Texas All Star Talents Showcase # 4, May 29 2022

Dhamaal Events USA in Association with Hetal Joshi M Presents:

A Talent showcase. A platform where participants can showcase their own talent in Professional and Friendly environment. Below 18 Only.

Date: 5/29/2022 | Time: 3pm to 7pm | Tickets & Link to Register

Address: 1509 H Avenue, Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano, Texas 75074

Categories: Ramp Walk | Classical Dance | Western / Bollywood Dance | Singing | Talents – ALL are welcome !!! If you have taken online classes, most welcome to showcase your skills or talent in person. We will be happy to work with you.

Solo – 65$ | Group (min. 5)– 20$ each, Group (min. 10) – 15$ each 

Modeling – 200$ (12 hr package of Model Walk – Phase 1 & includes Participation Fee) 

Participation Certificates will be given with the skill names.

Call-Watsapp To Register or For Queries : 972 979 2559.

Instructors : Sam aka Saumya & Hetal | Sponsorships on the website – directly.

Registration Link : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/book-online

Read About Texas All Star Talents Event Supervisor : Sam aka Saumya

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Series & Sequels !! What are they ?

Series & Sequels in Performing Arts….

Time plays an important role in identifying these acts.

If it is easy for you to understand, it is like those ad/commercials, short films and then we have a full-film/movie! It is also very similar to you performing 1 dance somewhere else and you doing whole production, by yourself.

Your dances can be series too and your productions can be series as well. Example : our dances were Bahubali Series(Tollywood), SRK, Deepika Padukone Series(Bollywood), Annamarcharya Series(Bharatanatyam) & Lavani Series(Folk) in different shows or submissions. For productions of our own, we have Anantha(Classical), Sarvaa(Cinema/Movies) and Rang(Folk) Dance Productions here at Grace And Grooves Group! All are examples of series and sequels.

Other examples at Grace And Grooves concepts and themes are : Tanjore Brothers Margam Series for Bharatanatyam, Dhoom Series for Bollywood, and Zaverchand Meghani Series for Indian Folk Dances. For creative dances, we had rabindra nruthya series, festival folk series & bollywood/tollywood/cinema folk series. The list is endless for the number of series we have done for each genre!

With this, drama/theater is in-built in all of our programs/genres under Hetal Nagaraj. Time allocation was fairly small to call it as independent act and so it was not a seperate series declared. Series can be defined as following a concept, theme or a subject matter or individual as well such as poets, performing arts creators or celebrities that have a good performing arts background. Some can be related to cause and effect or continuation of story like our Theater Comedy Series and thus the sequels!

We, at Grace And Grooves, do productions and then we have annual recitals. All programs can have sequels & series depending on time allocated to them and a theme or concept that they follow. We are year round school and that means every few months, we have new registrations/new batches by location thus we have students performing likewise atleast once a year. The students perform in other events too as and when ready! Our registrations are not prepared to having them perform at events. It is just the cycle that we follow. Those event based performances are done seperately from regular batches!

Movie/commercial shoots are different;it’s not the same as these events or even same as shoots such as LIVE shoots done during pandemic times or for youtube shorts 🙂 These commercial shoots are focused to submissions and paid assignments for modeling, advertising or such other industry related. LIVE shoots that kids dance for videos or performances are entirely different 🙂 These can be series too! We have had those as well for our Reachh Mediaa & Grace Effects as industry related. Even the education industry is industry itself !!

A very good example of the differences in concepts, themes, genres and programs is right here at Grace And Grooves. That is why, Hetal Nagaraj’s first 40hour workshop had first set of students who started in March 2021 and had a full theater specs with a full story line allocated in programs. Before 2020, our drama & theater acts were way too short to identify them as series as it was in-built program, by genre or were 5-10mins. So technically Jan 2021, Grace And Grooves had their series in Theater/Drama with full dialogues and essentials/rules of drama/theater!

That’s how in 2020, Grace And Grooves have graduates in drama/theater as well even when the drama/theater series did not start until 2021 : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/our-graduates

Register NOW and learn the difference! Don’t be a sheep that follows the crowd blindly – Know The Difference. Registration : http://www.graceandgrooves.com.

About Hetal Nagaraj straight background of 37 years and independent history, training, experience of teaching, graduates.

Her own journey/timeline with 4 generation of education in performing arts & her other knowledge!

About our success (without a single vote) is posted here.

Number of shows under Hetal Nagaraj are listed here.

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