Fusion…Dance Type….Creative Dance….Dance Form…Dance Styles….Whats the Buzz!

Dance….Fusion…Dance Type….Creative Dance….Dance Form…Dance Styles….Whats the Buzz…..

Dance : Any creative movement that defines grace, elegance, specified set of movements in any direction, repetitions as required, with full expressions as in drama is Nruthya.

Next we think of it as “Which Dance”. Lot of names that come to our mind and here is short note on it. To learn Nruthya, that is dance; you have to learn Nritta (Set of Steps Defined), Natya (Drama Part that has expressions). Creative movement is just moving your body creatively…nothing to do name of dance as such.

Creative Dances : Dances that do not have any name as they are danced based on beats of music or words or by flow of music or by specific poet or specific tradition/culture and do not follow any form or style. You cannot define what dance it is. You cannot understand what form it is, what style or set of rules that it follows.

Creative Dances

Example of Creative Dances, This Is Bollywood

Creative Dances can be of different types : Bollywood dances done on Bollywood music that do not define a specified dance form or style. Type of music determines the types of movements, often in most cases pertaining to music form.  Folk with folk elements, props where in actual folk dance forms or particular style of form is seen/defined as an exclusive. Classical with classical dance movements in it where you can define each step of it with pre-determined name. Creative Dances can also be contemporary, modern, done on any music, jazz, tap, hiphop or mix and match of anything. These may or may not be named as Fusion depending on what dance form/style is used at particular measure. These may or may not project a culture, tradition, practice, or regime that people follow in day to day life.


Example of Creative Folk Dances as in Musical Folk Dance Drama. Program : Bollywood

Best examples of creative dances are Rabindra Nruthya that are done exclusively on poems and songs of Rabindranath Tagore. It started in Shanti Niketan when they started doing these creative contemporary movements on the poems of Rabindranath Tagore.


When Shanti Niketan was established as institute and various dance forms were actually taught, they started doing classical fusions with existing creative movements. Off-late in 20th century, infusing other dance forms with various styles became popular in Rabindra Nruthya giving birth to Classical and Non.Classical Fusion Dances on poems of Rabindranath Tagore mixing it with Contemporary movements. Today also, creative dances (without the fusion dances) of rabindra sangeet persists and is danced by over 90% of Bengoli speaking community. Not everybody can be trained at all times to do fusions! And so, what are fusions ?


One of Fusion Dances of Grace Creations Tap, Bollywood And Jazz. Program: Bollywood

Fusion Dances :  The most controversial of all the dances is the fusion dance. How do we define them ? How do you see it as fusion dance ?

A fusion dance is a mix of 2 or more types of dance forms or dance styles. Mixing creative dances in it with a particular measure cannot rule out as fusion dance without its form or style defined. A fusion dance form, if danced upon, will follow the rules of the dance form or style but at the same time use the rules of other dance form or style in various combination on that given music. You can name it by seeing what each step is, as each dance step has a name in dance form or style.


One of Folk Fusions, Exclusive to Folk Dances. Program : Students From Bollywood & Folk. Fully Trained.

A lot of untrained dancers name fusion dances as classical dance done on different music(non-classical) or folk done on Bollywood songs etc. But, this is not fusion! One cannot name classical dance as “classical” if it is not done on any form of classical music. As we know it, classical music itself is divided into varied forms such as Hindustani, Carnatic(South Indian often named as) and such others. A classical music must have a defined raagam and talam that it follows and thus dance is purely based on those and so called classical dances. A classical dance on other music can be defined based on measures on how much of classical dance form is used on it and likewise for folk as well. It is like bharatnatyam on other music which at times pretty much compromises the rules because of type of music. It cannot be danced under the classical defined Margam or even classical category so to speak. Choreography may be depending on how/what is used from dance form but not the pairing of song and music. You can name it as Bollywood if you wish to, or you can name it as creative dance too if it does not define a set of rules/unique identity.


Pure Bharatnatyam On Fusion Music. Level: Thillana Fusion (Thillana of 2 styles of Bharatnatyam). Program : Bollywood. ALL dancers have knowledge of Bharatnatyam or are trained for this performance.

Most untrained dancers often make mistake of calling dance forms done on other music as fusion. It is the music that is fusion. Music and Dance are seperate things and thus it is specifically mentioned that dances done on classical music are called classical dances and have a full routine that follows its peculiarity.

Dance Form is a “form” that has styles within its form. It behaves like a subject with other subjects within itself or Parent and child relationship. Bharatnatyam for examples have varied styles below it and has pre-determined set of rules/adavus/steps that are followed through out their peculiar styles within the same form. Likewise, since one folk dance was done in various regions, it had variations that were peculiar to that region and thus, were defined as its styles. Bollywood or movie dances do not have that legacy of styles within it so Bollywood is not called as dance form!



Example of Festival Folk/Community Folk Dances. Program : Bollywood

Festival/Community Folk Dances : Folk dances cannot be mixed up with festival community folk dances. Indian traditional style of street dancing without the influence of western culture can be named as community/festival folk dances as these have flair of regional music and may be the dress you would wear but otherwise, none rules to follow. No peculiarity to  follow. These were part of festivities and entertainment. These can be taught as part of Bollywood Program and not as part of Folk Dance Program.


Dances such as ballet, hiphop, jazz, tap are all forms and have various styles within to be specific that can be defined in set of rules that are to be followed. There are lot of dances that did not make it to dance form category as there was not enough to outline their styles within and thus it remained either a singular dance form without a style below it or it remained as style altogether with its unique identity.



Types of Bollywood Dances

Dance type is merely a notation that shows a particular style of dance being followed several times during the entire dance. Most often without the knowledge of dancer herself when she moves her body to certain music in certain direction, she ends-up doing a free dance that comes from her own experiences, trainings or no-trainings at times-mix & match of some movements with absolute no relevance to any dance form or style. Dance type is term often used to define certain type followed in creative dances, creative movements, bollywood depending on instructor. This has absolutely no relevance with music, or form or style or even the wordings at times. Other than Abhinaya/Role Play of Natya Shashtra, none of dances have thumb-rule for wordings to be followed as part of dance, word by word. Especially Folk dances that do not follow Natya Shashtra but follows simple rules based on costume, culture, tradition, and that region’s peculiarity of dances. Though it doesn’t follow the Natya Shashtra, the fundamentals of dance during trainings exhibits these techniques and drills that match with dance forms from Natya Shashtra.


Just like each dance or each word are so crystal clear and have meaning of their own and individual identity, understanding all these aspects are just as simple and clear. They are very well taught to students of Grace And Grooves LLC through their entire training. They are trained to identify what is what. This happens when you are trained exclusively in certain dance forms, styles and as well creative dances for your category. It is a process like your actual education where in one year you will learn formulas, the other you use these as derivatives and the rest of the years then you will learn to how to use them, where and what time. And through out the year at Grace And Grooves LLC, you give exams/performances/competitions that gives you insights of what you should/could do, with and without pressures.

Call NOW 972 979 2559. or Email : info@graceandgrooves.com to learn to gain clarity in every single dance you do.

If you can name what it is, you know what you are doing. Simple.

Don’t know then name it as Bollywood aka Movie dances.

Date/Month this post was updated : Dec 18, 2018.

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Indian Dances And Their Values…

Ballet = 50$ for 4 classes, Tap = 50$ for 4 classes, Jazz = 50$ for 4 classes….All of them $50 and above with registration fees(starts from $25), costume fees($30 & up), and recital fees($30 and up). We could go on and on.

Why so many charges. We can name it as American Dances and just sell it all together ?Yes-by all means. If you could do Indian Dances as all in one package as nobody cares; you could just as well do all in one package for American Dances-why would anybody care.

Why discrimination of names. Who cares ?

If answer is NO then why is that Bharatnatyam, Bollywood and Indian Folk Dances are tagged just as “Indian Dances” and are sold in 1 package. Why is it that Indian Dances are so under valued?  To an artist who knows what it means to teach those with just the basics, yes-there is discrimination there. Ballet is a dance form just like Bharatnatyam or any Indian Classical Dance is. Indian Folk Dance is a dance-form just like Tap which has styles in variations and they all vary by region, culture and countries too! Or yes, we could have one Folk Dance or Just dance for all countries-How Beautiful It Would Be. But, It Is Not Possible. Let’s do more on that…Let’s be flexible with costumes and clothing…Fashion, Trend, we could on and onn..oh yeah, let’s just not follow the rules-Right!

Here’s a request. Do you have to wear ballet clothes to learn the dance ? Why ? I could wear leggings and just go there. Nobody cares. But yes, as an artist, I will care because to get into the form especially when you are in training—-it is absolutely important that you get used to its attire and all that is required. Why ? To handle the stress of entire required clothing as basics. It is environment that you are giving your body to train with all that physical work going on while dancing.

So why is it that, it is stressful for you as an Indian to reinforce Indian values and not ask your kids to wear Indian dresses and go to any of the Indian Dance Classes but you are absolutely fine having them wear those tight stockings of ballet with a tiny skirt that shows their hip line. or have them wear sports shoes in PE. Well-we would love to see somebody wear heels and play soccer :)..Rules are to keep your body safe.

Are you telling me that learning Ballet is important. Ballet that does not have any correlation to Indian Culture but is importantly forced to child that is brought up in America ? For ? Whom are you pleasing ? Where are the roots ? Where is the culture ?

So why are the Indian Dances so under valued from their selling points, names, rules, costumes and I could go on and on? Every other person in the end of the street wants to teach Bollywood Dances. Agree. Its fun. But do you understand the complexities that comes with it without having fundamentals of body dynamics and lot of other factors that affect dancer’s life in later years and if it is safe for child ? Even if it is for FUN.

Would you give your child to somebody who just likes doing it without the knowing how it actually works in doing it. We can have doctors likewise-why do you need a 5-8 year degree to study medicines. Google helps these days-doesn’t it. Think about savings for you-no insurance, no obligations of going annual visits and we could go on and on….!! 

Why are Indian Dances so under-valued ? Is it that we as Indians don’t value it ? Or is it that being on Non-Indian land, we are taught to live a compromised life of under-valuing every single thing that is attached to our Indian culture. To do what ? To embrace values that does not teach my own culture and to leave your own values ? Creativity is such a beautiful thing-Why ruin it at the cost of children and doing it all wrong. Can’t we keep it beautiful, graceful like the way it should be ? What good it does to your child ? Think! It only leaves your child totally confused in future. ABCD : American Born Confused Desi !! Yep…But at Grace And Grooves, ABCD stands for American Born Cultured Desis. A Desi who is very very clear about every single thing that they do from dances, costumes, makeup and we could go on and on. 

Here at Grace And Grooves, we reinforce the values and Indian culture by means of Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood And Bharatnatyam just the way its supposed to be done with fundamentals as our basic goals to practice safety. Creativity automatically follows with training. We know how it works as our founding member, Ms. Hetal Nagaraj did it all her life ever-since age 4 step by step, one at a time and still she is able to switch between genres of any Indian Dance Forms without any mistakes, even by a mistake. It is the training only! Training teaches you to be in discipline of your own dance form or style and you will deliver exactly whats required. It is like learning 1+1=2 and the answer is same, no matter what time of day you wakeup to! And so we follow the same. You can only imagine how long the journey was for Ms. Hetal Nagaraj to reach at this level. The comfort level of each dance is taught in a very beautiful way just the way our founding member has learned while balancing her life. This is exclusively done in particular methodology combined with knowledge of training, sportsmanship and psychology so that your child is NOT confuse about what they are doing and delivers it safely. Somebody who has done this by balancing her life in place like India where being a girl itself means responsibility and in that, think about how early it was for her when she had a bed-ridden mother for over a decade & was brought-up by people around her, most importantly-a man/her dad. All of this experience with a masters degree in her own mainstream education, national level sports qualifications and several other list of professional certifications. None of it was possible without training!

We at Grace And Grooves feel blessed of parting all of this knowledge to our students for any dance forms/styles/types/categories that we teach. We love how we do it, we love what we do and we absolutely love when we see our students as AMERICAN BORN CULTURED DESIS.

We love to teach students of Grace And Grooves who know how to draw a fine line of NOT GETTING CONFUSED and still embrace all the fun, trend-fashion etc that comes with practical life on American lands. A musical presented by students of Grace And Grooves LLC on A FUSION LIFE OF ABCD, where our ABCD stands for American Born Cultured Desi. This program is on March 4, 2018 at Plano Courtyard Theatre, Plano and it features Mainstream Traditional Bharatnatyam in several languages, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood/Tollywood/Indian Movie Dances in several languages, Fusion Dances and Creative Dances(that don’t belong to any categories/forms or styles). Come and see yourself – Difference!fusionlife2018

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Training Vs Non-Training Approach To Indian Performing Arts by Hetal Nagaraj.

BHARATANATYAM, INDIAN FOLK DANCES OR BOLLYWOOD…..Trained, Not Trained : How does it matter ?

Story is all the same….So what’s the difference ? Just read and understand. It is for your child – not for me 🙂

Inspired works from one of my past trainings but this performance is in Bollywood!

Over the past several years we have come across plenty of untrained dancers/teachers. We needed help too for private groups as our assistants and thus we had an opportunity to get this straight! My job was to not allow them to do those mistakes if they worked under me so they were strictly supervised. Some made it to choreographer’s list while others’ couldn’t because they choose to do it wrong. Thought it will be wonderful way to educate our community to understand what is right and what is wrong—and most importantly-why…..!

How does it matter ?  Why not ? Dancethat’s why ? Why don’t you care about HOW your child spends 1 hour/a week for learning to move his body? That’s 4 hours a month we are talking about, a minimum!


One of past works refined further with Classical, Indian Folk Dances and Bollywood.

Dance is subtle type of sport because all the body movements are cleverly put together to give a good work-out adding nothing but grace and beautiful tone to your body. Ever wondered how some dancers may not have a perfectly toned body but still are able to dance so beautifully and freely? Dance teaches their body likewise. But otherwise, an average person can burn about 100-400 calories in an hour depending on age, dance level, style or form or just be free dances; this without injuring yourself if you do it right. So, why would you NOT consider being taught safely ?

What has safety to do with Indian dances, go ahead…get the read! Here’s major differences I saw amongst 2 different types of teachers around us, irrespective of their work with us.


Our youngest student of the year : Indian Folk Dancer.

Trained Dancers/Teachers :

  • Trained teachers will teach your child safety-FIRST so that they can dance all their life.
  • Trained teachers know practice routine protocols.
  • Trained teachers will know in and out of forms, styles and variations or will make efforts to educate themselves even for creative dances.
    • Bollywood, Tollywood, Movie Dances, Creative Folk etc. are all creative dances and do not rule out a style or form.
    • Do not mistake these as Indian Folk Dances or any means of representation for specific culture or community.
  • Trained teachers will never allow their students to go out of form or style in designated dance category.
  • Trained teachers will spark your creativity, challenge you and still NOT allow you to get lost in the name of creativity. A fine-line on when you should stop being creative or well–just change the category and name it something else.
  • Trained teachers will never allow your child to take a leap when they are not ready.


    Our choreography works from past trainings. When the trained dancers in Bollywood, Bharatnatyam and Indian Folk Dances Met !

  • Trained teachers will stick to techniques, rules of the art-forms, styles and thus will follow the protocol of teaching right stuff at right time and this will automatically increase the quality of dance with least work. No dance was ever-made to ruin the fun of it or harm anybody.
  • Do not mistake curriculum or concepts with fundamentals!
  • Trained teachers are often taught performance techniques, stage presence, personality and many such performance attributes as most Indian Performing Arts follow vedas and shastras as their rule book or for inspirations. Amazed to know that our vedas and shastras have these ? YES-they do!
    • For the forms and styles that do not follow these scriptures, books or such guidelines-these have NOW matured to a decent level of basic rules to be met to be recognized as that form/style with or without variation and thus given that name!
  • Trained teacher’s imagination, motivation, inspirations and decisions are self-driven and will not depend on any factors (irrespective of dirty politics in the name of serving any organization). This includes from opening dance school to providing different services and all the choreography works. All of this is geared automatically from knowledge, years of training and self-made set-goals.


    Some other works that are inspired from past trainings but in pure bharatnatyam dances.

  • Other than putting their own practice hours to their respective art-form/style or creative dance, you will not find trained dancers/teachers struggling to do a choreography. They know exactly what they are doing as it is their way of life.
  • Trained teachers will not experiment on your child without knowing the setbacks of the choreography for any complex movements.
  • Nobody ever likes it when training begins but when trained-they are in love with it & will probably never completely leave it and will be proud of those achievements.

It is not everybody’s cup of tea to stay committed in Indian Performing Arts.

Untrained Dancers/Teachers :


Our works from our past trainings but in BOLLYWOOD

Untrained teachers are often those who love doing it and have no idea most of the times what they do in the name of forms or styles that they claim to do.

  • They often get lost in the name of creativity!
  • Some experiments are good (not beautiful);some are god knows what!
  • Some are pure acrobats, poses or formations and in that—dance is forgotten 🙂
  • Untrained teachers will challenge your kids without safety measures.
    • RESULT : By the time child reaches their teens or are in 20s-broken necks, bad hips, fundamental mistakes for not doing it in right form/style while practicing the form/styles and that will injure them in later life, wrong body movements leading to serious sprains n leg-pains/ankle pains in later life (mostly for women after marriage or kids), injured interests and certain negativity towards certain dances–all of this resulting into total chaos in their brain about the dances they learned. I come across these fresh college graduates often in various dance competitions where I judge and upon hearing, I feel horrible for them that they have so many physical injuries at such young age and all of them because of dance! Some learned it hard way-how sad.
    • And coming back to these untrained teachers, you have one more generation of students who were trained and god knows in what and how ? And they have no idea of what they are doing – Do you want to stop encouraging it, NOW?


      When Indian Folk Dancers, Classical Dancers and Bollywood Meets. One of my past training works.

  • Untrained teachers often rely on online resources as shared knowledge & whatever they can grasp from wherever possible and thus their own knowledge is often shallow. They do not exhibit techniques in their dances.
  • I had once a discussion. I was left amazed. Everybody is attracted to beauty-it comes with sacrifices(training). Dance—-Beauty is not by looks-it is by skills. If you are stressing hard on rule 1 of dance to have a beautiful face——-Go, walk the ramp!
    • Most of dance make-up is inspired from looks described in relevant dance-characters, obviously being beautiful counts to some level but don’t rule that as first rule of being dancer!
    • If you don’t have daughter who is not very beautiful–you would just put her off the dance? really ?
    • Even the most beautiful skin color has to put the bharatnatyam makeup onn to respect it. And if you have small or big beautiful eyes–you still have to put those additional eye-liners to give dramatic effects on ur face. They all look the same when dressed up !
    • Go visit Kalakshetra Institute of Performing Arts of Rukmani Devi where Bharatnatyam was re-born (Chennai-Tamilnadu, India) and you will see how the basic level of talent will kick your pretty skin color out of your body.
    • You will not even blink once looking at the discipline in simple sets of dance sequences.

      Theme Based Performances

      Recent Release Picture (2-15-2016) of Annual Show by St.Xaviers, Gandhinagar and article of how long its been happening!

  • Everything is just okay to these untrained teachers in the name of dance even when dance form/style will not give “okay” for it to be in same name. Wait, what ? Role models to kids ? Right!! 
  • This point had me nuts. I came across an untrained teacher who has this really inappropriate dressing sense on stage for students with respect to their skin color and then the lady mocks them before parents for looking hideous in those dresses. Is this a role model to kids and you are a dance teacher mocking your own kids ? right!
  • Untrained teacher don’t do human errors but they do repeated blunders in almost every performances as in fundamentals. At times, these are often not related to any means to form or style. Role model to kids ?
  • Pic11

    Some other works from past trainings and elite dancers are all fully trained in Indian Folk Dances.

    Must include-these are not beautiful blunders but their disastrous mistakes do not represent the dance forms or styles that claim to be so. Our students do those beautiful blunders too but in their own form or styles(LOL).

  • Ever wondered-why we NEVER end up making a mistake of stepping out of our form or style? Training….!! Nobody is perfect but come-on, you can’t get an equation right if the formula used is ALL wrong! Role Model to kids ??
  • Untrained teachers request to seek private lessons from the child for the sake of putting up their work irrespective of what they are doing. At times, it doesn’t even fall into any category. Where is learning part ?
  • These untrained teachers are confused about what they are doing esp. in Indian Folk Dances, and Indian Classical Dances(Bharatnatyam). They often relate to dance as mode of entertainment when today Indian Performing Arts has come to whole different level with enough set of rules to seperate each form, style with or without variation. Audiences were much mature back then as well and so they are now!
  • Untrained teachers don’t get things done with techniques and appropriate ways and thus result of class – lame/lousy performances that don’t even show form/style of dance(forget about everything else), Yelling and getting mad at child, shouting, bitching about child, spreading dirty talks of child, asking ur child to shut their mouth when child is expressing pain or something related to dance steps being taught. Role model to kids?? Right…!


    Our choreography works from past trainings

  • Over-competitive for everything and then loose it. Oh yeah-blame it on kids, their moods, their personal life issues, blaming on parents forcing dance(activities) on kids and we can go on and on!
    • Our 2 cents to these kind of untrained teachersif your life is disturbing you so much then why teach dance and deal with kids & later blame their parents and kids?
    • Lack of knowledge or training will put you in such awkward situations that you just can’t handle the pressures of your own field…! Role Model To kids ?? Right.
  • These untrained teachers want to do everything that others’ do if by any chance they come across them doing them….Blind cow ?
  • Our question to these untrained teachers : Don’t do it if you can’t handle it. Just don’t do it wrong. You are hurting innocents.

Whom do you want to trust your child ? Whom do you want your child to follow as role-model ? Choice is ALL yours. 

YOU HAVE ONE UNIQUE CHILD THAT IS YOURS & your child has one body, one life.

Oh yeah, don’t get me started on adding chocolate to the milk…I can easily eat that with hot jalebi and Mirchi as a side! I love my life. I can have Dussehra-everyday if that’s when you would prefer to eat this and my family is going to be perfectly fine with it…It is called freedom but I like to keep myself healthy. And it is called responsibility.
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Dance Projects By Grace And Grooves (Exclusively To Schools Only).

Just as our artistic director Ms. Hetal Nagaraj had the opportunity to learn from her own schools and colleges during her entire academic life, she just follows same here. A little give back to her kids’ schools other than her active PTO involvements such as Vice President PTO, Cultural Committee Coordinator, and Staff-Event Coordinator.

Focusing on just one country(India) is an easy job in India where the diversity/culture in forms of Indian Folk or Cultural Dances makes sense as in regions or states of India when celebrating India’s Independence Day or Republic Day or school annual day. This is not really a possibility in Dallas-Texas charter schools(USA) where every other student studying in school is from the different country with absolutely no common culture grounds! With this global diversities, imposing an Indian Performing Arts or even using Indian music wasn’t a good fit.

But, efforts were paid off when the parents opened their doors to do some creative works as long as it was limited to school environment and shows. Most dancers who joined this program had never danced before or had never even moved themselves to the tunes of music. From selecting the music, costumes, moves and the makeup standards were as per school guidelines. The performance was to appeal not only most/all demographics depending on the school, and the environment but also must fit the guidelines of the school. Dance lessons happened throughout the academic year following the school guidelines and calendar.

Finally, we could get a decent 4-5 min of presentable creative works by the end of the year. Kids loved it and parents admired it.  Grace And Grooves had undertaken these fun creative projects with the following schools:

Below are the pictures of performances from both the schools. These pictures are released based on parent’s consent forms signed exclusively for Grace And Grooves releases Only.

Exclusive Copyrights by Reach Media for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2017.  All Pictures posted here are with an exclusive consent of participating students, parents or school staffs. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.