Dhamaal Events USA Website Now Rests at Grace And Grooves LLC

Dhamaal Events, USA Website Now Rests At Grace And Grooves LLC

NEW Link of Dhamaal Events.

A premier event management company in Dallas, Texas, USA started by a freelancer in partnership with 25% share with Hetal Nagaraj (in 2015-2016 academic year) specializing in exclusive to performing arts events.

Facebook page for Dhamaal Events was made in Feb 6, 2018 as effort to get the social media exposure as well. Dhamaal Events had its very first set of events with Grace Creations of Grace And Grooves LLC with their grand launch of C.R.Y – America – DFW events and several other educational school events/programs under Ms. Hetal Nagaraj. Facebook page will remain active as Facebook does not merge any of the business pages due to difference in services. Click Here for Dhamaal Events USA Facebook Page.

On March 1, 2019 Dhamaal Events becomes a 100% undertaking of Hetal Nagaraj under Grace And Grooves LLC. Logo was made right after then. ALL the subscriptions & website itself eventually moved to www.graceandgrooves.com by November 2020 as and when they were renewed by dates of their initial signup/setup dates. ALL the other social media remains intact as links are spread out in such a huge scale that it is impossible to merge them. We choose not to display the names of her previous partners as they are NOT in USA but they all still visit Ms. Hetal whenever they visit DFW-Texas/USA. They are LIKE her family NOW. (NOT family).

Enjoy the Pictures/Flyers of Dhamaal Events USA by their teams in below slide show. Check their Video Glimpse at This Youtube Channel.

Check their all updates, event success, and all the activities at their facbeook page. Facebook Page of Dhamaal Events USA.

Enjoy old pictures of website as screenshots album as the memoir of http://www.dhamaalevents.com Website. It was wonderful working with previous owner! As Hetal Nagaraj said, they are the loveliest people she has ever met.


Date that this page was updated : Nov 4/5, 2020.

Main Company : Grace And Grooves Group of Companies.

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4 thoughts on “Dhamaal Events USA Website Now Rests at Grace And Grooves LLC

  1. […] Dhamaal Events was launched in partnership with more than 25% share with Hetal Nagaraj and as part of Grace And Grooves regular events for all the dance related major outside activities other than routine dance lessons on social media. This was in association with speciality dance & theatre businesses too. Initial Journey of Dhamaalevents – Click Here. […]


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