G2 Dance Factory, Arlington Performing Arts Graduates.

G2 Dance Factory, Arlington-Texas – Graduates of Performing Arts : Jan 2021 to March 31, 2023.

Brand kept on-hold at Arlington location due to owner’s (Hetal Nagaraj, Hetal Joshi M) personal goals vs time + huge fraud experience/mess. About Ms. Hetal Joshi Nagaraj : www.hetaln.com.

About G2 Dance Factory’s history. It is our sister-brand from & by our award winning dance company/registered-group/teams to train individuals for high budget performing arts, also provide regular dance lessons and was established by Hetal Joshi Nagaraj for her first line of Elites in 2012-2013 in multiple genres in Irving & Carrollton-Coppell areas of Texas, USA in multiple genres : Grace Creations Fusion Dance Company. In 2021, G2 dance factory papers were approved and entire studio was remodelled with custom floors, by the settys and Hetal Joshi Nagaraj with certified contractors. Several floor testing was done by our elites such as Ms. Aahana, The Settys and other local dance friends of Ms. Hetal Joshi M who visited G2, at every layer of floor and we all wanted the high speed and safe floors to be flawless for shoots/stunts/stills/competitions.

Ms. Hetal specializes in re-modeling and construction through her networks and her own “direct” experience in remodeling and construction from scratch for 5 projects(India and USA with min 1 crore INR to 750K US$). This includes her own house in USA that she has fully customized just the way she wanted with builders. Some of blue-prints has Ms. Hetal’s name on it as designer πŸ™‚

Other locations, commercial projects in Dallas, Fortworth, Arlington and surrounding areas of our regular clients will continue as per schedule and all. All the other activities as well will continue.

Most of below listed are private classes, on request, exclusive to Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj and a few G2 Team members : Success

  • Indian Folk Dances : 12 hours : Rajasthani Folk Dance -Intermediate – Progressive by Hetal Joshi Nagaraj – Shreshta Siblings
  • Bollywood Hiphop Reachh Mediaa Commercial Work : 8 hours – Intermediate to Advance: Shreshta Siblings by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Broadway Ballet & Creative Movements by Ms. Anna. 8 hours technique classes – Shreshta Siblings. Regular Class / Program at G2.
  • Broadway Contemporary – Progressive : 12 hours – Beginners To Intermediate by Hetal Nagaraj, Hetal Joshi M : Shreshta Siblings
  • Bharatanatyam : 36 Hours : Introduction To Bharatanatyam by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj : Ms. Carver, Ms. Shrestha
  • Bollywood Commercial Reachh Mediaa Work : 8 hours Mixed Medley Levels : Ms. Shrestha by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Reachh Mediaa Graduates for Commercial Dances 8 hours: Women Only Choreo 24+ purely for commercial project – By Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj. Intermediate to Advance.
  • Farsi/Parsi/Iranian-Indian Folk Dances : 12 hours Exclusive to Reachh Mediaa Commercial Work w/Walking technqiues : Ms. Hassan By Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj. Mixed Level by Skills.

5 shoots of Reachh Mediaa exclusive to Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj : Success

Sports shoot with stunts and choreography, Commercial project shoot with stills, Educational institute submission shoots with technique showcase, Portfolio shoot by genre, Party shoot dance shot-submission.

Justin Yoon : grads with Ms. Hetal – listed here. Justin was never available at g2 location in person because he moved to other state by the time g2 city-permits were received to conduct any activities.

Since most/almost all of our 2021 classes were still going online or hybrid for the entire year of 2021 until Oct 2021, Justin assisted by curriculam in hiphop classes of Ms. Hetal’s own batch as per his timezone-availability at Lewisville location(-in person at lewisville & online for the others b’coz of hybrid). All students performed at their levels in August 2021 mega show of 3 productions + outdoor shoots and outdoor productions in one day introducing G2 dance factory.

Ms. Hetal broke all records of 3 stage-shows in one day with her own exclusive students + her elites’ first batches – Ms. Ashna & The Settys (Nirja Setty & Samarth Setty) + Outdoor shoots + Outdoor productions by genre + Several Elites graduated by location, by genre and by program too + her other choreographers’ contributed batches(Ms. hetal is now a grandma) that usually perform in Ms. Hetal’s shows!

G2 first line of staff was hired early despite instructions to Ms. Taylor(first manager of g2) about city permits and previous tenant pending permits to city which delayed the remodling/flooring. From all the staff hired, we could only use Justin as hiphop and contemporary batches were in-session under Ms. Hetal and so he was assigned as per his timezone-availability-1 to 2 batches. Ms. Taylor was asked to take one but she did not have any experience teaching teens so we waited to assign any batch. The other hiphop and contemporary students choosed to stay with Ms. Hetal as most dances were about to be done and camps were in person with Ms. Hetal at Lewisville & Frisco FM423 with strict instructions of “in=person class” only. Infact, by the time we received permits to run the business or to remodel the place, the entire first hire of staff had either moved to other cities or we had to let them go because of “early hire and zero work”. Ms. Hetal’s students refused to leave Ms. Hetal or take any online class for any of the specialities from anybody.

Justin was moved to G1 from the time he was hired. Justin was fully experienced with technicalities of hiphop by level and in his specialities dealing with kids & teens of all ages. Ms. Hetal takes his paid-choreo work for hiphop for the students that were trained under both since several students of Ms. Hetal and G1(grace and grooves – hiphop, bollywood-hiphop, broadway styles) did the drop-in classes with him-online side by side with Ms. Hetal. Few students of Ms. Hetal & Justin (taught by both during 2021) were selected to compete in his state (where he moved) as well for a national level competition in multiple genres. so, if they were to visit for competition in person in Dec 2021, Justin was assigned to give them competition preps and routines as per the plans-locally!

Either way by the end of Nov 30th, 2021 our students decided not to go for nationals to his state because of personal trips/travels during December 2021 that was overdue because of pandemic lockdowns. Justin is since then the part of G1 group for any freelance work that may be assigned for his specialities.

2nd line of staff was hired from 2022 by Ms. Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj right after Ms. Taylor moved. Ms. Taylor did everything that was assigned to her in her committed hours. Ms. Taylor couldn’t handle G1 brands as it was out of her understanding and so we didn’t have any work. By then, Ms. Taylor had moved too :). Website design of g2dancefactory was Ms. Taylor work inspired from her own peers site and it was made by interns & grads of Hetal Joshi M – IT speciality under Ms. Hetal’s leadership. From 2022, all online classes were moved to in-person except for a few with ms. Hetal. For example : a few of her students bought new house in some other city and didn’t want to leave their batch mates and their trainings are almost done!

We will post all our videos too sometimes later! Because, why not :). It is worth seeing !! πŸ˜€. You all should see it!

Administrative Grads : Listed Here.

Biggest Fraud in the history of company Saumya Bhardwaj Kaur ( we give credits for everything because why not πŸ™‚ : 30,000$ as of Feb 2023 + 8 months of total mess (it is April 2023 and we are still re-doing entire 8months of all the work assigned to her). That’s 16 months of delays in everything and for each project assinged to Ms. Saumya. Fraud damages in $$ still under calculation.

About this individual’s horrifying experience of parents(as per their texts) and company’s staff

Proceedings will occur once we are done accessing the total $ damages. Everyday something is surfacing.

Special thanks to Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj’s personal & business relations, her knowledge to deal with crisis/risk management, laws and all the experience to deal with our mainstream clients and real world experience of her all the fields that everything is being handled at ease, one at a time, as it comes and without a fuss! About Ms. Hetal : www.hetaln.com

Post updated on April 12, 2023. April 13, 2023.

Our other graduates by programs and genres are listed here.

Fun Facts: Do you know, Ms. Hetal Joshi Nagaraj has special allowance, permits & permissions by the city officials in Arlington and in several cities, organizations, universities, her own gurus, for any her services or for all or several other businesses under her authority? This is because of her 100% transparency in each field with all papers & video clips as requested. This is from the time she started her first businesses in India and the trend followed to USA as well πŸ™‚ #security. Yes-Read that again. New to you all ? Woman like our owner!

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