1999…. Entering Freelance Private Group Choreography. How we got into it…

1999 marked the year when our founding member Ms. Hetal Nagaraj first stepped into professional competition choreography as freelancer. It was the very first time when she taught students similar to her age, or they did not belong to her affiliated groups/school or college or let’s just say, were complete strangers. For a 20 year old, it was tough call when she was not a performer but a choreographer (Sigh). Through a friend’s friend, this all got started and today we are thankful to both of them.

Biggest challenge was that these students were avid dancers (who could move the way you want them to) but they had no idea of what they were doing. This is in-spite of being natives or participating in various community or school events as they claimed to. But, ready to work hard & first whole week just passed by getting their moves FIXED to folk requirements, which we did daily for 4 hours totaling to up-to 28 hours of training!


After spending all that sponsored funds for the costumes and travel, you cannot afford to do mistakes. The whole week, with pure folk training & listening to audio/video of 30+ folk artist, finally we ended up in a song that was approved by competition board to use and was best fitting our decided folk & theme!

Then the real drill work of choreography had begun!

Folk Dance Competitions in India were/are technique focused (The ones we participated in) considering the important and major elements of folk dances to promote the authenticity and importance of Folk Dances. Other folk dances participated as well due to diverse cultural demographics in Gujarat. Judges either had dual degrees in performing arts, followed by PHDs or double masters in their areas. Ms. Joshi (we were) was worried as it was her very first freelance private group choreography with just some amateur free-move dancers who took training for short period of time! Getting them to NOT do mistake was biggest challenge.

If that was not enough, innovation & creativity was an essential element and to further make it look dramatic, we added the props that required balance.

Pressures…pressures & crazy pressures of around 16 dancers (14+2 setting) and it was all worth taking the pain! Cash prize of 1 Lakh Rupees & gift certificates to various malls & resorts. We did bag 20K INR (from award money as our % other than choreography fees), free tickets to cultural concerts, and gift cards to restaurants and hotels. It was a big amount back then in 1999 for a 20 year old to earn that money for just 3.5 months of work!

The satisfaction, Ms. Joshi (we) got was PRICELESS. Ms. Joshi also received additional perks from group as a thank you note for arranging costumes, jewelry & Props in last moment when board did not approve costumes and jewelry (due to folk costume guidelines) that group had initially decided. This was a kick-starter for us…Our best of all until now!

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In-Person (hybrid) – Grace And Grooves Performing Arts, DFW Texas USA | 972 979 2559.

  •  Irving : Rockbrook Montessori Monday:  
    • 530pm to 630 pm: Bharatanatyam Ages 5 to 9 : NEW.
    • 630 pm to 730: Traditional & Folk : 9 to Teens
    • 730 to 830 : Adults : Teens/Adults Mixed Genre Trained Dancers/ Transferred Students: 16+
  • Irving : Rockbrook Montessori Tuesday :
    • 515pm to 615pm : Bharatanatyam Ages Open- NEW.
    • 615 to 715pm : Bollywood Ages 7 to 14 : Mixed Genre
    • 645 to 745pm : Ages 7 to 14. Hiphop.
    • 715 to 815pm : Adults/Teens 14+ & Adults Mixed Genre Trained Dancers/ Transferred Students
  •  Lewisville : Wednesday:
    • 545pm to 645pm: Bharatanatyam Ages 5 to 8pm
    • 615pm to 715pm: Bharatanayam Ages 8 to 13. Adv Adavus & Jathis
      • Online Class-New Refreshers Students-Hybrid Welcome.
      • In-person @Lewisvile.
    • 630 to 730pm Adults Bharatanatyam : Adv.Adavus & Jathis
  • Lewisville : Satuday :
    • 10am to 11am : Bharatanatyam : Hybrid | In Person @Flowermound & Lewisville : Advance Only. Varnam + Jathis by Names –
      • Refreshers Welcome – Must share the clips of previous margam-performances, if any.
  • Lewisville : Sunday:
    • 530 to 6:30pm: Bollywood Ages 8+ Hiphop
    • 630pm to 730pm : Bollywood 10+ to 16
  • Frisco FM 423: Nexus Fitness : Sunday
    • 10am to 11am : Mixed Genre : 5 to 10 years : Transferred Students
    • 11-12 : 10+ : Bharatanatyam : Mixed Ages. NEW Ages 7+.
  • Frisco FM 423: Nexus Fitness : Wednesday
    • 745pm to 845pm : Adults : Mixed Genre : Trained Dancers/ Transferred Students / Refreshers: 16+
  • Frisco FM 423: Nexus Fitness : Friday
    • TBD.
  •  Allen: Cindy’s School of Dance. Sunday:
    • 1pm to 230: Teens to 16 years : Mixed Genre : Bollywood, Hiphop
    • 2 to 3pm : Indian Folk : 8 to 16.
    • 230 to 330: Bharatanatyam Ages Mixed Age : Intermediate Only. Adv Adavus & Jathis.
    • 330pm to 430pm : Mixed Genre Adults/Teens. Trained Dancers/ Transferred Students
  • Flower Mound: Saturday:
    • 2pm to 315pm: 10 yrs to 18yrs : Folk
    • 315pm to 415pm : Bharatanatyam – Mixed Age : Kids & Adults
    • 415 to 515pm : Bollywood Ages 6 to 13, 13+. Bollywood.
    • 515 to 615pm Mixed Genre Teens/Adults : Trained Dancers/ Transferred Students: 14+
  • Arlington : Schedule on http://www.g2dancefactory.com

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Who are Elites ? What is their level ?

The word Elites and the Level itself was created by Hetal Joshi M (www.hetaln.com) when her own students started achieving certain skill-sets and accomplishments along with awards and remuneration, without a single vote from anybody and purely with skills and knowledge from Hetal’s various own programs, instructions, trainings, development or with her mentorship programs with exclsuively her as in the main instruction under Grace And Grooves and under her various fields other than Grace And Grooves.

This is exclusively because till date, company Grace And Grooves never had a full time dedicated choreographer with that expertise, real-time experience with transparency and with education, knowledge and background without any vote from anybody. Company had several fresh graduates for various services and products.

About Hetal Joshi M : www.hetaln.com

So, who are Elites ? As per Hetal Joshi M’s post, here’s the explanation of Elites, their levels and what all they do.

Elites are graduates from performing arts to several other fields such as commerce, IT, industrial, non-profit, performing arts, spiritual & religion, media and modeling.

These elites are the ones whom i train them for life, careers with and without their specialities under me.

I actually conduct these programs from performing arts to various fields and i personally teach them by taking classes. I am a certified international trainer from Executive Education, IIM Ahmedabad with Ahmedabad Management Association.

We offer these training and development programs by field, by genre, in 10 fields & I can do that because of my 17 years of education, experience, exposure and expertise with 100% straight background and my speciality is for youth and active adults (ages 8+).

These elites become elites after they master certain skill-sets with all the fundamentals and requirements that make them successful!

More here : https://www.hetaln.com/leadership

Grace And Grooves Group of Companies is just one company with 38 brands and more than 2500 students taught till date under me and so i have more than 100 graduates in dfw itself by program and genre. It is the field that got me to charts of success and def news too because of my consistency from the time i started my own trainings(consistent from 38 years) and all of performing arts is my own 100%. Then i have other companies in other fields that i am with and i have my grads there too as i mentor them and consult them. They actually sign under me. www.hetaln.com.#hetaln#hetalnagaraj#hetaljoshim#leadership#traininganddevelopment#skills#success#getusedtodifferent#CertifiedInternationalTrainer

From Ms. Hetal’s Dance Page for dance / performing arts :

To become elites, they have to clear certain skill sets that make them elites 🙂. I personally train them level by level and we also have our choreographers at times for other international exposure that we give them. I prepare their training plans and lesson plans with technique names and i select the creativity aspect too. This is because i know what they need!

Thus, they are my graduates. Most of them are once a week class while some are 100 hours training, 40 hour trainings, some do 25hour and we have 12 hours too, some have done more than 1000 hours or some have done more than 5000 hours. etc in various fields or specialities. Names of which by field are mentioned here.

some are also my highest paid dancers in dfw while some are succesful freelancers in their fields because of my mentoring and consults.

A few adult elites are directly hired or invited if they choose to work under us with a commitment based on their ability to be available for the company. It is because of all that education, exposure, expertise and my own real time experience in real fields that i am able to provide all this : http://www.hetaln.com

More about Ms. Hetal : www.hetaln.com. | Hetal’s social media is available here!

Website of Company : www.graceandgrooves.com

Company Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GraceAndGrooves

Company Twitter : https://twitter.com/GraceAndGrooves

Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbZYIr0EPzrfPNzH_0FcVw

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The Grace Effects Event Photography Gallery..

The Grace Effects Event Photography Gallery

About us and our teams : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/the-grace-effects

About main company : www.graceandgrooves.com | Leadership : Hetal Joshi M | 972 979 2559.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thegraceeffects

Enjoy our shots by our teams and Hetal Joshi M herself in various events as we enter the event photography areas!

Other than below pictures, all the shoots, videography, photography on our entire website of http://www.graceandgrooves.com either directly or from videos as in shots are taken by our teams for various media purposes from low key pictures to high visibility, as per field or as per request from the clients and organizers. http://www.graceandgrooves.com | http://www.hetaln.com.

volleyball event

——————————————- More Pics….In coming! ————————————-

Website : http://www.graceandgrooves.com | Grace And Grooves Company | 972 979 2559 | by Hetal Joshi M

All pictures above are exclusive projects undertaken by Grace and Grooves Group under Hetal Joshi M by our members of The Grace Effects Team.

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The Grace Effects Corner : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/the-grace-effects

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Common Guidelines For All Brands of Grace And Grooves under Hetal Joshi M

Common Guidelines for ALL our Dance Programs and Services:

1.   Age 4-5 years & below 4 years: Please call if registrations are open.

2.   Age Groups: 5+, 8+, 10+, 13+, 16+, 21+ and Adults: Open All Year.

3.   All Students will learn to do dances in all languages in their category.

4.   Transferred Students: Welcome, Registrations-Open All Year. Must take test class with Ms. Hetal.

5.   Students are given every single information that they will need with every work they learn.

6.   All Students may/may not perform regularly through-out the year in various events in Dallas-Fortworth cities of Texas.

7.   All Students perform in competitions as an option to challenge themselves when ready.

8.   All Students MUST DO Trial as well as assessment class to determine their level.

9.   ALL parents whose kids are below 6 age-years are required to stay in class for rest-room visits. 

10. Class Student Ratio : Depends on Instructor, Student Level, Program Type & Dance Level !!

11. ALL calls, classes are FULLY recorded for Quality Purposes from 1999, including Online classes from April 1, 2020.

12. ALL classes are taught by curriculam/techniques, choreography, theory, drama and all applicable.

13. Once you give your details about contacts, our admins/staff will contact you as requested or as required for all the opportunities of the companies/group of companies as well as internships, as a company newsletter.

Online Guidelines:

1.   Prior to April 1, 2020: ALL online classes given were to friends to family or in my dance teachers network ONLY. NOT for outsiders.

2.   All our online classes are OPEN to all our existing students, no matter where they move or go for month long trips!! 

3.   Firsthand in-person class with location or by location in-person class is required to continue online.

4.   ALL classes strictly by locations. Addresses are required to take classes. instructors are available there and so the location is accepting registrations!

5. Class Student Ratio : Depends on Instructor, Student Level, Program Type & Dance Level !!

Exclusive Dance Productions by Hetal Nagaraj :

List of All Events By Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj – Click Here

Dance Productions Listed Below By Genre & Category by Hetal Nagaraj

1. Rang Indian Folk Dance And Theater Production :

—- Facebook Page for Rang Indian Folk Dance And Theater Production —-

2. Anantha Classical Dance And Theater Production Series :

—- Facebook Page for Anantha Classical Dance And Theater Production Series —-

3. Sarva Cinema Dance And Theater Production Series :

For Bollywood |Tollywood | Hollywood | Fusions | Bollyhop | Creative Dances | Remixes | Festival Folk | Shaadi-Sangeet-Couples :

—- Facebook Page for Sarva Cinematic Dance And Theater Production Series —-

List of All Events ( Recitals, Sponsored or Paid Events By Producers, Product Or Service Live Indoor & Outdoor Shoots ) By Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj

Book us for your next set of events !!!

Let us be your host, email here directly to Ms.Hetal for specs : mail2hets@gmail.com | http://www.hetaln.com

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Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 | Artist Management

Reachh Mediaa Reachh Since 2013 : Artists Under Reachh Mediaa..

              Reachh Mediaa was our service provider freelance private company in Hetal’s Own Network for Media Management, Blog Management/Content Providers, Intranet, Staff Management Services, and Professional Portfolio Management from Mumbai-India and in DFW-Texas, USA.

              This team had worked with movie stars, dance industry altogether for fusion dances, doordarshan as well as star tv channel in Mumbai(India) for their portfolio management and several other performing arts related activities. They were also friends with Hetal Nagaraj in her college days when she started her product launch-internships with Reliance Telecom/Industries as student.

              Their connections with Hetal started again in 2013 when Grace And Grooves started their very first Fusion Performing Team and needed a particular content marketing for the company portfolio for marketing purposes and submissions to high profile submissions. Grace Creations Fusion Company was collaboration with various non-indian dance artists and freelancers where they created a team for very unique fusions for high profile submissions. Grace Creations is the reason we have g2 today!

Look at Collaborations.

              In 2020, the owner of Reachh Mediaa faced challenges that only Hetal Nagaraj could solve because of her in-depth knowledge and expertise in performing arts industry/field & legal implications. Lawyers were consulted but there was a way out. Upon just a friendly talk, Hetal proposed for the company instead of asking for remuneration to solve the problem due to extremely-high sensitivity issue. This eventually led to acquisition. Owner still dances under & with Hetal. The issue was resolved by Hetal Nagaraj in just few meetings and practically speaking, it saved owner from a million $ litigation. Opposition party are now Hetal’s clients too! Case study will be soon kept on Cqunce Inc.

             By 2021, Hetal took over the company in full as is and converted to its full potential. It now operates under Hetal Nagaraj’s leadership. In just 1 year, Hetal now has about half a dozen artists in USA under them exclusively under Hetal. All of these artists have achieved exceptional accomplisments in their field of expertise, some under Hetal Nagaraj herself.

 Ms. Hetal’s Own Paid Accomplishments : Workshops, Shoots, Modeling, Commercials, & all paid projects / assignments.

Post transferred from website : April 14, 2022.

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Summer Camp | Sign Up NOW & SAVE 2022

G1 & G2 Presents great fun loving Summer Camp in association with Hetal Joshi M.

Each day, NEW exciting activities designed for kids which will be very well – organised, engaging, enriching and creative for kids under the best supervision of our staff. Let the kid discover their own hidden talent with G2 Dance Factory. Camp specialist and fully trained staff. Get all the details of this camp in the Flyer below. info@graceandgrooves.com

Website : www.graceandgrooves.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GraceAndGrooves

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GraceAndGrooves

Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbZYIr0EPzrfPNzH_0FcVw


Certified ALL YEAR Round Programs Available. CALL NOW 972 979 2559. 

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Texas All Star Talents Showcase # 4, May 29 2022

Dhamaal Events USA in Association with Hetal Joshi M Presents:

A Talent showcase. A platform where participants can showcase their own talent in Professional and Friendly environment. Below 18 Only.

Date: 5/29/2022 | Time: 3pm to 7pm | Tickets & Link to Register

Address: 1509 H Avenue, Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano, Texas 75074

Categories: Ramp Walk | Classical Dance | Western / Bollywood Dance | Singing | Talents – ALL are welcome !!! If you have taken online classes, most welcome to showcase your skills or talent in person. We will be happy to work with you.

Solo – 65$ | Group (min. 5)– 20$ each, Group (min. 10) – 15$ each 

Modeling – 200$ (12 hr package of Model Walk – Phase 1 & includes Participation Fee) 

Participation Certificates will be given with the skill names.

Call-Watsapp To Register or For Queries : 972 979 2559.

Instructors : Sam aka Saumya & Hetal | Sponsorships on the website – directly.

Registration Link : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/book-online

Read About Texas All Star Talents Event Supervisor : Sam aka Saumya

…..Our Events List….

Website : www.graceandgrooves.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GraceAndGrooves

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GraceAndGrooves

Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbZYIr0EPzrfPNzH_0FcVw

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Series & Sequels !! What are they ?

Series & Sequels in Performing Arts….

Time plays an important role in identifying these acts.

If it is easy for you to understand, it is like those ad/commercials, short films and then we have a full-film/movie! It is also very similar to you performing 1 dance somewhere else and you doing whole production, by yourself.

Your dances can be series too and your productions can be series as well. Example : our dances were Bahubali Series(Tollywood), SRK, Deepika Padukone Series(Bollywood), Annamarcharya Series(Bharatanatyam) & Lavani Series(Folk) in different shows or submissions. For productions of our own, we have Anantha(Classical), Sarvaa(Cinema/Movies) and Rang(Folk) Dance Productions here at Grace And Grooves Group! All are examples of series and sequels.

Other examples at Grace And Grooves concepts and themes are : Tanjore Brothers Margam Series for Bharatanatyam, Dhoom Series for Bollywood, and Zaverchand Meghani Series for Indian Folk Dances. For creative dances, we had rabindra nruthya series, festival folk series & bollywood/tollywood/cinema folk series. The list is endless for the number of series we have done for each genre!

With this, drama/theater is in-built in all of our programs/genres under Hetal Nagaraj. Time allocation was fairly small to call it as independent act and so it was not a seperate series declared. Series can be defined as following a concept, theme or a subject matter or individual as well such as poets, performing arts creators or celebrities that have a good performing arts background. Some can be related to cause and effect or continuation of story like our Theater Comedy Series and thus the sequels!

We, at Grace And Grooves, do productions and then we have annual recitals. All programs can have sequels & series depending on time allocated to them and a theme or concept that they follow. We are year round school and that means every few months, we have new registrations/new batches by location thus we have students performing likewise atleast once a year. The students perform in other events too as and when ready! Our registrations are not prepared to having them perform at events. It is just the cycle that we follow. Those event based performances are done seperately from regular batches!

Movie/commercial shoots are different;it’s not the same as these events or even same as shoots such as LIVE shoots done during pandemic times or for youtube shorts 🙂 These commercial shoots are focused to submissions and paid assignments for modeling, advertising or such other industry related. LIVE shoots that kids dance for videos or performances are entirely different 🙂 These can be series too! We have had those as well for our Reachh Mediaa & Grace Effects as industry related. Even the education industry is industry itself !!

A very good example of the differences in concepts, themes, genres and programs is right here at Grace And Grooves. That is why, Hetal Nagaraj’s first 40hour workshop had first set of students who started in March 2021 and had a full theater specs with a full story line allocated in programs. Before 2020, our drama & theater acts were way too short to identify them as series as it was in-built program, by genre or were 5-10mins. So technically Jan 2021, Grace And Grooves had their series in Theater/Drama with full dialogues and essentials/rules of drama/theater!

That’s how in 2020, Grace And Grooves have graduates in drama/theater as well even when the drama/theater series did not start until 2021 : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/our-graduates

Register NOW and learn the difference! Don’t be a sheep that follows the crowd blindly – Know The Difference. Registration : http://www.graceandgrooves.com.

About Hetal Nagaraj straight background of 37 years and independent history, training, experience of teaching, graduates.

Her own journey/timeline with 4 generation of education in performing arts & her other knowledge!

About our success (without a single vote) is posted here.

Number of shows under Hetal Nagaraj are listed here.

Post Update with information : March 2, 2022

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