List of Company Albums :

List of company picture albums and pre-dominantly Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj’s Contributions :

  1. List of our Events, Shoots, Production, Projects. Executed by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  2. Workshops Programs of Hetal@GraceAndGrooves at our locations :
  3. Hetal’s Fundraisers Events Pictures :
  4. Hetal’s sponsored events(outside of Grace And Grooves) :
  5. Hetal’s Reachh Mediaa Artists Since 2013 Program Invitees & Grads :
  6. Texas All Star Talents Program Graduates Of Hetal Nagaraj :
  7. Shot by Hetal Nagaraj – Exclusively :
    • Shot, Shoots, Model Shoots and Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Direction, Exclusive Direction with Rehearsals so that photographer can shoot exactly what Hetal want and as requested by organizers or producers, Light Shots, by Me.
    • About my experience, expertise, education and knowledge in this field and thus @TheGraceEffects : 
    • All productions / events till date planned by me from start to finish including costumes and teaching to direction!
    • Grace and Grooves have never had a responsible full timer who pulled it off more than 0.01% – till date! 
    • All work 99.99% all mine and yep, some solo invites etc are their own and thats submission required so that others know-what’s happening. 5 years with me and this success. Hetal’s other planned choreo for the shoots and shots :
    • Link of Pics :
  8. Hetal’s Dance Workshops, per request :
    • My Various Dance Workshops Given by Me in Various Genres. Paid, Sponsored & Fundraising Activites. I perform Solo(s) as requested in these workshops.
    • Hetal gives workshops by genre because of my varied dance specialities with 100% transparency in performing arts. With more than 13 workshops for Indian Folk Dances, 4 technique workshops for Bharatanatyam, 2 Hiphop Urban, and pretty much all the rest of Bollywood/Tollywood/Customized-Traditionals and Bollyhop Fun with their choice of song! 
    • These workshops are not company workshops that we do in summers for festival folk, folk dance or 40hour or 25 hour workshops. These are seperately called by diff clients
    • Link of Pics :
  9. Hetal (Solo+Key)Paid, Sponsored & In-house shows :
    • 38 years of history going Live. Hetal’s solo and key dance performances in groups in various genres.
    • ALL actual stage pictures, performances in workshops with full costumes etc.
    • Paid, Sponsored and a few Volunteer participations. We do all types of events.
  10. Hetal’s Lecture, Demonstrations, Research/Thesis :
  11. Hetal’s Couple/Marriage Packages :
    • ** Each pic resembles a diff package for diff events within event such as engagement, sangeet, marriage, reception, anniversary party and a min of 5min routine.
    • We thank all our couples who made an effort to perform in our company events as our invited guests or representing our company as a whole in other culture events, by genre or category. Much Love! This is one of my favorites too. I love it so much. 
    • Who knew, Hetal would learn it for herself and it will benefit so many people 🙂. Come and fall in love with love!!! More about my couple dance category by genre :
    • Link of Pics :
  12. Hetal Nagaraj’s On-Stage In-House Dance+Model Productions :
  13. Hetal’s Show announcements and flyers, dates and venues :
  14. Hetal’s Fitness & Women Wellness Workshops :

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