General Liability Policy, Common Guidelines, Fees Policy by Grace And Grooves

While other policies are usually send to you with your invoices/receipts, some policies are general to all our clients : 

  • As soon as you register for your dance lessons at Grace And Grooves LLC and upon receipt of payment from parents/self, this policy is exclusively effective.
  • In the case of accident or injury and in the event that you are unable to reach me, I give my permission for treatment as deemed necessary by staff or emergency personnel as required.Liability Waiver Form for Grace and Grooves LLC®: I/We realize that participation in dance classes and activities could involve some possible personal injury if you do not follow the directions given by the instructors. Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may occur.
  • By this release of this information on the public website, I/We (the dancer and the parent/guardian) agree that we waive off Grace And Grooves or their instructors of any/all risk related to the use of any and all spaced used by Grace And Grooves LLC and their affiliated venues. I/We agree to release and hold harmless Grace And Grooves LLC and its related venues including its teachers, dancers or staff members, and facilities used by both entities from any cause of action, claims or demands now and in future.
  • I/We will not hold Grace And Grooves LLC/Grace Creations or its venues liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage, which may occur on the premises before, during or after the classes.
  • Furthermore, I/we agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for my/own behavior in addition to any damage that is caused to the facilities utilized by Grace And Grooves LLC/Grace Creations or its affiliated venues or partners. I understand that Grace & Grooves LLC or Grace Creations are licensed, accredited and insured organization. In the event that I/We should observe any unsafe conduct or conditions before, during or after my/our classes, I/we agree to report the unsafe conduct or conditions to the Executive Director/Artistic Director/Instructor/Staff Member in written by text or email or by verbal communication as soon as possible. All public policies are subject to change without any prior notice.
    We thank you for your business and participation with Grace And Grooves LLC. 

Fees For Regular Classes : What happens when students drops out without paying fees or notifying as per policy.

  1. It is company policy is a minimum 1 week in advance notice depending on program.
  2. You will be contacted several times at all your provided contact details. With no response on it or no reply, your child will NOT be allowed in class. 
  3. Last resort, we send it to collection agency as this is not a non.profit organization. 
  4. Cancellation charges will be charged for all the sudden drop outs without any notice.
  5. You have up-to 6 months grace period to re-join with no registration fees and provided you pay your previous dues.
  6. Upon return and payment of your dues, collection agency will be informed.
  7. Any costume Dues Valid up-to 1 year and 6months if you are out of program. And longer time if, you or any family member is part of program on regular basis. Please use them or get your dues cleared.

Workshop Terms & Conditions By Dhamaal Events : Click Here.

Common Guidelines For ALL our Dance Programs and Services :

  • Age 4-5 years : Please call if registrations are open. Age 5 years & Up: Open All Year.
  • All Students will learn to do dances in all languages in their category.
  • Transferred Students: Welcome, Registrations-Open All Year. 
  • Students are given every single information that they will need with every work they learn.
  • All Students may/may not perform regularly through-out the year in various events in Dallas-Fortworth cities of Texas.
  • All Students perform in competitions as an option to challenge themselves when ready.
  • All Students MUST DO Trial as well as assessment class to determine their level.
  • ALL parents whose kids are below 6 age-years are required to stay in class for rest-room visits. 
  • ALL classes are recorded in FULL for hours together for quality purposes.

Best Regards,
Grace And Grooves Team | 972 979 2559 |

Exclusive Copyrights by Reach Media for Hetal Joshi Nagaraj| Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves | Nruthyakala Dance Academy | Mirchi Dance Academy | Kalasri Classical Dance Academy : 2012-2020.  

This material cannot not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. 

Terms & Conditions : Dhamaal Events by Hetal Nagaraj.

Click here on the acquisitions of Dhamaal Events by Hetal Nagaraj from November 2020 & Onwards.

  1. Under an event when the workshop or the event does not happen or there are less attendees to carry forward the event, a FULL Refund will be processed.
  2. ALL events are recorded for quality purposes! Online streaming LIVE events may be an option, please be on time.
  3. Dvd or online streaming may be purchased for the LIVE events, PAID subscription for our channel or blog! CALL 972 979 2559. Consent depending on availability.
  4. ALL events are eventually posted on our youtube or social media channels when asked by organizations or media people except for not immidiately after they are aired LIVE;as these students may be using them for various competitions or other titles or awards.
  5. ALL workshops or events are non-refundable for any last minute cancellations, from your side. You are welcome to transfer to somebody with prior notice of 24 hours and use it. See our refund policy, below! All waivers with full forms must be signed in FULL.
  6. For ALL Online events or Workshops, Zoom or Online Video ID & Password will be given ONLY after payment is received. We ask that if you have signed-up last minute, call the number on the flyer and get it. Online payment system may not send notification right away resulting in delays for everybody, please chase it through.
  7. ALL workshops or events will require full details as asked, when asked and full watsapp details are strictly required to carry forward easy communication.
  8. As soon as you sign up for any workshops or events with Dhamaal Events or any other affiliated brands or businesses or artists, you automatically waive ALL of them from any injury caused, either physically, mentally or any other as it is public event OPEN to all.
  9. Some workshops may require additional insurance waivers and such other waivers as requested by artists, themselves. These will be send to you by email, pls fill them for everybody’s safety.
  10. ALL workshops are to target particular work, please read & understand if it is right for you and then ONLY join. Please do not join if it is not of your level. Level & Intensity of workshop is mentioned for a very good reason!
  11. In any event of for-see emergency, please inform at-least 36hours before the event time to receive a full refund.
  12. ALL refunds are processed IN FULL ONLY when workshops are cancelled by us/our teams or artists. We give up-to 3 months to reschedule the events and give NEW dates in case of international events.
  13. Fees that are refunded may have deducted amounts of pay-pal and such other payment portal deductions unless otherwise, it was via zelle or venmo. We ask you pay likewise to avoid unnecessary fee deductions. 
  14. ALL classes/workshops are to be taken with your own due diligence. Ask whatever details you would want, before paying for it. There will not rescheduling of event just for you! Take it or Lose it.
  15. No Other reminders will be send for any workshops unless there is change in workshop timings or instructor or change of any other details. Basic notification or reminders for payments in process, or received or online ids etc may be given as applicable for type of event or when artist may change or there is time change. Upon change of artist or timings, you are welcome to request refund! You will receive it in FULL. ALL of our events will announced, IN PUBLIC.
  16. For Online events, technical difficulty reminders will be send. Please keep an eye on those. Due to online events, there may be few minutes that may be spend on those-when so, workshop hour will be counted is counted keeping in mind those technical difficulties.
  17. Recording of entire work will be given as is. Entire work is not FULL class recording. There is no guarantee if you will receive full hours and hours/class recording as it requires breaking up from master file and you will be required to pay for the labor. 
  18. Other Notifications : There will also be notifications of other exciting opportunities that may be announced before or after the event that you signed-up for. And all enrollments are strictly by payments received. Please let the organizer know if you would choose not to receive those or you would want to register for the other.

Call NOW To Book Your Other Events at +1 972 979 2559.

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Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 for Hetal Joshi Nagaraj| Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves | Nruthyakala Dance Academy | Mirchi Dance Academy | Kalasri Classical Dance Academy : 2012-2022.  

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Time-Line of Grace And Grooves LLC

Group & Private Classes without registered business name.

Below are the various Names Used Prior To 2012 for all Indian Culture Dances, Ethnic Dances of India, Bollywood Fusions(College Level), Classical Fusions(Advance College Levels), Indian Folk Dances, Folk Dances of India’s regions or states and all Community as well as private events.

Dallas Sitare, Dallas Dance, Irving Gals, Dallas Dancers, Desi Dancers, Naach, Dallas Boys, Desi Beats, Nach Le, Dallas Desi, Groovy Boys, Graceful Girls, Dallas Stars, Irving Boys, etc. and many others.

Other times, no names were used as it was not required or asked (Updated March17, 2018). Ms. Hetal has always performed under her name as choreographer or submission as well. See our collaborations here.

More About Our History : Several Blog Posts..

2012 : Grace And Grooves LLC was established and registered in State of Texas by Hetal Nagaraj.

  • Indian Folk Dances and Bharatnatyam were the only programs offered. 
  • Private Groups as in Couple Dances, Therapy Dance Lessons For Couples, Marriage Parties, Mehdi Nights, Birthday Parties, Sweet 16 Parties, Bollywood Fusion with Classical Dances continued as they were since 1999 by Hetal.
    • Most clients were NRIs(Non-Resident Legal Indian Residents of United States) settled here in Dallas-Metroplex Areas such as Vidya Vikas Hindu Temple Classes, Northlake College & several other colleges while a few were Non-Indians such as Mexican, Italian, African-American and few students from other religions-to take guidance on dance dramas that included Indian Dances. (Similar to Hetal Nagaraj’s schooling).
    • Number of students registered 50+ all ages from 5 years old to teenagers and young adults.

2013 : Grace Creations performing team was formed

  • Grace Creations performing team was to encourage fusion of various Indian as well Non-Indian dance forms and styles for experienced trained dancers who wanted to go an extra mile in creativity and for those who wanted to performed on regular basis.
    • All students were trained exclusively in their own dance forms and styles. These were exclusively with artist collaborations. Click Here.
  • Bollywood classes were for private groups to friends only targeting specific performances or if there was competition. Students were signed-up likewise as in group enrollment.
  • Pre-Elementary Bharatnatyam Classes were introduced in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Keller-Texas and Southlake-Texas exclusively taught by Hetal.
  • Around 15 students registered for Grace Creations exclusive program that were trained in various Non-Indian performing arts dance institutes, schools and some had taken actual school credits in their ISD programs such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hiphop, Contemporary, Theater and Lyrical.
  • Other students were bharatnatyam students from other styles, kathak dancers and odissi dancers or were trained under Hetal herself.
  • What inspired to create these fusions ? Her own daughter’s experiences in non-indian dances.
    • For those who don’t know, Ms. Hetal’s own daughter has full 5 years of trainings in institutional/educational/dance school/non-commerical – tap, jazz, ballet as pre-competitive and competitive dancer/teams/city and state level before she moved to Indian Dances and recreational-hiphop training.
    • Her daughter’s main reason to leave non-indian dances were that she was the only Indian there and was feeling left out as she moved to higher levels. Her daughter left the trainings in all the non-indian dances in 2011 and moved to Indian dances from 2011 onwards. She made wonderful friends throughout her journey of non-indian performing arts and collaborations continued for the fun of it with full trainings & safety, from 2011 and onwards. 
    • Right after that in 2011 & 2021, Ms. Hetal met lot of other parents who were in same boat as her own daughter and Grace Creations was formed in 2013 considering Ms. Hetal straight background and wonderful healthy -friendships.
    • It made a very strong impact on Ms. Hetal’s existing institutional knowledge and expertise that she had gained in India with her own teachers. Having worked with institutional performing art schools & institutes/their choreographers in non-indian performing arts – so often;here in USA, she gained several insights. Diversity has always been part of her life right from her school and college days. Read below the rest of story. 2020 Accomplishments.

2014 : Bharatnatyam was introduced with structured curriculum.

  • Pre-Elementary Elementary to Advance Levels exclusively taught by Hetal.
  • Curriculum was reinforced and revised as per university guidelines and meet latest trends in creativity.
  • Professional Bharatnatyam Lessons were introduced to advance students with little classical or competitive background.
  • Classes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood(Private Group Per Event) and Indian Folk Dances were offered separately in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Southlake-Texas, Frisco(Private Lessons and Workshops), Grapevine-Texas, Keller-Texas, Flowermound-Texas.

2014 – 2015 : Choreographers joined as interns or volunteers.

  • Choreographers as in volunteers joined as Assistant.
  • Bollywood/Tollywood/Indian Movie Dances were introduced as a independent program by levels.
  • Choreographers(beginners/interns) teaching guided choreography of Hetal during the class with strict supervision and in presence of Hetal for all dance forms and styles. This included practice classes.
  • Mansi and Deepthi joined for all performances and Elite Level was formed in Bollywood Dance Lessons.
  • Classes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood(Private Group Per Event Continued) and Indian Folk Dances were offered separately in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Southlake-Texas, Frisco(Private Lessons and Workshops), Plano-Texas, Grapevine-Texas, Keller-Texas, Flowermound-Texas.
  • Structured Programs in Bharatnatyam as full course was offered for Kalakshetra Style with enrollment of 8 students.

2015 : Bollywood, Tollywood, and Indian Movie Dances was introduced.

  • Recreational Classes were introduced in Bollywood and Bharatnatyam(Southlake) for those who don’t want to perform or do it strictly for recreational purpose.
  • Structured Program was further enhanced for Bharatnatyam, Folk Dances of India, and Bollywood/Tollywood/Indian Movie Dances.
  • Bollywood/Tollywood Dances got Level by Level structure to focus on body mechanics, movements, ability level as per age and was successfully implemented.
  • 2015-2016 – All Elite Students were trained separately –
    • For Targetted Indian Folk Dances by Hetal,
    • Professional Bharatnatyam by Hetal,
    • Professional Kathak Workshops by Mansi and then further by Hetal.
  • Choreographers started teaching independently their own works with minimal or no supervision or with/without direction from Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Skype Lessons were introduced for Bharatnatyam, Bollywood And Indian Folk Dances and successfully implemented and continued. Choreographers : Hetal, Buvaneshwari.
  • Professional Bharatnatyam And Kathak Choreography Classes were introduced for students with background of advance dance forms or dance styles exclusively for competition and special feature purposes.
  • Classes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood(Private Group Per Event) and Indian Folk Dances were offered separately in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Southlake-Texas, Frisco(Private Lessons and Workshops), Plano-Texas, Grapevine-Texas, Keller-Texas, Flowermound-Texas.
  • Hiphop Classes at recreational level started in late 2015 – 2016 Jan exclusively by Hetal Nagaraj –

2016 : Musical Dance Dramas were added to Annual Programs.

  • This was to encourage dramatic elements of Dance (Natya and Navarasa as in dance-skits) under the strict supervision of Hetal with a full 4-8 Minute of Dance Routines depending on organizers requests.
  • Grace And Grooves aims in completing all the Navarasa by the end of year for all students in all dance forms, styles and dance categories.
  • Grace Creations Program was kept on hold.
  • Classes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood and Indian Folk Dances were offered separately in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Southlake-Texas(Recreational Classes), Frisco(Private Lessons, Workshops, Recreational Classes), Plano-Texas, Grapevine-Texas, Flowermound-Texas.
  • Recreational Classes for Bollywood continued for those who don’t want to perform regularly aiming encouragement for recreational dancers.

2017 September And Onwards :

Dance Forms and Bollywood was separated with seperate DBA to submit in different competitions and audiences.
  • Nruthyakala Dance Academy : For All The Classical Dance Forms and Dances within Categories.
  • Mirchi Dance Academy : For All The Bollywood-Tollywood and Indian Movie Dances w/or without remixes. We do ALL dances that happens in movies.

Date/Month this post was updated : November 7, 2017. 

2018 February :

  • Kalasri Classical Dance Academy : Bharatnatyam Program made it to seperate DBA to submit to different competitions, audiences and to demanding trends of creative Bharatnatyam choreography works from university trainings & past trainings of Hetal Nagaraj’s Mother – Lt. Smt. Daksha Trivedi Joshi (D.M Joshi), Guru(s), Institutes & Schools. Exclusive to Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Standard, Creative and Accelerated Bharatanatyam Dances.
    • Bharatnatyam Theme & Dance Dramas will dance under Kalasri.
    • Name is inspired from Kala as in art and Shri/Sri/Shree written as “श्री” in Devanagari. Wherein, Sri is salutation given in tamil language with regards to Bharatnatyam where sri is most acceptable layman term for shri or shree or “श्री”. Likewise in Sanskrit.
  • Nruthyakala Dance Academy will serve to Non.Classical Dance Forms & Dances within its categories or forms.
    • Semi-Classical Folk Dances will be part of Nruthyakala and dancers are trained in the following :
      • Bharatnatyam Programs for at-least 12-15 hours plus vigorous practices
      • are existing students of Bharatnatyam program & have been trained in Indian Folk Dances with Grace And Grooves LLC Or Students of any other Bharatnatyam/Indian Folk Dance Company (Must do Trial Class).

2018 August :

  • Elite Dancers of Grace And Grooves LLC named Ashna Pethe, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty were launched to venture and step out for bigger production houses, modeling companies and various such other paid, unpaid, and volunteer projects.
  • Grace Creations was relaunched by trained bollywood hip-hop dancers and fully trained Indian Folk Dances under Hetal Nagaraj.

2018 September : 

  • Rg2 Dance Productions was formed in collaboration with Raagaleena Dance Academy (A Premier Kuchipudi and Bollywood Indian Dance Company In Irving) for various locations to provide bigger, better and more refined quality dance works for all the Bollywood, Hiphop and related dance productions. Very First Dance Production of RG2 Productions went LIVE in LIVE audience on September 29, 2018 with around 15 advance dancers of Raagaleena Dance Academy and Grace And Grooves LLC in total and with an audience of over 250 people.
    • ALL Costume & Jewelry Exclusively Designed, Provided by Hetal Nagaraj.
    • Choreographers-Swapna, Anusha. Hetal (Grand Finale).
    • Concept, Direction : Hetal & Swapna.
  • Dhamaal Events was launched in partnership with more than 25% share with Hetal Nagaraj and as part of Grace And Grooves regular events for all the dance related major outside/international guests/faculties activities other than routine dance lessons on social media. This was in association with speciality dance & theatre businesses too. Initial Journey of Dhamaal Events – Click Here.

2018 December : 

  • RG2 Dance Productions was dissolved with mutual agreement between Grace And Grooves LLC and Raagaleena Dance Academy due to unpredicted emergency travel dates of owner of Raagalaeena Dance Academy. ​
  • Anantha-1 Series were announced. More about Anantha-1.

2019 January :

  • Anantha-1 was successfully showcased without ANY Bollywood or other dances.
  • Costume Line launched successfully.
  • 2019 – Dhamaal Events was bought in FULL 100%.

2019 February :

  • Our friends & partners at Dhamaal Events became family of Grace And Grooves LLC under supervision of Hetal Nagaraj.

2019 August:

  • Anish Rangrej Visited DFW AGAIN and this time Dhamaal Events made a louder noise with structured level by level Navaratri Garba & Dodhiya Workshops. From Beginners To Intermediate and Advance. Lot of dancers who had started their workshops with Hetal last year as beginners or intermediate had a chance this Navaratri season to complete their Intermediate and Advance steps with Anish as the sudden dates of his arrival and workshops aligned.
  • Our Artistic Director Hetal Nagaraj Very First Non-Profit Choreo went LIVE on August 24, 2019 in 2 different categories of dances : Bollywood Traditional Dances featuring community folk and Fusion Category.
  • Our First International Artist who came for residency program on Indian Folk Dances (Not to confuse with bollywood, fusion or lok nritya/community dances).
  • 2019 September 14, 2019 – Our first Bollywood Dance Production featuring Sarvaa Dance Production featuring Bharatanatyam, Folk And Bollywood along with an exclusive Fusion Category of Dances was successfully showcased in DFW of North Texas at Killian Middle School.
  • 2019 November, 2019 – Our Very First Kalaripayattu Batches Begins Officially with first set of batches.
  • 2019 December, 2019 – Rang Indian Folk Dance Productions were announced
  • First set of our graduates were launched as professional artist in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Filmy Dances (Bolly/Tolly/Kollywood) in our various dance productions. – Click Here for their respective Reachh Mediaa Since 2013.
  • Grace And Grooves Successfully Completed 10 YEARS OF NON-STOP 1st 3 PRIZES IN Dance Competitions From Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Fusions for ALL AGE GROUPS FROM AGE 5 yrs to Teens and Adults. (Non Voting Competitions).
  • 2 of our students received scholarships with full ride. Mini, and Shweta. Congratulations. This makes total of 3 students so far who took that path.
  • Grace And Grooves Opens its doors to stay at home or working parents to apply for our performing teams, paid events and morning hour trainings.
  • International Dancers visit Grace And Grooves LLC to take Indian Folk Dance Trainings for master technique workshops & corrections in Indian Folk Dances with full theory. See here Dhamaal Events.
  • Grace And Grooves Announces it’s first annual show(Not dance production) March 28,2020 – Saturday @  12 to 2pm. Venue : Plano Courtyard Theater, 1509 H Ave, Plano, TX 75074  —- Postponed and later completed with Video Shoot due to Covid 19 Lockdowns and Later – Virtual Lessons.
  • Our International Artist For Navratri Garba/Dodhiya Visits us again at Dhamaal Events for Workshops Series – Click Here.

Jan 2020 to December 2020:

Year 2021 :

  • January 2021 : Our very first LIVE EVENT And That too : Arangetram of Our Elite : Nirja Setty. Read About Her.
  • February 2021 : Congratulations To Hetal Nagaraj, Nirja SettySamarth Setty aka Setty Siblings and Ashna Pethe on ther international awards for bagging Solo & group Awards at international level. Read More – Here.​​​
  • March 2021 : NEW : Hetal Nagaraj to receive her 3rd International Award, this time for not only dance but for leadership. Read More about it : International Women’s Award for 2021 | 43:48 | Click here | Country-India, Award Media Location – Gujarat.
  • April-May 2021: NEW : Congratulations to Nirja SettySamarth Setty & Aahana on getting their international awards nominations cleared. Awards were declared in May 24th week of 2021 & will be shipped to their address. More details – here. Country-India, Award Media Location-Mumbai.
  • May 2021 : NEW : Congratulations to Hetal Nagaraj on nominations & being selected for International Award in the list of inspiring enterpreneurs in business and performing arts in month of May. Country-India, Award Media Location/Hyderabad. Award Announcement & Release: June 2021. See Here – NEWS India Today – The Impact.
  • June 2021 : NEW : Hetal Nagaraj DanceHetal Nagaraj featured in The India Today-THE IMPACT  as her 4th International Award in the list of inspiring entrepreneurs in business & performing arts. Award will be shipped to Ms. Hetal. Here is the link of the specifics & award. Non-Voting. This is her 4th international award.
  • August 8, 2021 : Hetal Nagaraj broke her own several records & made a history in Entire Performing Arts:
    1. Exclusive by genre – 3 dance productions in 1 day (Anantha Classical Dance ProductionRang Folk Dance Production & Sarva Cinematic Dance Production) featuring Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu-Dance, Kalaripayattu- Martial Arts, Chhau Dance & Martial Arts, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Tollywood, Theater/Drama, Dance Drama by genre, Literature and Language Series by Genre, Hiphop, Indian Hiphop, Contemporary, Fashion Show by her teen groups! ​Each of her production were non-stop 2 hours. First production started at 12 noon and last one ended at 730pm. 
    2. Longest Danceathon of straight 19 Mins featuring our pre-competition teams and her national level elites – by genre.
    3. Hetal herself performed a full dance routines with/without her students in Bharatanatyam, Hiphop, Folk Dances, Contemporary, Kalaripayattu, Chhau, Fusions and Fashion Show Routines.
    4. Hetal started her first show w/her students at 19 years under her teachers. Hetal broke her own record of that too when her 18 year old’s first set of students performed flawlessly – that signedup exclusively under Ashna’s own name – NOT under Hetal’s name :). Ashna Pethe.
    5. Otherwise, Hetal had her first intern at the age of 15(Mansi Chauhan-see what she graduated in) under Dance/Learn as Your Earn/Paid Internships – Program of Texas All Star Talents.
      1. Hetal’s Graduate Samarth Setty(Age 13) had his first solo student who performed beautifully on stage(Age 7).
      2. Hetal’s own graduate Nirja Setty(15) had her first set of intern classes in Bharatanatyam. Her own student – a 12 year old started her sub-internships as well for those who needed help.
      3. For volunteer assignments, Hetal’s first direction was at DFW Temple,Irving-Texas-Intern Age was 17 for Traditional-Fashion Show Bollywood Theme. See here.
    6. Hetal as well Grace And Grooves Altogether broke our own record this time for having maximum number of LIVE Shoots during the show itself – Outdoor and Indoors as part of our own show on August 8, 2021 without having you-tube channel.
    7. Theater Series Part 2 went LIVE on stage with full dialogues, acting, music/sound and light effects under Hetal.
    8. We broke our own record of having several virtual students – who went on stage as is with full costumes and routines!
    9. Record Breaking 300 people visited as running audience that were our dance school parents-just her own students’ strength and more than 70 students participated in this event. Outsider artists, teams, guest artists etc and texas all star activities were strictly prohibited this time due to Covid.
  • From March 2020-Aug 2021 : Over a dozen shoots happened for the shows that got cancelled.
    • Record breaking 8 shows were cancelled due to COVID-19 from March 2020 to August 2021 for which advance planning was done including international artists and several of our own teachers-who visit US often. They all live here & travel often.
  • Lot of our other developments : Check here.

For Those Who Do Not Know :

Hetal Nagaraj Specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Processes & several such subjects due to her strong education background other than her experiences of over 17 years in 10+ fields.

About her expertise,

Most of the above names that you read were actual businesses that were either bought from partnerships or bought from mergers and later became our DBA formed under Grace And Grooves; as and when applicable by law or by various other factors, with full rights to run business and services under the leadership of Hetal Nagaraj.

These mergers do not include the following – At- least UNTIL NOW November 2020 :
  • ANY programs offered by other artists with us  OR
  • Offered by Hetal somewhere else OR
  • Offered as the part of our teams OR
  • Offered by other institutes in % or fixed amounts OR
  • Any workshop artists who are our visiting faculties or guests OR
  • These mergers are NOT because we do not specialize in it OR
  • Part of ANY collaborations with other artists (that’s seperate — Click Here).

These are :

  • These are business mergers or acquisitions on paper with full list of products, services, assets & liabilities.  OR
  • Direct partnerships offered to/by Hetal Nagaraj   OR
  • Direct partnerships offered to/by the company Grace And Grooves LLC itself under leadership of Hetal Nagaraj.

Registrations and Locations : Click Here.

Call NOW 972 979 2559 |

We take the honors of what is NOT in our dances, it is that pure!

This post will be updated regularly as and when the developments surface.
It is republished from our own original post of 2017 as well.
There is always an update on this page. We, at Grace And Grooves are approached very often by lot of media personnels, news, and local advertisers or performing arts students. They often use this material and our blogs for our publishings or their research or surveys and thus, it is update every other day or very often! 
It saves us time of 100s of submissions….!
Grace And Grooves holds exclusive rights for all the content & pictures being posted with permission of organizers for exclusive Grace And Groove use only. Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa from 2013 for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2021.

All Pictures posted here are with an exclusive consent of participating students, parents or school staffs. This material can not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. 

Enjoy some of the undertakings logo(s)…..Work in Progress!!!

Dhamaal Events USA Website Now Rests at Grace And Grooves LLC

Dhamaal Events, USA Website Now Rests At Grace And Grooves LLC

NEW Link of Dhamaal Events.

A premier event management company in Dallas, Texas, USA started by a freelancer in partnership with 25% share with Hetal Nagaraj (in 2015-2016 academic year) specializing in exclusive to performing arts events.

Facebook page for Dhamaal Events was made in Feb 6, 2018 as effort to get the social media exposure as well. Dhamaal Events had its very first set of events with Grace Creations of Grace And Grooves LLC with their grand launch of C.R.Y – America – DFW events and several other educational school events/programs under Ms. Hetal Nagaraj. Facebook page will remain active as Facebook does not merge any of the business pages due to difference in services. Click Here for Dhamaal Events USA Facebook Page.

On March 1, 2019 Dhamaal Events becomes a 100% undertaking of Hetal Nagaraj under Grace And Grooves LLC. Logo was made right after then. ALL the subscriptions & website itself eventually moved to by November 2020 as and when they were renewed by dates of their initial signup/setup dates. ALL the other social media remains intact as links are spread out in such a huge scale that it is impossible to merge them. We choose not to display the names of her previous partners as they are NOT in USA but they all still visit Ms. Hetal whenever they visit DFW-Texas/USA. They are LIKE her family NOW. (NOT family).

Enjoy the Pictures/Flyers of Dhamaal Events USA by their teams in below slide show. Check their Video Glimpse at This Youtube Channel.

Check their all updates, event success, and all the activities at their facbeook page. Facebook Page of Dhamaal Events USA.

Enjoy old pictures of website as screenshots album as the memoir of Website. It was wonderful working with previous owner! As Hetal Nagaraj said, they are the loveliest people she has ever met.


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Main Company : Grace And Grooves Group of Companies.

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