Daksha M Joshi : Hetal’s Guru & Family-Inspiration

When your family, environment & history itself has taught you so much, why will you look around for inspiration! Know the main inspiration | guru(s) of our Artistic Director Hetal Nagaraj | http://www.hetaln.com.

Lt. Daksha Joshi, Hetal’s mom, was first class mumbai university graduate in fine arts with psychology and dance with English, Marathi & Sanskrit as her languages. She was main inspiration behind Hetal’s entire performing arts journey. Ms. Daksha was well accomplished paid artist herself and she led/taught/planned shows as part of library educational programs, govt. programs in association with schools, kerala samaj, gujarati samaj and various local organizations by contract in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Ms Daksha was known for her fun pupperty shows, gem-diamond studded paintings by order and shadow dance-dramas, dance dramas with full dance routines, by genre. Her specializations in her degrees & programs included folk dances, theater and dramas, bollywood industry knowledge, theater-drama sets for commercial purposes, puppet/mask making sets that Hetal continues to teach/offer. Classical dances had specialities of Sadir/Sathir(Pre-Kalakshetra Bharatanatyam) and Kuddiyattam.

Hetal’s maternal environment are all about performing/fine/music/model, beauty, fashion, salon & artistic activites esp women. They are 3rd genreations of Maharashtrians with full influences of Bollywood industries. Ms. Daksha has also spent few years in Secundrabad and vicinity of hyderabad where she came across several tollywood industry artists as well. Hetal’s grandfather was an engineer & scholar but was also a carnatic and hindustani singer and used to participate in local events for fun. Hetal’s brother was in drama until middle school & was school cartoonist;winning him The Times of India Awards-Twice for children activites. yet throughout the high school grades in science stream, he was a state level ranker(1st 10 in entire state). By 12th grade, he was an IT-STEM geek. He scored part-sponsored scholarships in Engineering & IT degree programs via student-transfer programs in USA universities. His achievements won him iEEE bootcamps at IIT campus & he then tried IIT exam-preps. He couldn’t make it to IIT for 1 mark & so he continued his journey with scored scholarships; leaving performing arts there itself and moved to USA.

Hetal’s cousins have their institutes in their countries w/their guru(s) & have specialities in min 2 dance forms, for fun and yet all are engineers, IT-nerds or have successful businesses! Some are PHD(s) in dance/music and they take short term projects. Inspite of all this, they all have other mainstream education with minimum 2 degrees. All of performing arts, fine arts is carried in family with an established guru-shishya parampara/trainings either from parents or with a formal guru seperate from family. Hetal is herself 4th generation performing arts & 2nd generation of paid artist!

While her paternal history speaks of women in commercial activities, accounts & finance scholars, teaching/education-mainstream, some are very independent and have established activity centers of their own or have business & management. Her family members are often hired in govt. securities or high profile sensitive fields because of their straight/transparent or traceable background. Her dad is accounts & management major w/finance & tax as his specialty. He was a former elite officer in govt & worked for several private companies with his remarkable achievements.

The craze to achieve transparency started during their grandparents’ time. Learning performing arts activities is a norm in her family as you would drink water. All of them are respected veterans/samartians with extra-ordinary achivements in their careers.

Hetal’s environment is always surrounded by all of these activities, subject matter, education & thus the independence. | http://www.hetaln.com.

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