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    1. ALL Recitals Of Grace And Grooves : Updated Annually
    2. Time-Line of Grace And Grooves LLC : Updated Annually
    3. Student of The Year – Updated Annually. : Updated Annually
    4. Anantha Dance Production Series :  Dates Updated Annually.
    5. Grace And Grooves Group by Hetal Joshi – Brands, Companies…
    6. Our Elites & Their Accomplishments | Awards.
    7. Reviews : From Our Students/Parents with Years of Trainings. NEW
    8. Is Learning Language Required To Learn Dances ?
    9. Grace And Grooves Awards & Accomplishments In Competitions as well as Other Non-Competition Events.
    10. Journey of Master In Fine Arts….Submitted By Hetal Nagaraj
    11. Why Seperate Names for Each Programs ?? NEW!!!
    12. Dhamaal Events USA Website Moves To Grace And Grooves Website! NEW!!
    13. Grace And Grooves Dance Performances List : Always NEW!!
    14. Know The Dancer by Dance : NEW
    15. Workshops Craze : NEW !!
    16. Dance Forms, Styles, Creative Dances, Fusions…What’s Buzz?
    17. Why Grace And Grooves LLC discontinued Better Business Bureau of Dallas Fortworth Areas of North Texas, USA.
    18. Anybody Can Dance(ABCD), Can Anybody Teach ? : NEW !!
    19. Dance Glossary : NEW !! Always Updating !!!
    20. Guest/International Faculties at Grace And Grooves LLC
    21. Guest Artist at Grace And Grooves LLC Dance Productions : NEW
    22. Why Compete or Perform, What does that get you ? : NEW
    23. International Artist Prospects For Grace And Grooves LLC : NEW
    24. Trained & Untrained Teachers – Difference by Hetal Nagaraj
    25. Competitions Counted On Our Lists.
    26. Secrets To Winning Competitions for Dummies : NEW
    27. Salutations to our people, we love you. — NEW
    28. Salutations to Darpana Academy of Performing Arts (Ahmedabad-India) & Trainings.
    29. Grace And Grooves LLC, Names, Logo(s) – Updated As Required
    30. Recital 2017: Celebration of Life Featuring JALSO (NRITYA KI MASTI).
    31. Past Interns and Visiting Faculties w/Grace And Grooves
    32. Musical Dance Drama 2017(Public) 
    33. Creative School-Fun Projects
    34.  List of Performances 2015 and Before
    35. Early Training of Our Founding Member-Raised With Standards
    36. Recital 2016 : Dance of Gods Featuring ADI-SHAKTI
    37.  Bollywood Fever…. since 2015
    38.  ELITE: Expensive or Quality?
    39.  Creativity In Performing Arts (Folk): Embrace Or Not?
    40. Our Story – How, when…. Grace And Grooves Started. And Why us ?
    41. 1999…. Entering Freelance Private Group Choreography.  
    42. Past Volunteers And Staff
    43. Dance like nobody’s watching OR dance like everybody’s watching? 

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