Why Seperate Names For Each Programs?

We always get this questions by people who do not know the art-forms.

That why Seperate Names For Each Programs?

We thought we will pen it, finally!

Bharatnatyam Dances:

Bharatanatyam Students DO NOT want to even hear about what Bollywood/movie dance students are doing.

Funny but true that they are perfectly fine having Indian Folk Dances around during recital times but they want to hear ONLY BHARATANATYAM NEWS.

But they want something of their own that they can rule it for whole 2-3 hours. All that makeup and costumes takes 1 hour just to begin and you just can’t learn dance and leave it there. How to learn to be creative as you walk in this journey!

Thus, Anantha dance production series was started to bring out the creativity in this art form…

Here, check our Signature Bharatnatyam Program

Indian Folk Dances:

Indian Folk Dance students DO NOT want to see Bollywood/Indian Movie Dances posts anywhere happening in their newsfeed or anywhere around them. To them, culture is lost in peppy beats and those thumkas are not ok! Forget about infusing them together.

But they want something of their own that they can rule it for whole 2-3 hours. All that makeup and costumes takes 1 hour just to begin and you just can’t learn dance and leave it there. How to learn to be creative as you walk in this journey!

Thus, Anantha dance production series was started to bring out the creativity in this art form…

Here, check our Signature Indian Folk Dance Program.

We are proud of what is not in these dances ūüôā

Bollywood Dances :

Indian Movie Dances/Bollywood/Tollywood/Whatever-ALL wood ūüôā students do not want to even hear the Carnatic Music! And Folk Music is not always appealing to people who have lived half of their life talking about movie stars and hearing those peppy beats!

Forget about seeing their dances on one page and don’t even talk about ta tai tai tha..

Here, check our Signature Bollywood/Tollywood Dance Program.

Grace Creations :

Fusion dances is whole new story and is not everybody cup of tea.

Whoever dives in it will have to do the trainings.

Why ?

  • So that they don’t harm their body while trying something new that their body does not identify..
  • So that they can dance all their life in-spite of all the wear and tear that their body goes through..
  • So that you can look beautiful and be exceptionally creative.

Guess what, Students of Fusion Dances at Grace And Grooves LLC can still define their dance moves with names ūüôā And yes, all of them has NAMES.

Here, check our Signature Grace Creations Program.

Above ALL what differs from Audience & Dances is : Some businesses or dance academies are bought either from Hetal Nagaraj’s own partnerships or bought in full price, as is with full inventory. This is other reason, why these names cannot be changed. The presence of these academies in various social medias were so vast before the merger with Hetal Nagaraj that it makes it impossible to merge on any platform other than putting them in the websites. No Social Media merges these accounts due to differences in services. But otherwise, Check one of the speciality of Hetal Nagaraj : Mergers & Acquisitions.

Still wondering why ????

Join these programs for just 1 year at

Grace And Grooves

And you will have your answers. 

Call NOW : 972 979 2559.

Other than that, some of the businesses were either our service providers or partnered or bought by hetal nagaraj herself. She specializes in mergers, acquisitions, partnerships & business/commerce infrastructure by her main stream education degree. Read about her : www.hetaln.com. Talk about about receiving lot of good vibes and blessings from all the right people, grapes have never been sour for us. #training.

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Rinku Bharttarcharya Das


Rinku Bhattarcharya Das

Rinku Bhattacharya Das was initiated to the world of Kathak dance by her mother Smt Mallika Bhattacharya disciple of Guru Acchan Maharajji and Guru Laxminarayanji of Gunijankahana Jaipur. Ever since winning the prestigious Indian national dance scholarship from West Bengal Governor B.D. Pande at age 5 she continued her  training from Smt Bela Arnab ( Dean of Kathak dance Rabindra Bharati University).

She broadened her understanding of indian  classical dance forms by receiving rigorous  training in Manipuri Dance from  Guru Bipin Singh,Kalavati Devi and Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri. She was introduced to the world of contemporary dance by renowned Manipuri and Contemporary Dance artiste Sri Sanjib Bhattacharya .  As a solo and a performing artiste in both  classical and contemporary art forms she has performed in various prestigious dance programmes and festivals of India and USA. She is currently the Director of Nrityajyotidance Academy, North Carolina, USA which is devoted to the dissemination, training and promotion of the classical as well as contemporary performing arts based on Guru Shishya tradition and helps in promoting  them  internationally. rinkumani2

Receiving 2012-2013 Ella Pratt Fountain Emerging Artist Award from Durham Arts council NC,USA

Some of her Major Performances in India and abroad:

  • North American Bengali Conference, Las Vegas, NV, by Cultural Association of Bengal
  • National Centre of Performing Arts Dance Recital,¬†Mumbai, India
  • Aum Sad Gurubhyo Namaha,¬†Cary Arts Center by Hum Sub and HSNC by Vedanta Society
  • Azalea Festival, Wilmington, NC, by Brunswick CC
  • International Day Festival by Brunswick Community College, Bolivia, NC
  • International Festival by Wayne Community College, Goldsboro, NC
  • South Eastern Center of Contemporary Arts Museum, Winston -Salem, NC
  • Basant Bahar in Cary Arts Center, by Hum Sub, NC
  • Erasing Borders Festival, Manhattan, NY, by Indo-American Arts Council
  • An Evening of Manipuri Dance, Kolkata, India, by Arati Saha
  • Rabindranath Tagore‚Äôs 150th¬†Birth Anniversary, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
  • American Tagore Festivals, Rutgers, NJ, and Queens, NY
  • Delhi International Arts Festival, New Delhi, India, by Pratibha Prahlad
  • Indira Gandhi National Univ. Annual Event, New Delhi, India, by IGNOU
  • Sankranthi-Pongal-Lohri Festival, Fayetteville, NC
  • ISKCON New Goloka Dance Recital, Hillsborough, NC
  • Unity in Diversity‚ÄĒInternational Night Event, Raleigh, NC, by the Wake County Democratic Party
  • Regional Bengali Conference Nashville, TN, hosted by Bengali Association of Greater Nashville
  • Heritage India Annual Dance Festival, Morrisville, NC, by Nuv Yug
  • Dhaki-Utsav, Kolkata, India, by Swabhumi Cultural Organization
  • Tanmoy Bose Special Conert, Kolkata, India, by Indian Army Command Hospital
  • Violin Brothers Concert, Kolkata, India, by Calcutta Club
  • Chris Rel Hip Hop Concert, Kolkata, India, by the United States Embassy
  • Cultural Night in New Jersey, Rutgers, NJ, by New Jersey Indian Doctors Association
  • North American Bengali Conference, Houston,TX, by Cultural Association of Bengal
  • Raindrop Festival, Mumbai, India By Uma Dogra
  • International Dance Festival, Vishaka Patam, Vizac, India
  • Durham Arts Council
  • Children‚Äôs Festival at HSNC (as Choreographer)
  • International Festival Competition, Raleigh, NC (as Choreographer)
  • Shri Krishna Parijatham, Basant Bahar, Cary, NC
  • Diwali Program for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Durham, NC (as Choreographer & Performer)
  • India Fest, Raleigh, NC, by Nuv Yug (as Choreographer)
  • Doctors‚Äô Association of Bangladesh, NC (as Choreographer)
  • Dragon Boat Festival, Cary, NC (as Choreographer)
  • Classic Bollywood, Cary Arts Center, NC (as Director, Choreographer & Performer)

Her Gurus

Guru Bipin Singh, Smt Kalavati devi

Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri

Smt Mallika Bhattacharya and Guru LaxmiNarayanji (To be uploaded)

Guru Parveen Gangani

About2 About3 About4
b4 b5 b6

Call NOW : 972 979 2559.

Website : www.graceandgrooves.com

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Hetal Nagaraj.


About Hetal Nagaraj

  • Indian Classical Background: Formal Trainings of introducing Indian dances started at the age of 4 from her mother Lt. Daksha M Joshi. Age 6, Formal Bharatnatyam Training started with Ms. Daksha. V. Joshi (Kalakshetra Style).

    • 2018 Master of Fine Arts(Bharatnatyam) from Tiruchirappalli Diocesan Educational Society (Tamil University) under the mentorship/guide of Dr. Marie Stella (Pondicherry & Chennai-India) and Master Instructors such as KM Jayakrishnan Ambadi from Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai(India).

      • This program is most vigorous program in India for Bharatnatyam for which even students of Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai(India) come to get their degrees because of extensive residency trainings and curriculum of this MFA Degree.

    • 2015: Advance Bharatnatyam knowledge from Guru.Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan(held by NrithyaDhwani-Dallas 2015).

    • 2015: Guru.Smt.Niraliben Thakore and Guru.Shri.Chandanbhai Thakore (Nrithyabharati “Bharatnatyam”-Ahmedabad-India 2015).

    • 2014 : Bollywood Workshop of 12 hours with Ms. Shampa Sonthalia,A Bollywood Choreographer visiting Dallas.

    • 2013: Fogana, assisting under strict supervision of Induben Mangrolia. 3rd prize adults/sr.folk/Garbha.

    • 97, 98: Professional Kathak Courses Lucknow and Jaipur Gharaanaa/Alternately.

  • Indian Folk Dance Formal Trainings: Indian Folk Dances Trainings of over 15 years and she teaches each Indian Folk Dance as a DANCE FORM with several styles and variations. Some of popular Indian folk dances are: Bhangra, Gidda, Dandiya, Raas, Gagar, Sambalpuri, Kshetriya, Kallaripatt-Kalaripayattu, Kolattam, Padayani, Koli, India’s Tribal Dances, KummiAdi(Kummiadi), Bihu, Chirmi, Garba-Garbha, Dodhiyu, Lavani, Tippani, Garbi, Ghummar/Ghoomar/Ghoommar, Teratalli, Tera talli, Kalbelia, Garbi, Kumari and many more.

    • 1999, 2000, 2015: Exclusvie Indian Folk-Dance Trainings from Guru. Smt. Mallikaben Sarabhai & several other respected teachers of/at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts (Ahmedabad).

    • 1999: Navrang and Sri Sharada Kala Mandir for pure folk, fusion art forms and theater plays.

    • 1999: She started her journey as a freelance choreographer and have performed/competed or choreographed successfully some of the best Indian dance competitions in exclusive folk, bharatnatyam and Bollywood since then. She started her journey from Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India, Michigan, Kansas and now in Dallas-Fortworth Areas of Texas.

    • 1980s-90s: Guru. Smt. Minalben Oza and own mainstream schools(click here for her schools) (Gujarat Folk Guru-Gandhinagar Late 80s/90s).

    • 1983 to 1998: She was introduced to non-Gujarati folk dances in her own schools-Mt.Carmel, St.Xaviers(Gandhinagar) representing various states of India where school/visiting faculties trained students with in-depth knowledge of folk dances and variations associated with it.

  • Performances/Competitions/Fundraisers (India, USA):

    • Group performances aired in Doordarshan Television Channels, received titles as in cash prizes/awards in Indian cultural competitions [1999-2003] held by non-profit organizations such as Ahmedabad-YMCA, Rajpath & Local Lions-Rotary Family Clubs located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India. Certificates/credentials from non-profit organizations such as Help-Age-India [1993], C.R.Y-India [2001], CRY America Inc. (2015, 2016).

    • A total of 20 awards have been awarded to her students for Folk, Fusion, Classical, Semi-Classical, Neo-Classical & Traditional Bollywood Categories

    • Most of the awards are won in pure Indian Folk Dances against Classical Dances of India, Bollywood (or Non-classical categories) in Indian Dance Competitions organized all over Gujarat(India until 2003) and all over United States of America(from 2004 to till date: Michigan, Kansas, and finally Dallas-Fortworth/DFW areas).

    • Mrs. Hetal Nagaraj takes it as her honor for the wins as the judges of these competitions had Masters In Fine arts from Indian Universities or had completed at-least 2 types of classical Dance Forms (Bharatnatyam+Kathak) with detailed knowledge of Indian Folk Dances as their main theory or practical paper in their degrees. These judges had further inspired Mrs. Hetal Nagaraj to take degree in master‚Äôs in fine arts along with family influences which she completed in 2018 with similar curriculum and specialties as in exams and practicals.

  • Specializations:

    • Bharatnatyam(Kalakshetra), Modern Folk-Fusions, Pure Folk Dances of India, Classical Fusions, Lyrical, BollyHop/BollyJazz/Bollywood-Folk/Traditional/Modern/Fusion, Semi-Classical, Neo-Classical-Modern(India)Categories and Indian Contemporary Styles (From Indian Classical & Indian Folk Dances ONLY), Bolly-HipHop/Bollyhop.

    • Hetal has showcased famous dances (some with trainings or some with exclusive copyright permits) of Guru.Smt.Minalben Oza, Guru.Smt.Mallikaben Sarabhai & Smt.Induben Mangrola’s conceptual art forms as a tribute in various dances of her own.

  • Non-Indian & Other¬†Dance Trainings 2011 to 2015¬†:

    • Couple Dance Instructors’ Training Lessons for 6 months (Salsa, Mambo, Ballroom-learned all separately-techniques ONLY. Beginners to Intermediate, Intermediate) from Tony Gavinito (Former Arthur Murray Instructor, Plano-Texas, USA). Venue : Sundanga Dance Center, Carrolton.

    • Hiphop/Urban, Jazz, Creative Movements – Dance Council, Coppell Dance Centre – Beginners to Intermediate, Intermediate.

    • 2014 : Bollywood Workshop : Creating Choreography & 2 Master Dances – Advance : Shampa Sonthalia

    • 2015 : Zumba Certifications. Location : Lewisville, Texas.

  • Family Background: Knowledge of performing arts and theatre is being passed through generations in her family and Mrs.Nagaraj is the 4th generation to receive it as a gift along with trainings. Grandfather was classical singer and mother was a dance-drama artist with bachelor‚Äôs in arts from Mumbai University.

    • Most or all her family members have at-least one classical/indian folk or non-classical background either in instruments, singing or dancing. It is just a family thing & Hetal being the first one to register this talent as company.

    • She is settled with family of 2 beautiful kids and loving husband. She performs for not only Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations but also competed with national level dance team (Fogana 2013) and does several other non profit events : https://www.facebook.com/hetalnagaraj/

Her passion is to provide not only quality dance education but also teach her students to respect culture and its values. Her students take home in-depth knowledge and love for dance/performing arts as lifelong lessons with awards from well-respected competitions. She performs regularly as lead dancer in all shows of Grace And Grooves. (www.graceandgrooves.com).

Her exclusive dance productions : https://wp.me/p7EbkV-1zy

  • Call NOW : 972 979 2559 to set an appointment with her.

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Awards / Titles in Indian Dance Competitions | Grace And Grooves Group By Hetal Nagaraj :


When your life and trainings have enough of all you need, you don’t look at others to compare. Our trainings have given us so much that we are never run out on creativity within the dance forms. Fusions were yet another signature in making from year 2000 and that is how our owner took professional trainings in Kathak inspired by Madhuri Dixit’s dances in Indian Movies and Kathak based fusions in Bollywood Industry. Check Ms.Hetal Nagaraj’s Kathak choreography trainings.

Below are competitions that we went to finals. Many competitions we didn’t go for finals in spite of winning all previous auditions, semi-finals & pre-finals. Those videos will be out too very soon!

ALL Competitions are : Non-Voting, Judges with Degrees or extremely high credentials in performing arts or with transparent background with full traceability for their teachers too. We do not sponsor any of these events :). Not our business, not our problem! 

Part 1. Ages 3.5 to 15.

ALL Choreo, Class Teacher, Techniques, Completion, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories as well as Competition Requirements unless otherwise mentioned : Hetal Nagaraj.

Awards & Titles In Indian Dance Competitions :

Register For Competition Classes OR CALL NOW Р9729792559

Prior To May 1, 2011[Private Groups Only-Indian Folk Dance Competitions]

1. *Best Fundraiser(19-23years)-1999,2000,2001-Folk Dance Competition:Garba,Raas/Dandiya,Lavani(India)
2. *Best Theme & Choreography(19-23years-2002,2003)IndianFolk Dance Competition: Ghoomar of Rajasthan,Tera talli(India)
3. Best Choreography Folk(AgeGroup23-30years)-2004(US-Michigan-Indian Dance Competition): Kalbelia
4. First Place Talent/Fundraiser(AgeGroup 20-30)2006.Indian Dance Competition-SemiClassical Bharatnatyam,Kansas-USA
5. *Participation Awards Folk(2011-Gidda/Bhangra), Semi-Classical/Fusion(2012)Age 5-10years+Best Dress Awards in both(Indian Dance Competition,Irving)
*Cash Prizes(India)/Gift Cards(USA) in all years + 1 Award for consecutive wins.

May 1, 2011 & Onwards(Indian Dance Competitions)

1. First Place:Ages 4-6 Age.Group,Indian Folk Dance – Tera Talli(Public Event-Indian Folk Dance Competition]
2. Second Place:Folk-Fusion(5-7years)Group- Bhangra, Bollywood, Tap[School Competitions)
3. First Place:Fusion-Bollywood Style Bharatnatyam(Solo),Age 6.Fusion Indian Dance Competition
4. Second Place:Youth “Classical Fusion.Age 15-20.Bharatnatyam, Bihu, Kumari РDance Competition,Fusion-Irving
5. First Place:Best Dress,Culture Festival- Garba/Dandiya[Represented India-Talent Show-Irving]
6. First Place:Best Dress,Best Folk Choreography,Solo/Age8-Ghoomar of Rajasthan, Chirmi [Indian Dance Competition-Dallas)
7. First Place:Tap/Indian Classical Dance-Group[Age8)School-Talent Competition-Indo American-Coppell]
8. Fourth Place Fusion,Age7.Solo.Garba/Dandiya-Raas[Invited Only-Private Event-Competition)
9. Third Place Group(Ages 4-6) Garba[Charity Event-Indian Dance Competition, Plano-Texas]
10.Second Place(Below 13 Yrs)Solo.9 Years-Ghoomar/Ghummar of Rajasthan at Indian Dance Competition:Plano-Texas]
11.Third Place(Below 13 Years)Solo.7 Years-Lavani, Indian Dance Competition,Plano-Texas.
12.First Place(Below 12 Years)Solo.8 Years-Garba-Dandiya/Raas, Plano-Texas.
13.Third Place(Grade6-10)Solo 11 Years-Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan’s Thillana Bharatnatyam(Classical-Artwork, Bharatnatyam Student), Indian Dance Competition, Plano-Texas
14.First Place(Grade6-10)Solo 13 Years-Bollywood Fusion(Non.Classical). Indian Folk Dance, Contemporary, Bharatnatyam on Bollywood/Tollywood Song. Student trained in Indian Folk Dance, Contemporary, and Professional Bharatnatyam as seperate programs. Indian Dance Competition, Plano-Texas
15.Third Place(Grade 1-5)Solo.10 Years-Pushpanjali. Bharatnatyam Choreography Work : Hetal Nagaraj. Indian Dance Competition, Carrollton-Texas. Our Bharatnatyam Student from 2014.
16.First Place (Grade6-10), Solo 13 Years-Bollywood Fusion(Non.Classical). Indian Folk Dance, Contemporary, Bharatnatyam on Bollywood/Tollywood Song. Student trained in Indian Folk Dance, Contemporary, Bollywood and 2 styles of Bharatnatyam from Grace And Grooves LLC and other dance school. Indian Dance Competition, Carrollton-Texas.
17. Second Place, Solo. 10-11 years-Bharatanatyam. Click Here, Part 2 of dance won (Samarth Setty, direct invite from our own published YouTube video of Part 1. Part 2 Finals Won). Choreographer:Hetal Nagaraj(Part-1). Student is a Bharatanatyam Student from Grace And Grooves LLC. Indian Dance Competition, Carrollton-Texas. Choreography/Choreographer Hetal Nagaraj, Part 2.

ALL Choreo, Class Teacher, Techniques, Completion, Practices, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories as well as Competition Requirements unless otherwise mentioned : Hetal Nagaraj(www.hetaln.com).

……NEW….. ALL Videos, Pictures Are Posted Here.

18. 1st place Bharatnatyam Ages 9-12 : Dhiya Sudhini : Intern-Class Teacher : Nirja Setty | Supervisor : Hetal Nagaraj.

19. 2nd place Bharatnatyam Ages 5-9 : Audrey Martin . Class Teacher : Hetal Nagaraj | Costume : Audrey with direction from Hetal Nagaraj.

20. 3rd place Bharatanatyam Ages 5-9 : Uma Shah (- Internship – All practices Puja Natesan). Good Job! choreography, techniques, direction, competition edits requirements : Hetal Nagaraj. Dance of Sarva 2019 | Class Teacher : Hetal Nagaraj.

21. 1st place Ages 9 Р12 | Category : Non-Classical | Dance : Bollywood & Fusion (Folk+Hiphop & Festival-Party Dances)|Dancer : Sanvi L Sharma (Mckinney) | Class Teacher : Sannthosh | Supervisor, Techniques, Direction & Completion of entire dance due to time limit and ALL Practices : Hetal Nagaraj. 

22. 2nd place Ages 9 – 12 | Category : Non-Classical | Dance : Fusion Kalaripayattu & Contemporary | Class Teacher : Hetal Nagaraj. Dancer : Aahana Marella | Costumes : Aahana with direction from Hetal Nagaraj.

Our Heartist Congratulations for International Awards : 2020-2021 :

International Awards | Other than Competitions | Non-Competition Awards | Culture Awards | Achivement Awards :

Before 2020 : Coming Soon.

2020 March : Media Culture Awards – for Gujarat Culture/heritage by Hello Gujarat Group, Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

23. Hetal Nagaraj,

24. Ashna Pethe,

25. Nirja Setty,

26. Samarth Setty

Above Team members bagged 4 International Awards in their contributions to Indian Dances for the State of Gujarat. This time for the Awards of “Hello Gujarat” from 10:15 time stamp onwards.

Their screening for these awards happened in early 2020 for which they were handpicked by media looking to their non-stop contributions in Indian Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Fusion and off-late Hiphop(In Gujarati). This is Hetal Nagaraj’s 2nd International Award. ALL Video Clips and Newspaper Clips/Coming Soon!¬†

These students and teachers were picked by media from their performances, competitions as well as fundraisers with respect to Gujarat & it’s culture in some of LIVE events. Several other newspapers and medias shared their contributions and highlighted them. ALL Video Clips and Newspaper Clips/Coming Soon!

2021 April : Student Achievers’ Award by Rhythm Group, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

27. Nirja Setty

28. Samarth Setty

29. Aahana

Nomination Criteria – 2021 February-April : Dance Accomplishments Required First Hand.

If you have accomplished in dance/performing arts then next set of criteria are : What else you have accomplished with balanced life and did you consistently do to achieve it? How are you in your studies? What you do in school? What did you accomplish from all your recreational activities for the fun of it? If you did, pictures, videos, clips, announcements, certificate pictures are to be submitted. Some fees to ship/parcel/post the award and certificates.


Congratulations! Student of the Year Ms. Sindhu 2019-2020 by our sponsors’ pick for being role model to new dancers / refreshers and moms. She showcased excellent team work, smooth enrollments process, costume plans, & conducted dance lessons for kids from 4 to 8 years for beginners level for our Sarva 2019. Read More about Student of the Year-Here.

30. 2019-2020 : Congratulations to Nirja Setty & Ashna Pethe for being selected again for other competition in first round and also for nominations for awards/interviews. Song : Nimbooda Duet : Bollywood Category. Same Dance.

31. 2021 : International Womens’ Award : Hetal Nagaraj : For Contributions in Performing Arts and Non-Performing Arts. Media Group : Hello Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

32. 2021 June : Hetal Nagaraj awarded as Inspiring entrepreneur in the IMPACT edition of India Today and was featured in India Today. See her news in India Today and her list of accomplishments.

We made it to number of titles and awards to 32 by June 21, 2021 under/by Hetal Nagaraj.

Congratulations to all awardees and for working consistently with us….

Come to our classes regularly and that is all you need! It is the straight background with full trainings!

Our Video Glimpse of Past Awardees :  Click : https://www.hetaln.com/awards-competitions

How We Choose Competitions: READ HERE. 

The Competitions & Performances that we go have Judges with following qualifications :

  1. Degrees in Performing Arts (Indian for Indian Dances),
  2. Straight Background With Full Proof & Traceability,
  3. Versatile Dancers In Their Genre – Non Stop Stage Dancers.
  4. Full Hands-Onn w/Knowledge From Right Sources (traceable background or universities)

We do not do reality competitions. In past we have tried about 1-reality competition. But we strongly do not believe that you need people’s votes to win the competition OR dirty politics to get the wins! Your dance has more value than all of that.

Our focus is institutionalized and curriculam based dances for now. In future, if it alligns, sure – we will think about it depending on various factors and above all, the organizers!

Languages & Music Compositions :

  1. Our Bollywood program includes Tollywood Dances(Telugu) and Other Indian Movie Languages, Remixes as well.
  2. For Indian Folk Dances & Bharatanatyam : We are very fortunate to have dance collections from various languages with actual compositions or re-composed by our teachers and peers.
  3. Our owner herself composes music for Bollywood/Tollywood, Hiphop, Indian Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam with full jatis, ragam, thalam, as required-when required. She also writes songs, poems in 4 different languages and her works in English have been published a few times in USA itself. She has not got chance to submit her other work!

ALL pictures of competitions and winning news are on our facebook timelines from Grace And Grooves Timeline to Ms. Hetal Nagaraj’s Timeline. Do not miss! Make sure to subscribe or follow or like to our page and medias. As we dig up our videos, we will soon compile them along with pictures seperate! Lot of work to do..

Grace And Grooves performed/performs Bharatnatyam, Bollywood and Folk Dances of India for following(as requested):
IANT Day/IANT Night(Indian Association of North Texas), The Punjabi Association Hasda Punjab(DFW), DFW Hindu Temple – Ekta Mandir(Irving-Texas), Diwali Mela(DFW Indian Cultural Society-DFW ICS), Plano International Festival Corp, Tantex(Telugu Association of North Texas), NATA(North American Telugu Association), Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple(Frisco), Flowermound Hindu Temple(Flowermound), DFW-Hindu Temple(Irving), Ram Mandir(Plano), Hare Krishna-ISKON Temple of Dallas, Schools, Colleges, Universities and several fundraising/community/cultural events.
Annual Recital depending on program you join.

Recital Pictures & Blog – Click Here.

Performances happen very frequently and students perform according to program they join! So HURRY and Enroll Your Child & Register them for classes 
for Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Bharatnatyam. Other Services such as Mehdi Nights, Couples Only-Therapy Classes, Marriage-Event Classes, Birthday Parties are offered at competitive rates.

Tune in to our channels, Facebook, we will updating links & videos as we process our videos! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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