love to work. We do not recruit them. It is freewill one time thing. We do not ask them where they come from or where they go.
Best Number To Contact : 972 979 2559.
Updated on : May 26, 2019, July 26, 2019.

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