Texas All Star Talents Showcase # 4, May 29 2022

Dhamaal Events USA in Association with Hetal Joshi M Presents:

A Talent showcase. A platform where participants can showcase their own talent in Professional and Friendly environment. Below 18 Only.

Date: 5/29/2022 | Time: 3pm to 7pm | Tickets & Link to Register

Address: 1509 H Avenue, Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano, Texas 75074

Categories: Ramp Walk | Classical Dance | Western / Bollywood Dance | Singing | Talents – ALL are welcome !!! If you have taken online classes, most welcome to showcase your skills or talent in person. We will be happy to work with you.

Solo – 65$ | Group (min. 5)– 20$ each, Group (min. 10) – 15$ each 

Modeling – 200$ (12 hr package of Model Walk – Phase 1 & includes Participation Fee) 

Participation Certificates will be given with the skill names.

Call-Watsapp To Register or For Queries : 972 979 2559.

Instructors : Sam aka Saumya & Hetal | Sponsorships on the website – directly.

Registration Link : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/book-online

Read About Texas All Star Talents Event Supervisor : Sam aka Saumya

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Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres & Course Packages too!

Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres ?

  • Dances are so much fun even within the dance form that students love it until they achieve epitome or mastery over it. After that, they continue with their further journey.
  • Dances are so creative that they love to not only perform but they love to get into internships because of the way they are lead to simple steps of success. Why burn out – when you don’t have to!
  • Dance have so much to offer for techniques, variety and beautiful environment that they learn, grow and achieve by their simple once a week or twice or thrice a week participation.
  • Results, Results & Results !!!! Yep – That is why. Even once a week class has results here and so does our recreational classes.
  • Growth in performing arts that they can control and still be at the peak. To beat these graduates, others will burn out to be there!
  • Value of training with full transparency and background : Education at right places provides you with example of mistakes/pros/cons that in past several people have made in industry. Why do you want to experiment and repeat same mistakes again ?
  • Transparency and Straight background of knowledge source : From where the knowledge comes, it matters. There is science behind every single technique, why, why not and the best way to go through that – take knowledge from right sources. With transparency of straight background, your work actually reduces to half while teaching! Thus, results.
  • Economic and Resonable : Dances that anybody can afford and still earn later from it! Hetal Nagaraj has so many programs and packages for everybody that no student is left out. It is the best place for dancers who want to do – something extra and at no extra price.
  • Environment : Safe, precautionary measures, legal formalities, discipline, results and over all respectful loving environement with lot of positivity and lessson from history – to students of all age groups. For those who don’t know, Ms. Hetal specializes in youth education to young adults upbringing as certified trainer along with her 25 years of indian dance experience for teaching itself and complete trainings!
  • Costumes : Who doesn’t want to look pretty & handsome, be it boys or girls. And when that comes with pocket friendly prices, it gets even better. Our team goes that extra mile for you to make you look fabulous!
  • Pay : Flexibility to pay as you can. That flexibility allows students and parents to enjoy and yet not get stressed over complicated policies and payment plans!
  • It is how you do – matters than what more you did : It is not about trying to fit in every showmanship that you know in one dance but it is about what matters with simple guidelines. Sometimes there is a thin line that – it is not required to do that when there is better way to do it – without burning out. How beautifully you do matters most in this because there are no shortcuts to anything that requires the grooming with training.
  • Practice : Practice not because you have to but because you are NOW ready for it. See Ms. Hetal’s interview on performing arts challenges outside India : Click Here.
  • Fundamentals : Fundamentals by genre never go out of fashion! They are fundamentals. Rules by genre do not change. There are slight variations to it but otherwise they do not change. Lot of fun concepts are added to appeal newer generations. But what has concept to do with fundamentals or rules of performing arts ?
  • Fun : Fun factor is the most important factor. It is fun when it stress free. Grace And Grooves is one stop shop for all your performing art needs. Kids grow here from age 4 to teenagers and now offer classes exactly the way they were offered – generations continue and in that FUN is always pre-dominantly practiced!
  • Peace of Mind : Rest assured, when you are with us, it is our job to worry for your kids’ dance/performing arts.
  • Discipline of Dance forms : It is untouched, pure and as is!
  • Creativity in and out of dance forms : It is innovative, always trendy for newer generations to connect and do it. Even something as simple as Kalari or Bharatanatyam is fun as it is bollywood-here! All our students agree that each of our dances by genre has DIFFERENT FUN ALTOGETHER. They enjoy all the fun of each genre!
  • Professionalism and Love : There is loads of love here and lots of professional lessons to learn. It is taught.
  • Balance : There is a wonderful strike of balance, precision, knowledge, trend, fashion, innovation, creativity and not to mention unlimited use of fundamentals and rules. Be it by form, by style, by event or by competition inside the form/outside the form.
  • Struggle is yours to keep and you own it at your will. Who doesn’t like to own what they do and where they spend time at ! Time is money and it is worth it at the places where they have success streak of graduates because of the knowledge+craftmanship+fun. Just like that you don’t get that. Work for it, we have graduates because everything that happens here-changes people to something very beautiful and very handsome with right attitude and knowledge. Thus, Success is yours to keep too!
  • Freedom to choose the way you work : We give you every freedom to be yourself and guide you where we can cut the corners of all your negativities, donkey-work and lot of other setbacks that you will go through as you start working. When you work with us, we will help you lift up.
  • Build right atttitude to doing / learning : Most important of all. You can argue and fight or you can listen and understand/discuss it. Choice is always yours.
  • Pressures & Stress : To learn to handle right amount of pressures for the right type of activity and the value it comes with! Isn’t that what counts the most ? Stress where & when it is needed.
  • Do it to know it and do it often – When you as teacher do it, and have done it, you will maintain the discipline of it. You know what it takes to get it done. You will lead BETTER & WILL GIVE RESULTS because you have gone through process of learning & delivering.
  • Respect the journey from talent to skill – Everybody is born with talents, it is our job to convert your performing arts talent to skills. We love when we have talented people join us. We convert them to skills.

We will pen more until then here is our biggest secret to how our students stay with us.

We think, We can help you !!!! Let us help you succeed without your friends’ votings/likes and many such dependencies – you know what we mean :). Get out of all of that 🙂 Get Real !!

Join us NOW to inquire about fun ways to work : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/career-inquiry-form

Register for Classes or complete your trainings or just convert your talents to skills : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/indiandanceclasses

Our Accomplishments Of Our Gradutes by Genre : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/our-graduates

News, Awards & Accomplishments : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/news

Indian/Non-Indian Dance Competition Awards (Non-Indian for Hiphop): https://wp.me/p7EbkV-1Ch

Phone : 972 979 2559.

Website : www.graceandgrooves.com

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Why Compete!!! Where does it get you ?

We are asked this lot of times, sometimes when people call……..Why Compete!!! What does it get you ? Do you compete because you are not confident…LOL NO…!

Here is why we have culture to compete, perform and do educational activities.

You heard that right, culture to compete is encouraged but not necessary. Our job is to inform you, tell you pros and cons. You do it or you do not it, there is no compromise in dance 🙂 You will still learn the same exact thing even if you do not compete and in same number of classes!

Competitions that we go to are : Healthy, Fun, technique focused/education field/ and lot of them come with really good $$, some are strictly amateur level while some are really good/tough/hard/strict/competitive on techniques and other rubrics. Read about rubrics!

Benefits of competing or even giving the best performance, if you were to give !

  1. You compete because it is not always for the win….! Some competitions will teach lot of other things that even education mainstream will not give you that exposure. It is about being there, feeling it, going through it that will give you the experience.
  2. It teaches healthy sportsmanship…You will still be friends, classmates whether or not you got the wins or lose!
  3. You compete so that you know what comes out of you, under that pressures!
  4. You compete so that when you lose, it does not bother you. It becomes fun!
  5. You learn to lose and still do it all over again & learn to never give up.
  6. You win it and still do it all over again; as if it never happened.
  7. You do competitions to understand life is not about competing. It is about giving your math exam after losing 5 different competitions and still get “A” without a cry. Oh, you bet, elites have gone through that a lot of times. Just like that you do not win. Times they have not won…and still had their exams later next week…Read About them here.
  8. You do competitions so that it gives you a refined audience who knows what you are doing and they have every right to comment or critic on your performance that you will not get in culture or festival audiences or even in those reality show competitions.
  9. You compete as if you are giving your post exam that is optional and fun.
  10. You compete so that when you are there, you do not lose it, no matter what happens on that day. It is the process that teaches you.
  11. You compete so that you learn to trust your trainings..from laughing, smiling, crying, moods or whatever that may come….even if you had worst day of your life.
  12. You compete so that when you get feedback (some competitions come with educational feedback), you do the fixes and do it all over again. It is the pressure under which things will happen that may surprise everybody!
  13. You compete so that the girl or boy you just met took your 2nd place or 1st place or 3rd place and that life is all about how best you did and for what. You get to judge yourself, understand + and – of it. And what could have got you that 1st place, if you would have prob listened to your teacher. Mind you, sometimes too much/over practice too causes failures!
  14. You compete so that you learn to balance everything. It is like a dart board, you hit or miss, you will play it again until the board or the dart is available!
  15. You compete to lead and take charge of your groups’ decision for changes that may happen or support as team member when required. It is not always about you.
  16. You learn to let go your ego and learn to respect others and you learn to never laugh at others. You know what it takes to be there. It is the process.
  17. You learn to get tired, exhausted under pressure and still do a flawless job just as trained without letting audience know of how bad your day was.
  18. Some competitions comes with perks/well most that we do…some $ that students earn for themselves and pay off their own fees and we do too, some give other benefits. It just depends on type of competitions.

Competing in competitions fosters not only healthy environment for sportsmanship between students, teachers, parents, and their own friends but also lot of times depending on rubrics or type of competitions, you will amaze yourself. We have had sweet surprises when our elites forgot their dance moves and made up something(surprise-their own genre steps!) and still got 1st place. Our teachers wondered that time as to where did this step come from and yet the genre suffices and gets them 1st place. Nobody knew till date if it was mistake! While there were days when we had “oppps” moments too then back to point 10. Finish the dance even if you lost that split of the second….get back to it, right away!

Do you know, not all our students compete. While not all our students perform either and yet they all learn the same exact dance/technique and routine. We did it from over a decade just in DFW of North Texas ….and will continue to do so :). 

This is the magic of training…And that is why whether or not you compete, there is no difference in what we teach you or these learning skills! With us, under Hetal Nagaraj, you get a guarantee of technique focused & creativity with all that straight background that we speak of…..Your child or yourself will learn same exact steps in same number of classes, no matter what the level is. See for yourself on our Youtube. The videos are clipped from master recording files of entire recording of non-stop classes.

Competing in educational competitions exposes you to educational field and not to entertainment field. Both are different and so are the dances. The entire choreography changes & techniques are far off. You will know when you will do it separately. We have them both under us for seperate category of dance requirements and they all are seperate. They are like two parallel lines that will NEVER meet or agree to each other. And for sure, that is something not to be compared or discussed. You compare when they have something in common!

Only Best Part about all the educational field dancers is that they fit very well and succeed in entertainment world of their genres because of strong knowledge, techniques/originality in them and the process of the trainings that they go through comes with its pros that no education or experience will teach. While entertainment dancers find extremely difficult to fit in educational field and related state of affairs. It becomes difficult for them to understand concepts, techniques and choreography too. Either way, this is just our experience whenever we had choreographers from entertainment field or direct industry who do not know this process of education. While who are we to argue when it comes to parallel lines. Those who have never done it will not know it!

Call NOW…Learn your life skills from sportsmanship to leadership skills with us and let dance allow you to beat the crap out of everything. 972 979 2559 is the right number. Our owner Hetal Nagaraj ( www.hetaln.com ) has a certifications in those too other than her trainings of 35 years background in Indian and Non-Indian Performing Arts. For those who do not know, she was trained exclusively under her teachers’ complete trainings, internships, guidance, mentorship, amongst the most mature and strongest leaderships and was launched by one in 1999.

Do you know ? In order to at-least get 1 win for 1 genre, you have to submit at-least 1 student or group or for audition for at-least 1 dance in 1 category/genre ? Do the math, how many of our students must have submitted per competition & per genre to create a record of 10+ years of history in all genres with technique based non-voting educational competitions 🙂 .

This just tells how much we love what we do, how we succeed in all we do…and why! try it, you will achieve it too. #trainingsrequired

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Secret To Winning Indian Dance Competitions For Dummies!!!

Winning 1st 3 prizes for solo(s)/group(s) in Indian Dance Competitions for over a decade in our genre of specialization for non-voting Indian Dance Competitions sounds like a big thing. It actually isn’t if you follow curriculum and keep it fun. For us, it has been a norm for Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Bollywood/Some Tollywood and from 2013-Fusion!

HOW ? We love to share how we have been winning from over a decade in all the “stage dance competitions” and how our elites have come this far with such good paid commitments.

So, here’s our HOW TO Win Indian Dance Competitions for Dummies…!

Our Fool Proof guidelines and tips for those interested.

One of main attributes in stage competitions/for all genres are : Techniques. Techniques also means right amount of expressions required at certain techniques or mood used in the dance, coordination if group, comfort level of dancers with respect to dance, stage presence and personality, choreography, costumes, makeup and drama aspect. To do it right, you have to feel it and go through it which at Grace And Grooves is a norm! Because our owner herself comes from that background of competitions from over 2 decades! Read About Ms. Hetal Nagaraj.

To begin with, what are the types of dances ? 

Look !! Type of Competitions We Do !!!

Be it Bharatanatyam, Indian folk dances or Bollywood/Movie inspired dances; usually these dances are non-commercial dances. For bollywood or tollywood dance industry genre, there is level of dance and name of dance as well. As we all know that bollywood dances emerge from various forms or styles or certain drama attributes and thus will always have name.

However, there are certain category of dances within bollywood that do not have name because they do no follow a form or style and are purely for entertainment or let’s just say – NO RULES thus, these dances makes them commercial dances and usually gets disqualified in first round itself if you do it in-spite of rules given. Open category of competitions usually accepts these for example – most reality show competitions are based on this! That dance industry/world is entirely different than education studio. Education world competitions are to encourage the dancer to follow the rules, get finer in it and excel with feedbacks and let’s just say prepare them for higher grounds of possibilities within the form or with fusions later, if trained. Then, break the rules-it is completely dancers wish and instructor’s wish! None-the-less, our students have won these open category dance competitions with their actual dance forms itself or with fusion depending on what is allowed. Usually it will depend on judges, number of rounds in competitions and students training level in that genre. Everything goes in there…

For Bharatanatyam/Classical Dances & indian folk dances, the category is always non-commercial and standard as it is dance form. Even for entertainment, creativity is out of this world if used within the form. Most classical dances are actual dance formats/margams itself and then there are dance dramas. Not to confuse with dance musicals!

There is this entire category of exclusive Indian Folk Dances that is entirely different than the dances that are into Community stage dances/cultural dances/regional dances/bollywood inspired folk dances/ethnic dances/creative folk dances. Why ? Because of rubrics of judging and rules that go with it is entirely different for both these categories. You cannot possibly compare Folk Dances rubrics to Bollywood or with Bharatanatyam. With Bollywood having different types of techniques and some folk dances do not even have expressions as their main factor. Likewise, Bharatanatyam nritta if done will lack several attributes of nritya or natyam itself. So rubrics are often kept in % by the genre or type of entries.

Depending on competitions, they categorize fusion dances or they put them in open category. Concept of fusion dances is very simple! Some go by dance done on other music to be considered as fusion because their argument is that if dance is not danced on its actual/real music then it is not that dance. That is true but if u do not consider music at all and see the dance without music; what will you name it? That raises lot of fundamental questions. So these occurrences have been very rare in over 10 years of history that we have participated. We had 2 such competitions that we came across in entire history of 10+ years where they had that kind of rule! We got 1st place in both anyway. The only argument to this was you cannot name that dance as fusion unless 2 or more dance form or styles are used. Rest are very clear about categories & thus you’ll know it well.

Then comes the judges. First experience is always a question for you because these competitions do not tell you who the judges are and some do not specify the rubrics either but when you test waters, you’ll know! We had tested some waters — we decided not to waste time there as they were bias to one team based on their friendly relations! Then be it that way, you should call only them!

Some competitions are very transparent to names of judges and their experiences and that is fun! Last but not the least, whether or not there it is any voting. If voting then how many % is counted towards total judging points. What age group we are competing in one category/genre is also important factor for stage like dances!!

Then comes, prize money if there is one or something of that sort. Then it is motivating for students who are doing competitions regularly or something of that equivalent value. Nobody wants a 10$ trophy after spending money on hours of practices, competition fees, costumes and that just adds to a collection without a meaning!

For us at Grace And Grooves, it has been other way round. Our students have earned more, earned bigger opportunties than what they put money in! It is just boring for our students who have competed from over 10 years now to go for $10 trophies without the meaning to it. They rather spend money 50 to 60$ and do shows with us where they know they are going to get recognition, feathers to wear that they can own as skill-set, showcase as their own, perks, discounts and many more fun things to take home. A beautiful memory to take home. Budget is very important factor too!

Alas, comes the winning part after all that! Most difficult & unpredictable of all!

Just like that you do not get the wins in 1st 3 places & $$$ prizes. Here are some standard points that we have come across for rubrics in judgement & we would absolutely love to share with you:

1. Expressions 40% depending on genre. Some genres strongly requires that this element isn’t the part of dance because of restrictions on costumes, mask, type of song/pure technique competitions, or certain type of dramas. so % is then distributed.

2. Techniques 50% & % is distributed

3. Comfort level of dance & body movements-rest % divided, solo or group and as per difficulty level.

4. Coordination to music-rest % divided, if solo or group.

6. Costumes-rest % divided

7. Makeup / Dramatic effects of dance : % is divided by genre.

7. Props & usages

8. Choreography and Innovation in dance form without losing genre category—-some competitions have this highest! some have these 2 seperate.

10. Culture aspect depending on dance (if required depending on competitions since we have been to some of most difficult & strict competitions too!!!)

Sounds easy ? See you there..!!!!

Congrats to all our elites Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty, Setty Siblings, Ashna Pethe, Hetal Nagaraj, and lot of our graduates who have won them through a decade as they grew with us by balancing not only personal life but studies too.

Check out their real dances & results as they have been doing it beautifully and gracefully like cute little swans! Click Here.

Read about these budding stars : Here.

See their dance trainings at : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/our-graduates

Our Performing Teams too have won several such auditions/competitions or are called for special paid appearances : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/our-performing-team

Do not forget to sign up or subscribe our Youtube Channel Playlists.  You will find lot of videos of our competition students, recreational dances, party dances, margam dances for classical dances, audition videos, our program videos, media releases & videos of different age groups starting from 3.5 to 5 years onwards to Adults 50+, and many more!!! Do not miss the Teenagers tribute of fun dances they do.

Dates these page were updated : May 1, 2020. 930am.

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Salutations To Our People, Staff, Teams…We love you.

We thought of compiling the list of parents | students | interns | staff. They either come to us or they do it remote. ALL school/college/internships are paid to students, as applicable. Volunteer assignments are given as well. Meet our people / admin / coordinators / interns, as required, with full 99% involvement of Hetal Nagaraj : Our Accomplishments : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/homePaymentResolution@servicingteam.com

  • These people are trained from all walks of life or we train them!

  • Generated opportunities / positions such as administrative, social-media intern, coordinator, IT-interns, website interns, OPT-candidates & fresh graduates in performing arts for full time, part time, w2, contract as well non-profit volunteer positions. All kinds of staff under Ms. Hetal : here & here. Hetal is Certified Trainer from IIM-AMA & more than 50 specialialities. (www.hetaln.com)

  • You don’t have to be without a job to be part of our teams 😉 Dance brings us together! This is how we love our crew so we love to talk about them! How do you all love your crew ?
  • All dates/times/months/years as per operating hours (does not include company-holidays/their requested holidays for any emergencies)

Dance | Performing Arts brought us together. Joining Date to Ending Dates as applicable.

  • Swati Burra : Coordinator & Admin : 5 years from 2011 to 2016.
    • Part time : 4 days a week
    • Training Ended-Moved to IT OWN consultancy – we are so happy for her.
    • Read about her.
  • Shruti Sheladia : intern/holidays/as available. August 2012 to December 2013.
    • Internship : August 2012 to August 2013 : No show
    • Leadership Work : August 2013 to December 2013 : No show.
    • Reason for leaving : Let go, No show.
  • Mansi Chauhan : intern/holidays/as available.
  • Rinku Das : Nov 2018 to August 2019 : Direct Hire.
  • Digvijay Singh. aka Dg or Dj, Jasmindar & family : August 2018/2019.
    • Internship August 2018 to March 2019, as available.
    • Leadership Work March 2019.
    • 2022 : Promoted to Digital Asset Strategy Manager on Paid Role.
  • Hetal Shah Patel, Patel & Family. : August 2016 | 2nd generation dances with us.
  • Vanita Patel : August 2018
  • Jinal Shah Mehta : August 2018 | 2nd generation dances with us.
  • Kalpana Sai : March 2019
  • Shweta Jagadish : August 2016 | 2nd generation. parent used to dance with Ms. Hetal!
  • Deepthi Chandrasekaran : solo artist/teach as available/from Jan 2014
    • Internships and own Solo(s) : Jan 2014 to December 2015
    • Leadership Work from December 2015 to 2017 as available for Texas All Star Talents – back office work with constant supervision.
    • Oct 27, 2022 : Terminated & No-Longer Welcomed with due regards because of unnecessary tantrums of legal threats and mistreating Hetal Nagaraj/Hetal Joshi after signing papers of release of pictures/videos that belongs to company. Was never available as elites were and wanted to get benefits of elites, without working for it!
  • Sindhu J : March 2014 Student to performing team/Graduate.
    • Leadership Work August 2018
    • Successful delivery of all projects assigned.
    • Takes short term projects in dance.
  • Kavitha R : August 2018 – Freelance 2021 : Congratulations NEW Mommy – Break.
  • Tejaswini K : August 2018
    • Student to performing team/Graduate in January 2019 Anantha.
  • Mandi Parikh : intern/holidays. : August 2018 to Nov 1, 2022.
    • Internship As available, short work only/staff until Nov 1, 2022.
    • Only available to dance for elites team until 2023-completing degree.
  • Samar B & Family : January 2019 Onwards.
    • Internship January to August 2019.
    • Leadership Work August 2019.
  • Prushti Dave :
    • Internship of IT(Information Technology), back office – IT / admin / coordinator : March 2019 – August 2019.
    • Leadership Work August 2019 onwards IT (Information Technology).
    • Graduated 2021 – works independently for Ms. Hetal on contract.
    • Successfully delivered 3 projects – development along with Ms. Hetal’s Teams.
  • Anamika Jain : June 2019.
    • Performing team/freelance/under training
    • 2020 – left | too many travels and family commitments.
  • Ketki S : New : June 2019 to October 2019.
    • Reason for leaving : Unable to commit due to travels.
  • Nimisha Sri : intern/holidays. March 2019 – 2021 : launched in 1 show and few shoots but got job so unable to commit.
  • Devi S/Balasundaram : New – Sept 2019 to Oct 31 2019.
    • Reason for leaving : Started some business.
  • Dr. Puja Natesan : New. Student to performing team/Graduate.
    • Continued Education/Performing team. Come see her graduate at Anantha-2020.
    • Performs for online events as required or when she finds time.
  • Jeya Ravi : New
    • External-Continued Education/Performing team/under training – Subject to on-hold/Visa.
    • Takes occassional paid work.
  • Yagna Pathak(Sept 2019 1st week – October 1st week) : Freelance projects/short terms/On-Hold. Background check – cancelled/on-hold.
  • Rachita Umesh(Feb 2020) : Freelance short-term batches, on-board trial period & Background check – cancelled as the batches rolled off due to low enrollments. Plans to move to India.
  • Santosh K (June 2016 to March 21 2021) :
    • August 2016 to June 2020 : Our pre-judgement team for competitions for Non-Classical Dances/Genre, as needed, by task & competition.
    • 2016-2017 : Judged for our “pricey” & “very strict” non-voting dance competition/non-classical genre as out of institute perspective and inputs esp for those kids where instructor’s whose kids were taking part.
    • June 2020 to March 22, 2021 : Elites (Ages 10+) Online Classes Only.
    • Status as of March 22, 2021 : Terminated | Date : March 22, 2021
      • Reason : Refused To Take Students Below 10 yrs inspite of Cleared Open Houses or Trial Classes (& took them anyways outside our institute in our business areas!)
      • Too Many Drop Outs Per Class For Teen Classes and the Elites from June 2020 to March 2021. Harmed the Integrity of Our National Teams.
      • Joins back in 2022 September for Entertainment Projects and other 3rd eye mentorship/judegement with Ms. Hetal only for commercial submissions instead of regular teaching.
  • Taylor Hayes (August 2020 to April 2021) :
      • Unable to handle venue related-legal formalities & on-site issues.
      • Was given 3 months of freedom to lead all the brands with full pay of whatever hours available with no task assigned;lead the way you want. Can only run basic 5 to 14 year olds-studio planning and not group of companies as manager, as told.
      • Resignation accepted, Got a new job too around same time and Moved Out of City.
      • No registrations given / or students taken / or taught other than basic dance – administration – work assigned by task, in general.
      • Previous Team of g2 was laid off, as is, because they were hired too early inspite of instructed that please freeze the hiring as the venue-city-permits are not received. (permits issued to run the business!) – Pics coming soon!
  • Ashna Pethe : 2019 to 2022 : In-home graduate of Hetal Nagaraj. Full Internships & Own Team of Bollywood Beginners!
    • Internships ended satisfactorily & teams performed in 2021 August 8th Show- Congratulations!
    • Internships of private classes for indian folk and bollywood hiphop, as needed from 2018 onwards and for teen groups-lewisville, texas.
    • Moved to Elite Teams for Reachh Mediaa And Grace Effects.
  • Nirja Setty : 2019 to 2022 : In-home graduate of Hetal Nagaraj. Full Internships & Own Team of Folk & Bharatanatyam Beginners(with thalam & nattavagam)!
    • Internships ended satisfactorily & teams performed in 2021 August 8th Show- Congratulations!
    • Internships of private classes for indian folk and bollywood hiphop, as needed from 2019 onwards and for teen groups-lewisville, texas.
    • Moved to Elite Teams for Reachh Mediaa And Grace Effects.
  • Samarth Setty : 2019 to 2022 : In-home graduate of Hetal Nagaraj. Full Internships & Own Private Class Student for Hiphop, Bharatanatyam-online classes(with thalam & nattavagam), Bollywood-who needed help & Kalaripayattu.
    • Internships ended satisfactorily & teams performed in 2021 August 8th Show – Congratulations!
    • Internships of private classes for indian folk and bollywood hiphop, as needed from 2019 onwards and for teen groups-lewisville, texas.
    • Moved to Elite Teams for Reachh Mediaa And Grace Effects.
  • Anna Vacquez : Moved : Sept 2021 to June 15th 2022 : Not offered work anywhere in any locations or brands.
  • Mina : Moved & Laid off : Sept 2021 to June 15th 2022 : Not offered work anywhere in any locations or brands.
  • Marchawn Franklin : Laid Off : Sept 2021 to June 15th 2022 :
  • Jaimin Patel : 2022 June 30 : After hours online replies.
  • Saumya Bhardwaj Kaur : Asst. Manager for 5 Brands : 1. Mirchi Dance Academy, 2. Texas All Star Talents, 3. Reachh Mediaa Since 2013, 4. Grace Effects, 5. G2 Dance Factory.
    • March 2022 – Sept 30th, 2022. Monthly payout : 2000-2500$/3000$ ( admin 6 to 8 hours + teaching per hour + % depending on projects )
    • Requested Resignation in all due regards with an immediate effect.
    • 4000$ losses on paper(Irving location itself) – unsupervised until 5 to 8months in all trust | 3500$ losses on paper(Arlington location itself) – failed to report updates.
    • Supervised first time at the 8th month after hearing consistent conflicts with venue and parents complaints for which there was no-account anywhere to show and instead blamed about the company to parents about micro-managing!
    • 3rd month performance reports w/full access given to all brands, clients and vendors and internal paperworks to on-boarding!
    • 8 months of services 10,000$ and 25% deliverables. inability to lead or take action. inability to understand urgency of the matter and availability of existing-resources/expertise.
    • several complaints from grace effects clients about problems with party-pictures to videos and model-shoots. in-spite of reminders, unable to correct the mistakes!
    • absent in all-pre/post events management/stocking/re-stocking inventories/props/arrangements/distribution for costumes/accessories/props, at any of the locations in-spite of several up-front scheduling arrangements on-work hours-for all the events that occured in those 8months!
    • 9 to 3 work hours argues to start driving at 9 am from her place instead of being at work at 9 am or 930…. exhaustive to work for these reasonings. all mileage paid out of work areas, all paid hours and yet!
    • Code of conduct and irresponsible with minors as per parents complaints.
    • Background Check Stalled because of complaints from 4th month of hiring. Got caught by staff stealing.
    • Background check reports in Dec were late and all dance was false. 3months of workshop only.

We Are HIRING : Managers – Who knows legal formalities, on-site issues, studio operation, product management and should be aware of performing arts formalities, for all age groups. Degree not required but will be preferred. 972 979 2559.

— We are NOT hiring at this moment —

Our other teams / staff currently under us or our trainings of various fields :

This post is an appreciation to these lovely people for spending their precious time for us. We have received lot of rumors about who works for us or Mrs. Hetal Nagaraj. These people are very well set in their life with their full time job commitments either with us or with their own college work or other commitments..

We trust them because of their contributions to our company and it’s work. Some are fresh grads or housewives or our own fresh grads!

We offer part time, temporary work for seniors, stay at home moms, college students who are on legal status or on OPT. The work given to them depends on their specializations! All gadgets are given and all training is provided.

About Ms. Hetal – www.hetaln.com

These above candidates have not worked with any other dance company so far that we know of due to our thorough background check or if they have, they have disclosed it to us about their equations. We feel thankful and blessed. Thank you for all you do and maintaining the transparency!

We do not discriminate for gender/race/ethnicity/country/color and like to respect people who love to work. It is freewill life under Ms. Hetal. We do not ask them where they come from or where they go.

Updated on : May 26, 2019 | July 26, 2019 | Feb 26-27th 2019 | March 5, 2020 | June 30, 2020 | Feb 7, 11, 2022 | March 22, 2022 | June 23, 2022 | Sept 19, 2022 | Oct 4, 15, 2022 | Oct 17, 2022 | Nov 1, 16, 2022 | Jan 8, 2023

Best Number To Contact : 972 979 2559.

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Anantha Dance Production Series

Anantha Dance Production Series…………..

Anantha-1, a dance production series showcasing beauty, elegance, creativity, as well as infinite possibilities of Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Rabindra Nruthya, Manipuri And Kathak. All of this without forsaking fundamentals.

ananthaflyer2019Idea of Anantha was implanted in 2018 January when we had faced some challenges that opened doors to other possibilities. 

First announcements were made to public in various medias from Nov 2, 2018 and onwards. Every year it just happens that as Grace And Grooves LLC plan their annual programs/recitals and they come out so beautiful that it ends up in dance productions with and without dance-musical dramas.

But the idea of dance recital was not enough for Bharatnatyam and Indian Folk Students after getting ready for 30-45 mins with all that make-up and costume. These students were to be taught the possibilities within the dance form and show it off separately. So, Anantha Production Series it was!

With straight background comes unlimited (Anantha) creativity. Thus, the name of “Anantha” was given to this dance production series with each dance showcasing unlimited possibilities in each dance forms. The name and concept is inspired from several dance production houses or dance institutes like that of her mom, own teachers, formal gurus, dance exponents such as Daksha V Joshi, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Daksha M Joshi, Tanjore Brothers Original Margam, Kalakshetra Foundation, Natyavihar Kalakendra. This intense training of over 34 years has given a shape to Hetal’s own dance creations within exclusive Indian Dance Forms such as Bharatanatyam and Indian Folk Dances. Some dances have also received exclusive copyright permissions to republish under the name of Hetal Nagaraj and some have received competition awards early this year and years before as well. 

Anantha opened its door with Anantha-1 in 2019 to begin with on Jan 27, 2019 at Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano, Texas, USA from 330 PM to 730 PM and was a houseful event. The event was an introduction event to her elite students such as Ashna Pethe and The Setty Siblings who are in advance trainings from years now and Rinku Das-a budding artist of Dallas-Forth, Texas. These students roughly danced for more than 2 hours. In Anantha, their intern choreographers, performing teams got every opportunity to be creative under the supervision, direction of Hetal Nagaraj and yet feel challenged without forsaking fundamentals of each dance form. All of it with full safety on practicing it in the right way. It is not about perfection, it is about doing it right.

Hetal Nagaraj is artistic director of Grace And Grooves LLC.  This is her 4th dance program in a row showcasing A Grade Indian Dance Productions with each dance as a reflection of her experiences, trainings and now the degrees. It has been peculiarity of Hetal that her dances include Nritta, Natya and Nruthya as its basic components with balance of Tandav and Lasyam. Each dance of her has a name to define with its subject in the dance along with dance themes that are full of life, happiness, thankfulness, blessings and above all beautiful costumes that she herself designs. But, Anantha-1 is Hetal Nagaraj’s VERY FIRST exclusive dance production for Indian Dance Forms and A Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore Famous Literature and Poems which as a matter of fact matched to our production name. All the students had so much fun learning and practicing for Anantha-1 during their regular class hours itself and no additional class is required. It is not like you pay, you get to be part of it, and be done with it. It is what they have learned, they’ll showcase. 

No outside students were allowed to perform or take trainings or as part of freelance dancers. Even the guest artists are/were students of Grace And Grooves LLC enrolled in their exclusive programs. Anantha Dance Production Series is about Grace And Grooves LLC students and their team only. Hetal Nagaraj selects them for this dance production and not everybody is able to make it to her list.

We will always had a special guests like this time we had Rinku Das who will do their own dances and stick to our themes or request with their team or solo but they are our special guests.

From students who wanted the thrill got it covered along with students who wanted the fun of natyam alone still staying in their respective dance forms.

Who said dance forms are boring..Not at Grace And Grooves!

Congratulations to Students Samarth Setty(Age 11) and Tejawini(Adults) for completing their entire Bharatanatyam Margam in Anantha-1 by performing under the strict supervision, instruction and guidance of Mrs. Hetal Nagaraj. This was made possible by dancing back to back for straight 3 hours from Pushpanjali, Allaripu, Jatiswaram, Thillana, Group-Shabdam, Creative Bharatanatyam, Copyright Bharatanatyam Dance Pieces, and Rabindra Nruthya as well. This also means, that it can be very much called their own arangetram, if they choose not to do it as solo arangetrams, separately. 

This is Hetal Nagaraj’s 2nd round of completion of full margam from start to finish by teaching it to various students. At Grace And Grooves, we aim to make sure you understand everything you see while we are just doing our job. 

Every beautiful thing under this sky has a name and so do the dances. 

From the thrill of nritta, beauty as in lasyam, fun of natyam, devotion as in bhakti and tapasya as in training, power as in shakti of tandav and possibilities as in Anantha- the infinite and we are still in same dance form when we do it right!

Anantha-1 Dance Production was made possible by Dhamaal Events in association with Grace Effects ( Gopal S and Dinesh Kumar for photography and videography services).

Big Shout Out To These Young Teenagers who had their paid student assignments at Anantha-1. Aditya Sangole as our Sound Technician and Emcee Yashika Nabar for our Dance Production Anantha-1.

Anantha-2 Dance Production is next scheduled in March 2020.

Dates & Times Will Be Announced Shortly.

Call NOW because time and tides wait for none…. 972 979 2559.

Exclusive Copyrights by Reach Media for Hetal Joshi Nagaraj| Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves | Nruthyakala Dance Academy | Mirchi Dance Academy | Kalasri Classical Dance Academy : 2012-2019.  

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.  

#hetaljoshim #graceandgrooves #ananthaseries

Why Grace And Grooves LLC discontinued Better Business Bureau of Dallas Fortworth.

Why Grace And Grooves LLC discontinued Better Business Bureau of Dallas Fortworth : 

Loved, loved and loved the services and perks that we received from BBB, A Better Business Bureau. Past 2 years has been an amazing ride with them with all the wonderful services, workshops and knowledge that they offer for small businesses like Grace And Grooves LLC.

It is when you suddenly realize that you are the only Indian Company offering exclusive indian folk dance classes apart from bollywood and not mix it up anywhere around, and that you are the only one with absolutely transparent background in all the programs that you offer from Bharatnatyam and Bollywood as well, it is a feature on our hats to be connected with BBB, A better Business Bureau.

The only problem that we faced was as we moved further in journey with them, we asked our parents and staff members to write something about how they feel about us on our little place that we earned it from Better Business Bureau as we were with A+ accreditation with them.

It seems like social media such as google, waze, facebook, twitter and instagram took over all of this when it came to customer feeling more at comfort talking about it. Our customers share such a fun and healthy relationship with us that it was better and easier for them to just write reviews over social medias instead of BBB boards.

From ethical grounds, quality of work, affordable services, beautiful costumes, non-allergic jewelry, arangetram preps, continued education in classical dances for various degrees and providing services as promised in the related programs, everything just ended up in social medias, recommendations, emails and text/sms messages.

And thus, we had to let go the better business bureau accreditation at-least until we get students/parents/customers who would not mind spending some time logging to these BBB boards to see our exclusive little place on their website and write something about us-good or bad!

That being said, we still enjoy attending their programs as we come across and available. We miss that tiny little icon of better business bureau and we hope that in near future, we can do something more with them and use them further for our services and products.

Grace And Grooves LLC shared A+ accreditation amongst the BBB businesses from 2016 to May 2018.

But that taught us to give you all what we do best :).

Copyright Reach Media for Grace And Grooves | Grace Creations | 2012-2018. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Grace And Grooves Annual Updates By Hetal Nagaraj

Grace And Grooves Annual Updates | Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.

For research students/art enthusiasts and for dance credit interns – Pls contact Ms. Hetal : Here OR here directly.

Grace And Grooves holds exclusive rights for all the content & pictures being posted with permission of organizers for exclusive Grace And Groove use only. Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa from 2013 for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2023  

All Pictures posted here are with an exclusive consent of participating students, parents or school staffs. This material can not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Recitals | Productions | Events | Performances – Commercial, Educational | Projects | Shoots of Hetal Nagaraj | Grace And Grooves Group.

Director, Producer, Concept, Costumes, Wardrobes, Accessories, Lead Choreography, Choreographer, Leadership, Pricing, Packages, Production, Lead Dancer or Lead Shoot : Hetal Nagaraj | Hetal Joshi M.

ALL Annual Recitals | Shoots | Dance Productions | Events | Performances | Projects | Sponsored Events | Sponsorships by Hetal Joshi M.

Exclusively By Grace And Grooves & By Hetal Joshi M ( hetalnagaraj ) 

****Strictly by level, genre, performing arts education, experience, exposure, expertise as requested and with entertainment ****

  • Hetal’s 18 years in DFW as of 2022 | Company’s Independent Programs Either By Hetal Joshi M or under various Producers/Investors.

  • Events with Min 3 hrs Of Run Time with performing arts as dance, modeling and/or portfolio with & without dance lessons, with and without workshops : 43.

  • Events were cancelled (with full refunds) during Covid-2020 / city lockdown : 8 – mentioned but not counted in below counts of events.
  • 49 Workshops 1 hour, 2hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, 12 hour with and without lecture/demonstration/performances/dances at various locations/organizations/companies/universities/colleges/schools/private schools/private universities/charter schools/montessoris and other businesses –
  • Event Exclusively by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj in Bharatanatyam Choreography, Bharatanatyam Technique, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Tollywood, Semi-Classical, Hiphop, Contemporary, Indian Creative Dances, Community Indian Folk Dances, Couple Dances, Dance in Artistic/Creative/Demonstration-Yoga w/Indian Martial Arts & Wellness Camp.

Total of 92 Events

So, 91 events on our individual or company’s stats.

All our producers till date until May 2022/investors were non-indians(not desi people) or actual NRI-indians (from mainstream industry) from India (we never had a usa desi producer).

From May 2022, Dhamaal Events started entertainment packages for complete event hosting for min 3 hours.

3 or more hours | Annual Recitals | Programs | Events | Dance Productions by Hetal Nagaraj :

 ( from the latest to oldest ) 

  1. Dec 21, 2022 : 3.5 hour shoot-event exclusively performed by the students of Hetal Joshi MHetal Nagaraj with full costumes, jewelry, makeup and margam dances at Kalashri Institute of Classical Dances for Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 under Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj followed by The Grace Effects shoots under the direction and exclusively shot by Hetal Joshi M herself, for an online – international event.
    • Genre : Bharatanatyam Margam Dances w/Jathi Variations. Style : Kalakshetra.
    • Categories : Educational, Educationment, Commercial, Institutional & Professional.
  2. Aug 6, 2022 : 4 hours event exclusively requested and thus hosted / MC by Hetal Joshi MHetal Nagaraj for Dhamaal Events along with Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 under Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj followed by The Grace Effects shoots, dance lessons & performance, event run through / planning/speech, portfolio shoots and Elite-Dances by Grace And Grooves Group, Elites of Hetal Nagaraj.
  3. June 4th, 2022 : Grace Effects Shoots for a Private Property followed by Dance Workshop by Hetal Nagaraj, Hetal Joshi M (Pic here).
    • 2 Elites of Hetal Joshi M (www.thesettys.com) took part in this event as their post-graduate paid internships from workshop internships to cinematography, shoots & photography | 3.5 Hours. Elites first bollywood/tollywood workshop internships.
  4. May 29th, 2022 Texas All Star Talents Showcase # 4 | Event Manager : Ms. Saumya | Leadership, Hosting, Producer & Direction Hetal Joshi M.
    • 3 hours showcase featuring Bharatanatyam Margam Dances, Time Based Painting, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hiphop and Traditional Dances and Rehearsals.
    • All by Hetal Joshi M, as Ms. Saumya refused to lead, as per email.
  5. Glimpse of India 1, 2 | Showcase of India (Total Run Time 3 hrs) | May 20, 22nd, 29th, 2022 
    1. India’s Culture Showcase : 45 Mins of Runtime : 8 Elites Solo(s) in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood, Tollywood, Fusion, Kalaripayattu Fusion with Bharatanatyam were performed as requested. May 20th, 2022 – Sponsored.
    2. Glimpse of India : 1 hour 30 mins featuring 13 artist in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Festival Folk Dances, Bollywood-Traditional, House, Hiphop, Bollywood Hiphop, Tollywood Traditional and Tollywood Hiphop, Kalaripayattu, Mayurbhanj Chau, Artistic-Creative Yoga, Dance Drama in Bharatanatyam, Folk & Bollywood & Song On-Request Performance. May 22nd-May29th – Sponsored.
      • Direction, All Choreography, Choreographer, Costumes, Makeup, Accessories, Shoots, Pre-launch by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
      • All Solo(s) contributions by all 13 elites on their own.
      • All of above, followed by 30mins to 1 hour : rehearsals, pre-event and post-event shoots.
    3. Showcase of India | 45 Mins featuring Solo Adults Performances. May 20th – Sponsored.
      • 8 Elites participated in this event featuring Fusions, Festival Folk, Bharatanatyam, And Tollywood, Bollywood Dances-Traditional. Solo contributions of all elites on their own!F
      • Leadership, Direction, Costumes : Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  6. Grace Effect Shoots for Headshots & Party Packages by Our Grace Effect Team by 3 Hrs. May 2022 – Contract.
    • Leadership : Hetal Joshi M, Direction & Shoot : Ms. Saumya – Our Team
  7. Grace Effect Shoots For Venue Launch by Our Grace Effect Team by 3 Hrs. May 2022 – Contract.
    • Leadership : Hetal Joshi M, Direction & Shoot : Ms. Saumya – Our Team
  8. Grace Effect Shoots – Outdoor Portfolio Elite Shoot by Our Grace Effect Team. 2.5 Hrs. May 2022 – Contract.
    • Leadership, Direction, Wardrobes, Makeup : Hetal Joshi M, Co-Direction & Shoot : Ms. Saumya – Our Team
  9. Reachh Mediaa Artist Shoot By Our Grace Effect Team 3 Hr. April 2022 – Contract Shoot.
    • Leadership, Direction : Hetal Joshi M & Ms. Saumya – Our Team.
  10. Reachh Mediaa Artist Shoot By Our Grace Effect Team 6 Hr April 2022 – Contract Shoot.
    • Leadership, Direction, Wardrobes, Makeup : Hetal Joshi M | Shoot by Ms. Saumya – Our Team.
  11. March 26, 2022 : Sarvaa Dance Production # 4 by Hetal Joshi M : 3pm to 8pm.
  12. 28 Nov, 2021 : 4 hour shoot for an E-Commerce website. Sponsored Product Launch For A Sports Brand.
    • Setty Siblings, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty, + 3 other elites w/Hetal Joshi M. Age-13-25 target sizes as requested.
    • With full Sports Choreo, Stills, Shots and Stunts in the brand wear provided by the company.
    • Location : G2 Dance Factory, Arlingon, Texas as requested.
    • A Reachh Mediaa w/Grace Effects Shoot by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Dance.
  13. August 8, 2021 : Anantha Classical Dance Production – On Stage Event.
  14. August 8, 2021 : Outdoor Shoot – Production. 3 hrs. 10 to 1 : Anantha Classical Dance Production 
  15. August 8, 2021 : Rang Folk Dance Production
  16. August 8, 2021 : Fashion Show Series # 2 for The Grace Effects featuring 45 artists – all our own students
    1. First Fashion Show was in 2014-2015 with 30 artists (Texas All Star Talents & Some of Ours) as in our 2nd half of Recital 2016 (Dance of Gods)-seperated from show.
  17. August 8, 2021 :  Theater Drama Series,  
    1. Theater & Drama Series 1 2020 Theater-Drama – Graduates
  18. August 8, 2021 : Sarva Cinema Dance Production – Bollywood Tollywood
  19. August 8, 2021 : Launch event of g2 dance factory with hiphop pre-elites Ages 8 to 18.
  20. August 8, 2021 : Sarva Cinema Production Series # 3
  21. Dhamaal Events : March to April 2021 : International Submissions ( 19 countries ) & On-Site Shoots ( Min 2 hours ) for our Reachh Mediaa Artists.
    1. Shoots by The Settys – Grace Effect Teams | 4 hours.
  22. Dhamaal Events : Feb 2021 : LIVE 7th arangetram of our owner Hetal Nagaraj with international Audiences & International Dancer
    1. LIVE Shoot by Hetal Joshi M and The Grace Effects Team. 3.5 hours.
  23. Dhamaal Events : Jan 2021 : 1.5 hour LIVE Arangetram of our National Level Elite with International Audiences & International Dancer.
    1. 8 of our shows including recitals were cancelled due to Covid City Rules/Lockdowns from Mar 2020 to Aug 2021. Anantha Classical Dance Production # 2 got cancelled, classes & full rehearsals happened – show cancelled by city. exams happened. Students Graduated.
    2. Sarva Cinematic Dance Production # 2 got cancelled, classes & full rehearsals happened – show cancelled by city. exams happened. Students Graduated.
    3. Rang Folk Dance Production # 2 got cancelled, classes & full rehearsals happened – show got cancelled by city. exams happened. Students Graduated.
    4. Theater-Drama Productions classes were cancelled half way through. Online challenges.
    5. ALL Fashion Show Classes were cancelled half way through. Online challenges.
    6. March 2020 – Special Show by Dhamaal Events – In The Shadow of Gods – Revanta Sarabhai’s Show was cancelled because of lockdowns.
    7. May 2020 – Team Darpana & Friends, USA : Group of Darpana graduates/friends/dance-classmates of Hetal Nagaraj, lockdown & city cancellations. Full Rehearsals happened.
    8. July 2020 – Rescheduled to Dec 2020 – again cancelled : Ekagra # 1 : Cancelled : Solo Showcases of Elites & our teams, by genre & Invited Gifted Artists of Texas All Star Talents – USA – Fundraiser – Got cancelled by city due to pandemic issues. Full Rehearsals happened.
  24. Online Workshop Event 2020 to 2021 : Exclusive to Kalaripayattu Students of Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj – 12 hour Kalaripayattu Choreography by Techniques on request planned by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  25. Aug 2020 : Pre-Elites Shoot 3.5 Hours. Some clips on this video 0:36 to 1:00. 
    • Samarth Setty w/several Pre.Elites And Teens Hiphop Series Shoot with full costumes.
    • Shot by Gopal Setty, Hetal. 3.5 hours. Location : Lewisville CH shops.
  26. August 2020 : Pre-Elites and Elites Shoot at Mckinney & Frisco, Texas for Shoot at Mckinney & Frisco, Texas USA for a national event. ALL students won the event with first 3 prizes with an invite to international event. 3.5 Hours.
    • Shot by Hetal Nagaraj. Costumes : Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M for our Reachh Mediaa Since 2013, Nruthyakala Folk Dance Academy, Mirchi Dance Academy, Kalasri Institute Of Indian Classical Dances.
    • All choreography, tech and direction by Hetal Joshi M unless otherwise stated.
    • Lights & Arrangements by our The Grace Effects teams aka Setty Siblings and Gopal Setty.
  27. 2020 : Through out the year multiple outdoor events of min 2 hours – LIVE shoots & outdoor shoots for our Reachh Mediaa happened as scheduled. Same Series, multiple segments so 1 Event.
    • Sponsored and Produced as requested | Total 12 hours of shoots.
    • Group 1 : Elites | 6 hours : Series of 2 hours each.
    • Group 2 : Pre-Elites | 6 hours : Series of 2 hours each.
  28. Annual Program 2020 – Medley Madness : Postponed/Cancelled due to corona virus.
  29. Half Year Show featuring Sarvaa 2019 : A Red Carpet Movie Gala
    • Partly Sponsored.
  30. Annual Recital 2019 – Journey To Infinite Dance Forms – Anantha 2019
    • Partly Sponsored.
  31. August 2019 : In-house company event 6 hrs workhsop for company adults-dancers only.
    1. This is part of Hetal Nagaraj Dance parents programs and mommy-me programs.
    2. 6 hr workshop as requested by Hetal Nagaraj Dance from Anish Rangrej to target a particular goal w/techniques and performance.
    3. These classes are conducted other than Dhamaal Events USA workshops that are publicly declared.
    4. In this workshop : pre.elites & elites as well some invited artists of Texas All Star Talents & Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 learned and performed at Sarvaa Cinema Dance And Theater Production Series 2019.
    5. Anish ji was also invited participate in contributing his choreo to Hetal Nagaraj Dance‘s performing song : ghar more pardesiya as visiting faculty choreo from 1:31 to 2:00, by taking regular classes.
  32. Aug 2019 : Dhamaal Events USA Event by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  33. Sept 2018: Dhamaal Events Dance Workshop and Shoot by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  34. Aug 5, 2018 : Pre.Elites & Elites Shoot Indian Folk Dances
  35. Annual Recital 2018 – A Fusion Life of ABCD : American Born Cultured Desi. 
  36. 2017 : School event hosted exclusively by Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj | 3.5 to 4 hours at a time | middle & high school only | classes followed by performances in school events and outside the school events (culture fest partcipations) = 12 hours paid contract (4 x 3).
    • 12 dancers(outside grace and grooves) took part in this event. Indian folk dances and bollywood hiphop dances.
    • 50% fundraiser to school PTO from the prizes.
  37. Annual Recital 2017 – JALSO (Celebrations in Life) Nritya(Dance) Ki Masti (Fun).
  38.  Feb 27, 2016 : A Folk Dance USA Tour with a Bangla international artist in DFW, Texas on their USA tour for 3 hrs as a group-musical-non-stop.
    1. Marketing & tickets sponsored by Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M.
    2. An equal collab with former Dhamaal Events USA.
    3. partly sponsored by Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 for all of Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M everything – Jinal Shah
    4. Calcutta famous folk musical of 3 hours – non stop. @hetalnagaraj and her other elite performed in this performance for entire 3 hours as amongst the main performer / group.
  39. 2016 : Pre-Elite Shoot : 3.5 hour dance shoot followed by portfolio shoot for Pre-Elites And Elites.
    • National level event for dance and model shoot: Ashna Pethe, Nirja Setty, Samarth Setty for Bollywood, Indian Folk and Semi-Clasical Shiv Tandav Series. clips here : 1:17.
  40. Annual Recital 2016 – Dance of Gods, Adi-Shakthi : Fundraiser To C.R.Y America, Cqunce Inc & Local Small Organizations.
  41. August 2015 : Co-hosting event – 3 hr event with a public school and an org fundraising for a school for new building. all performances by students of Hetal Nagaraj Dance for Nruthyakala Folk Dance AcademyMirchi Dance AcademyGrace Creations Fusion Company followed by 1 hr workshop and co-hosting mcee. Location : Lewisville, Texas.
    1. + Fundraising activity 1 hour
    2. + Setup and booth – 1 hour.
  42. Feb 2015 : Lecture Demonstration Business Event : 2.15 lecture demonstration and honors by a national organization in 2015. Lecture on folk dance influences in cinema. showcase of various clips of our dancers for demonstrations in folk dances and bollywood on screen followed by dinner.
    • 6 other businesses were special guests in this event with Hetal Nagaraj Dance by their field specialities such as IT, business, mentorshop, projects.
    • A 4hr event. Irving, Texas. USA followed by dinner.
  43. 2014: Folk Workshop followed by 5 mins Gujarati Literature Folk Dance – 800 people folk dance workshop 4 hours (kids & adults with breaks for 4 hours). danced to song : saiyar halo ne with modern-folk. Flowermound Texas.

Events as well as performances with LESS THAN 3 Hours of run-time spread out through out the year performed by students of Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj or our affiliates such as Reachh Mediaa Artists under one of and for our brands or for other brands/organizers.

  1. 2022 : 11 Mins Run-Time : Commercial Event – Stage Dances as in Educatainment & Commercial Dances Welcoming Bhoomi Trivedi Sponsored by Hetal Joshi M | Grace And Grooves Group for various organizers (event listed here).
    • Welcoming Bhoomi Trivedi, Oct 9th, 2022 to Dallas Fortworth, Texas USA – with glimpse of international award winning dances by Hetal Nagaraj | Hetal Joshi M in various genres by our students. Event : Plano Event Center, Plano, Texas, USA
    • Absolute beginners to advance, regional, national & international, level elites, and our Reachh Mediaa Artists from ages 5 to 47 along with our in-house students of various levels.
    • 41 participants, 31 dancers, more than 100 props and costumes were showcased.
    • Dances that can be named 🙂 : Indian Folk Dances : Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Sikh, Uttar Pradesh | Bharatanatyam | Hiphop | Kalaripayattu | Silambam | Festival Dances | Community Dances | Oriental Martial Arts | Bollywood and Fusions by fully trained dancers from instructors with absolutely straight background all in-house students trained by Hetal Nagaraj. 
    • Dramas that can be named 🙂 : 4 different styles of dramas showcased during the entire performance times.
    • 2 Phases of 5:55 each with 2 segments with dances as well as dramas with a total of 7 Grand Finale with multiple medleys & fusion music prepared(other than medley) by Hetal Joshi M to meet the genre criteria.
    • All of our segments/phases planned by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Dance for makeup, costumes (costumes designed, prepared, planned w/changes, and custom prepared by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj) with entire planning, accessories, jewelry, direction, choreographer, choreography, techniques for all levels, classes, practices, designing of grand finale(s) of 11 mins with full music.
    • Sound Re-mixes, Add-ons & Re-compositions : Phase 1, 2 : Hetal Joshi M with additional dhol beats | Phase : 2 Ending Music from our own previous Danceathon + add-onns by Saumya. More about this event. 
    • Ms. Hetal performed through out in the entire 11mins except for 1 medley!
  2. 2022 : 40mins Run-Time : Variety of Indian Dances @University- Bharatanatyam, Indian Martial Arts Fusion, Folk Dances, Fusion Folk With Hiphop, Hiphop & Bollywood Traditional Dances.
  3. 2019 : Shoot followed by selected entries – Tollywood Series : Pre-Qualifying Shoot With Costumes For National Level Event With LIVE Telecast all over India and Andra Pradesh. Production Name : Tollywood Dances of India.
    • Total 40 Mins Run Time : 10 Students of Hetal Nagaraj participated in this event with Bahubali, Allu Arjun Series & Annamarcharya Kritis that were selected and performed, by request, through out their annual launches.
    • Genre : Bharatanatyam, Folk Dances, Tollywood Hiphop and Fusion by Graduates – Elites Of Hetal Nagaraj (Kalari and Bharatanatyam with Folk)
    • Educatainment, Commercial Industry Dances, and Theater Dances.
  4. 2018 : Indian Folk Dances : Variations (villages vs cities). Production Name : Navaratri Nights. Total 45 Mins : 15 Students of Hetal Nagaraj participated in this event followed by 11 mins of Bollywood Folk & Festival Folk – collab for RG2 launch.
  5. 49 Workshops of Hetal Nagaraj : Pictures Here : 1, 2, 3, 4, to 12 Hours Workshops At Different Venues : Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Festival Folk Dances, Semi-Classical, Creative -Artistic Yoga, Kalaripayattu, Chhau-Mayurbhanj, Hiphop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Tollywood.
  6. 2014 to 2017 : Featured in dallas news. Per Year donations worth 700$ from grace and grooves exclusive from our “wholesale” e-commerce store for various costumes and several performances for fundraising activities upto 2hrs at each event.
    • folk dances, bollywood, fusion and dance drama : ages 5 to adults. All by Hetal Nagaraj Dance.
    • 3 years back to back! Dallas, Texas for Dallas Catholic Charities.

If we count overall events irrespective of time & majority participation then 92 Events, as of Jan 31st, 2023.

Other events include my sponsored events with non-participations and fundraisers – non participation fundraisers by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj.

Number of Dances Solo and Group (with dance at all times on stages or shoots as requested) : More than 300 dances performed. Ms. Hetal still performs by genre.

Infact, Ms.Hetal performed 10 dances/genres in one day by genre on May 29th, 2022 breaking her own previous records.

 An Exclusive Dance Production Series List By Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj Are Listed Here 

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From September 2021 : We stopped virtual classes for outside or new students.
As the annual dance recitals are planned, prepared, the dances and the musicals in all our dance forms are at level where we can easily convert them into an exclusive dance production pertaining to respective forms, and styles.

Book us for your next set of events !!!

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