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List of company picture albums and pre-dominantly Hetal Joshi M | Hetal Nagaraj’s Contributions :

  1. List of our Events, Shoots, Production, Projects. Executed by Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.
  2. Workshops Programs of Hetal@GraceAndGrooves at our locations :
  3. Hetal’s Fundraisers Events Pictures :
  4. Hetal’s sponsored events(outside of Grace And Grooves) :
  5. Hetal’s Reachh Mediaa Artists Since 2013 Program Invitees & Grads :
  6. Texas All Star Talents Program Graduates Of Hetal Nagaraj :
  7. Shot by Hetal Nagaraj – Exclusively :
    • Shot, Shoots, Model Shoots and Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Direction, Exclusive Direction with Rehearsals so that photographer can shoot exactly what Hetal want and as requested by organizers or producers, Light Shots, by Me.
    • About my experience, expertise, education and knowledge in this field and thus @TheGraceEffects : 
    • All productions / events till date planned by me from start to finish including costumes and teaching to direction!
    • Grace and Grooves have never had a responsible full timer who pulled it off more than 0.01% – till date! 
    • All work 99.99% all mine and yep, some solo invites etc are their own and thats submission required so that others know-what’s happening. 5 years with me and this success. Hetal’s other planned choreo for the shoots and shots :
    • Link of Pics :
  8. Hetal’s Dance Workshops, per request :
    • My Various Dance Workshops Given by Me in Various Genres. Paid, Sponsored & Fundraising Activites. I perform Solo(s) as requested in these workshops.
    • Hetal gives workshops by genre because of my varied dance specialities with 100% transparency in performing arts. With more than 13 workshops for Indian Folk Dances, 4 technique workshops for Bharatanatyam, 2 Hiphop Urban, and pretty much all the rest of Bollywood/Tollywood/Customized-Traditionals and Bollyhop Fun with their choice of song! 
    • These workshops are not company workshops that we do in summers for festival folk, folk dance or 40hour or 25 hour workshops. These are seperately called by diff clients
    • Link of Pics :
  9. Hetal (Solo+Key)Paid, Sponsored & In-house shows :
    • 38 years of history going Live. Hetal’s solo and key dance performances in groups in various genres.
    • ALL actual stage pictures, performances in workshops with full costumes etc.
    • Paid, Sponsored and a few Volunteer participations. We do all types of events.
  10. Hetal’s Lecture, Demonstrations, Research/Thesis :
  11. Hetal’s Couple/Marriage Packages :
    • ** Each pic resembles a diff package for diff events within event such as engagement, sangeet, marriage, reception, anniversary party and a min of 5min routine.
    • We thank all our couples who made an effort to perform in our company events as our invited guests or representing our company as a whole in other culture events, by genre or category. Much Love! This is one of my favorites too. I love it so much. 
    • Who knew, Hetal would learn it for herself and it will benefit so many people 🙂. Come and fall in love with love!!! More about my couple dance category by genre :
    • Link of Pics :
  12. Hetal Nagaraj’s On-Stage In-House Dance+Model Productions :
  13. Hetal’s Show announcements and flyers, dates and venues :
  14. Hetal’s Fitness & Women Wellness Workshops :

Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres & Course Packages too!

Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres ?

  • Dances are so much fun even within the dance form that students love it until they achieve epitome or mastery over it. After that, they continue with their further journey.
  • Dances are so creative that they love to not only perform but they love to get into internships because of the way they are lead to simple steps of success. Why burn out – when you don’t have to!
  • Dance have so much to offer for techniques, variety and beautiful environment that they learn, grow and achieve by their simple once a week or twice or thrice a week participation.
  • Results, Results & Results !!!! Yep – That is why. Even once a week class has results here and so does our recreational classes.
  • Growth in performing arts that they can control and still be at the peak. To beat these graduates, others will burn out to be there!
  • Value of training with full transparency and background : Education at right places provides you with example of mistakes/pros/cons that in past several people have made in industry. Why do you want to experiment and repeat same mistakes again ?
  • Transparency and Straight background of knowledge source : From where the knowledge comes, it matters. There is science behind every single technique, why, why not and the best way to go through that – take knowledge from right sources. With transparency of straight background, your work actually reduces to half while teaching! Thus, results.
  • Economic and Resonable : Dances that anybody can afford and still earn later from it! Hetal Nagaraj has so many programs and packages for everybody that no student is left out. It is the best place for dancers who want to do – something extra and at no extra price.
  • Environment : Safe, precautionary measures, legal formalities, discipline, results and over all respectful loving environement with lot of positivity and lessson from history – to students of all age groups. For those who don’t know, Ms. Hetal specializes in youth education to young adults upbringing as certified trainer along with her 25 years of indian dance experience for teaching itself and complete trainings!
  • Costumes : Who doesn’t want to look pretty & handsome, be it boys or girls. And when that comes with pocket friendly prices, it gets even better. Our team goes that extra mile for you to make you look fabulous!
  • Pay : Flexibility to pay as you can. That flexibility allows students and parents to enjoy and yet not get stressed over complicated policies and payment plans!
  • It is how you do – matters than what more you did : It is not about trying to fit in every showmanship that you know in one dance but it is about what matters with simple guidelines. Sometimes there is a thin line that – it is not required to do that when there is better way to do it – without burning out. How beautifully you do matters most in this because there are no shortcuts to anything that requires the grooming with training.
  • Practice : Practice not because you have to but because you are NOW ready for it. See Ms. Hetal’s interview on performing arts challenges outside India : Click Here.
  • Fundamentals : Fundamentals by genre never go out of fashion! They are fundamentals. Rules by genre do not change. There are slight variations to it but otherwise they do not change. Lot of fun concepts are added to appeal newer generations. But what has concept to do with fundamentals or rules of performing arts ?
  • Fun : Fun factor is the most important factor. It is fun when it stress free. Grace And Grooves is one stop shop for all your performing art needs. Kids grow here from age 4 to teenagers and now offer classes exactly the way they were offered – generations continue and in that FUN is always pre-dominantly practiced!
  • Peace of Mind : Rest assured, when you are with us, it is our job to worry for your kids’ dance/performing arts.
  • Discipline of Dance forms : It is untouched, pure and as is!
  • Creativity in and out of dance forms : It is innovative, always trendy for newer generations to connect and do it. Even something as simple as Kalari or Bharatanatyam is fun as it is bollywood-here! All our students agree that each of our dances by genre has DIFFERENT FUN ALTOGETHER. They enjoy all the fun of each genre!
  • Professionalism and Love : There is loads of love here and lots of professional lessons to learn. It is taught.
  • Balance : There is a wonderful strike of balance, precision, knowledge, trend, fashion, innovation, creativity and not to mention unlimited use of fundamentals and rules. Be it by form, by style, by event or by competition inside the form/outside the form.
  • Struggle is yours to keep and you own it at your will. Who doesn’t like to own what they do and where they spend time at ! Time is money and it is worth it at the places where they have success streak of graduates because of the knowledge+craftmanship+fun. Just like that you don’t get that. Work for it, we have graduates because everything that happens here-changes people to something very beautiful and very handsome with right attitude and knowledge. Thus, Success is yours to keep too!
  • Freedom to choose the way you work : We give you every freedom to be yourself and guide you where we can cut the corners of all your negativities, donkey-work and lot of other setbacks that you will go through as you start working. When you work with us, we will help you lift up.
  • Build right atttitude to doing / learning : Most important of all. You can argue and fight or you can listen and understand/discuss it. Choice is always yours.
  • Pressures & Stress : To learn to handle right amount of pressures for the right type of activity and the value it comes with! Isn’t that what counts the most ? Stress where & when it is needed.
  • Do it to know it and do it often – When you as teacher do it, and have done it, you will maintain the discipline of it. You know what it takes to get it done. You will lead BETTER & WILL GIVE RESULTS because you have gone through process of learning & delivering.
  • Respect the journey from talent to skill – Everybody is born with talents, it is our job to convert your performing arts talent to skills. We love when we have talented people join us. We convert them to skills.

We will pen more until then here is our biggest secret to how our students stay with us.

We think, We can help you !!!! Let us help you succeed without your friends’ votings/likes and many such dependencies – you know what we mean :). Get out of all of that 🙂 Get Real !!

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Our Accomplishments Of Our Gradutes by Genre :

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Samarth Setty

Drama & Dance Trainings : Glimpse of his LIVE Arangetram in 2019

  • Drama trainings from the age of 4.5 years onwards to graduation in 2020. (500+ hours)
  • Bharatnatyam training from age of 6 years under Hetal Nagaraj for Kalakshetra Bani/Style | Level : Nationals, USA since 2015. Graduated in 2019. (1000+ hours of training)
  • Indian Folk Dance Trainings for Over a dozen indian folk dances from Age 7 | Level : Nationals USA | List Click Here. (400+ hours)
  • Mayurbhanj Chhau – He is in 3rd Year (150+ hour) Under Training.
  • Kalaripayattu – Thekkan Kalari – 4th Year(200+ hour) Under Training | Won 1 competition – Classical Competition.
  • Drama / Theater / Theatre Graduation in  2020 : Bharatanatyam, Folk & Bollywood : Samarth Setty | With & Without Dance, Voice Over, Theater/Theatre, Acting.
    • See his journey from Age 4.5 to Age 11 | Part 1
    • Part 2 Coming Soon!
  • 12 hours-Contemporary Workshop / Broadway Artist & Bollywood Celebrity : Shakti Mohan
  • 12 hours – Contemporary Program : Applications in Bollywood : Hetal Nagaraj | Asst Intern.Mansi Chauhan.
  • 5 hours of Kathak Introduction Techniques for a 20 second Nritta in Fusion Piece : Hetal Nagaraj | Mansi Chauhan.
  • Started Hiphop(Urban) Training in 2015 as absolute beginner and recreational level with series Dhoom, Dil to Pagal Hai under Hetal Nagaraj. As he graduated to next levels, he also did 4 hours of Master Hiphop Series : United Kings – USA Tour – Workshop for Intermediate & Advance Dancers. He is currently taking his trainings in Intermediate and Advance level for the fun of it.
  • Bollywood Trainings from 2014. Graduated in 2019. (500+ hours) Teaches Bollywood for internships & Students who need help. National from 2015 onwards. Graduate and Teaches Bollywood for internships.

Other Dance Training Related Accomplishments :

  • He enjoys exploring other styles of Bharatanatyam and has done fusion dances in Bharatanatyam with multiple style jathis with our continued education students who are from different styles of Bharatanatyam at
  • His other dance dramas include : Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dance comparison in danceathons with Rabindra Nruthya Series in Anantha-1 Classical Dance Production 2019 & multi-style Bharatanatyam in Sarvaa Dance Production -1 in 2019 September with several other elites and performing teams of
  • His very first copyright permitted dance include *Bho Shamboo* edited to his own level as his training to work with choreography and techniques. See it here.
  • He performed regularly for temple/vidya vikas classes/DFW Hindu Temple-Irving, Texas, Hanuman Temple Dances-Frisco, Texas in his genre of specializations and language literature projects under these organizations and temples for dance and dramas as needed.
  • Year 2012 : DFW-Hindu Temple, Irving-Texas as part of vidya vikas annual program & fundraiser : Bollywood Fashion Show & Dance, Samarth representing different type of instruments such as Dhol-Tasha, Dumroo, Dholki, Dafli and many more representing various regions of Gujarat & Maharashtra : Volunteer Teacher : Navdha Modha | Supervisor, Planning, Costumes & Direction : Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Year 2016 Hanuman Temple, Frisco-Texas as part of temple classes annual program fundraiser as Narsimha Avataar for group dance and drama performance. Costumes : Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Performed with Elites at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Sthapana Day(2015) with dance on Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s own composition as requested by temple to generate funds, a dance piece of Indian Folk and Classical Fusion. Represented Shiva Dances & Stotrams. Teacher/Choreographer/Choreography/Costumes : Hetal Nagaraj. Asst. Internships : Mansi Chauhan.
  • Schools & Organizations – Non – Profit with Performing Arts | Fundrasers | Giving Back To Community | No Charge for These Events & Proceeds of Prize Money or Monetary Value Proceeds go to them :
    • New Age Montessori, Irving, Texas at the 3.5 years for Valentine Dance Drama as main dancer/coupled with 4 year old girl with Ms. Hetal Nagaraj / Latin Dances & Ms. Michelle (Tap, Jazz, Ballet Elementary Dance Teacher).
    • School Fundraisers For Performing Arts : For PTO Castle Hills Elementary Fundraiser, Independence Elementary PTO Fundraiser, Universal Academy Coppell-Texas consecutive 3 years Fundraising Event. ALL costumes, choreography, teacher/choreographer and makeup, setup by Hetal Nagaraj.
    • SEWA : Yoga International Day 2016 : Dance performance : Semi-Classical(Mayurbhanj Chhau & Classical Fusion) & Bollywood Fusion(Indian Folk & Kalaripayattu & Yoga Techniques) with Samarth Setty | SettySiblings. Workshop Demonstration with Samarth Setty for Classical Drills/Warm ups for Kids & Teenagers. Venue : Frisco-Texas with Hetal Nagaraj.
    • C.R.Y Fundraiser Year 2015-2016 to 2017 January – First Time in DFW For C.R.Y America – Fundrasier as well as fundraiser activities for entire year/performances and warm ups in walkathon with Hetal Nagaraj. Venue : Irving, Texas | Carrollton, Texas | Lewisville, Texas.
    • Dallas Catholic Charities : Raise Funds for Catholic Charities of Dallas – Dallas, Texas. Media Coverage : Dallas News.
  • No Charge for These Events from Artists or Dancers. Proceeds of Prize Money of Competitions or These Events or Any Monetary Value Proceeds go to these organizations depending on student’s wish. This is how we do it at Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies by Hetal Nagaraj.

Dance Dramas & Dance Musicals :

  • With over a dozen dance musicals & dance dramas, by style and form in his portfolio, she is an elite of Hetal Nagaraj. Curriculam based by Genre, Dance Form, Theater/Theatre, Natya Shashtra & Language-Literature. She is amongst first graduates in ALL programs with our other Elites.

Competitions, Accomplishments & Performances :

National Level Elite Status For Indian Dances :

  1. Bharatanatyam – ALL Solo(s): He earned his National Level Elite Status under Hetal Nagaraj in 2015 at the age of 9. This was when he won 3nd place all over USA & was invited to compete with USA & Canada winners in Classical Category in Ohio & Chicago – USA. Winner of 4 Margam Dance Pieces in Non-Voting Dance Competitions : Pushpanjali, Jatiswaram, Kavtuvam and Thillana. Back to Back hattrick years for Jatiswaram & Pushpanjali.
  2. Anantha # 2 dances were showcase of not only his award winning dance pieces but lot of other dancers as well under Ms. Hetal Nagaraj. Anantha Dance Production is margam dance productions focused to curriculam based dances.
  3. Indian Folk Dances Solo: He earned his National Level Elite Status under Hetal Nagaraj for Indian Folk Dances at the age of 10 (Solo) when he won 3nd place in Indian Folk Dances Solo for Creative Folk, Festival Folk-Dhol/Tasha followed by last round Garba Fusion-Prachin/Traditional. Again selected for International grounds and it was requested again and again for Garba and Raas.
    • Group With Hetal Nagaraj : Later followed by group dances with Tribute to Gujarati Literature like Mor Bani / Zaverchand Meghani Series, Narsinh Mehta Series & other signature dance pieces with Elites under Hetal Nagaraj.
    • Group With Hetal Nagaraj : Tribute to Maharashtra Literature like Lavani Dance & Theater Series and other signature pieces with Elites@www.graceandgrooves under Hetal Nagaraj
    • Other group accomplishments were : Ghoomar/Group, Garba/Rass/Group, Bihu/Group, Garba/Group, Gidda/Group, Folk-Kavdi/Group, Kollatam/Group and many more. His List of Folk Accomplishment-Click Here.
  4. Bollywood/Tollywood Movie Dances : His Bollywood journey started in 2013 officially with Hetal Nagaraj and since then, he is winner of Non-Voting Dance Competitons in DFW-Texas to National Level.
    • His Bollywood / Movie Dance award winning dances were straight 1st place, 2nd and 3rd place was for the songs such as Dhoom Machale Series/Solo, Bahubali Mashup/Solo, Nimbooda Song/Solo & Taal Mashup with hattrick wins just in DFW-Texas and selected for several competitions in & out of USA.
    • His other group participations that won national level status were : (Dance-Drama)Krishna Leela – Fusion of Folk & Bollywood Songs(as bollywood is not considered as form but because it was bollywood song, competitors put it as fusion : Meethe Ras, Traditional Dances on Movie : Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela Mashup, Nimbooda Series.
  5. Hiphop : City Level Hiphop Group Accomplishment achieved for various events in DFW-Texas specializing in Urban Hiphop to Lyrical Hiphop for Dhoom Series and Micheal Jackson Series with Hetal Nagaraj & her collaborations with Non-Indian Dance Schools.
  6. PAID Assignments : He has repeatedly won several nominations all over USA & has been invited to perform several times for PAID performances. His other PAID accomplishments include Costume Launch and Product Advertisements. His highest paid assignments ranged from 300$ to 900$ for 30mins to 1 hour for his solo dances in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Bollywood Fusion.
    • His Elite Group has been quoted billing upto 5000$ by various organizers with all expenses paid – for non-stop 3 hours danceathon from states like Florida-USA, Ohio-USA, Kansas-USA and many more across USA to put up shows. ALL in the exam time of year and organizers requested only those students as submitted in video for company, so they did not go then :).
  7. He couldn’t compete to enter his International Status due to his school exams as most of the times those dates of events and competitions would fall in exam times and travelling is not possible.
  8. Samarth’s Group Arangetram at Anantha#1 at Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano-Texas. See his LIVE Group Arangetram Glimpse before 400 people and straight 3.5 hours of all major margam dances(invocations & Kavtuvam, Allaripu, Jathiswaram, Thillana, Krishna Shabdham, 2 folk dances, 1 theater dance piece as in Natya Shashtra and recitation of shlokas along with Rabindra Nruthya Danceathon on his channel.
  9. Notable Performances: Samarth Setty has been part of over a dozen in-house signature dance and musical dance productions of Grace And Grooves LLC exclusively in Bharatnatyam, Bharatnatyam Fusions, Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion with full trainings, Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dance Fusions with Full Trainings along with Grace Creations Signature series with American Tap & Jazz & Hiphop.
    • Other than Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies, he has also performed in Hiphop series for American Dance Companies under collaborations with Hetal Nagaraj for Dhoom Series, Micheal Jackson’s Series and Dil to Pagal Hai series for American Born Desi/Indian students.

Current Activities in Dance – 2021 :

  • Samarth Setty is currently taking his teaching internships w/Ms. Hetal Nagaraj for Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk, Bollywood, Kalaripayatt(Hetal-online and inperson & Manoj Sir-online), & Beginners Hiphop.
  • Samarth is also taking advance trainings for Nattuvangam, Thalam, Hiphop & Advance Indian Folk Dance Trainings under Hetal Nagaraj / Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies.

He is currently 13 years old(as of 2020) and earned several accomplishments at school, city, state and national level for over a decade, non-stop and continues to take advance trainings in all he does!

Awards For Performing Arts Related Accomplishments & Achievements :

These Awards Require Full Eligibility Criteria To Be Satisfied. First Criteria: Must Be Dancer or Performer or showcase consistent results or dances by genre/form or category. ALL are Non-Voting Selections. Submissions of various dances, as asked – required by video, titles, age/year & clips.

  1. Samarth Setty Receives His Very First International Award by Hello Gujarat Media (NRI) for his achievements in Performing Arts.
    1. Age 13 : Video Link : From 10:15 :
    2. Compilation of ALL the video and newspaper clippings for this awards – Coming Soon!

Other Interests & Non-Dance Accomplishments :

  • Non-Dance Interest : His other interest include chess, swimming, drawing/painting, science and for him education is just as important. He is Former City Level USA chess player, State level USA swimmer, city/school level spelling bees, math competitions. He loves to compete for the fun of it. When free, he enjoys playing or making video games, helping his mom in kitchen, drawing/sketching/cartoons, movies, food, travel, family & friends. He has travelled over a dozen of states of USA and a couple status in India for sightseeing as family & friends trip itself.
  • School Band Player – Instrument : Flute : His interest in flute started when he was 8 years old. He started as school team player. Now he is Solo Flute Player as well as part of his education-school team(School District). He has long way to go to even enter professional soloist.
    • 2019 : Winner of several-school ISD – Flute Band Solo competitions and has won 1st place solo artist twice.
    • 2021 : Grade 8th : Samarth was recognised as outstanding soloist by his school itself amongst other 27 students for the contest by judges with highest rating! Special recognition!!! There were 170 Virtual, Virtual-PLUS, and In-Person seventh and eighth graders that participated in the contest. Of those 170 students, 125 received a rating of 1st Division from the judges. Ratings are given from 1st division through 5th division, with 1st being the highest. Judges gave WOW to these students for their outstanding performances in-spite of virtual setbacks ! Pictures below!
  • Education : He is science GT student at his school from several years now. His elementary years started in gifted classes. At very young age, he exihibited qualities of having intellectual abilities.
  • Leadership Award : Samarth Setty was also nominated(non-voting) as student of the year with grace and grooves group of companies for his displaying his leadership skills, team player skills and organizing skills during his dance journey with Grace And Grooves & Hetal Nagaraj. He has been role model to students especially boys who find it hard to strike balance in all they do or even look up to dance journey as boy.
  • Parents decided to keep him off the limelight & other media exposure until he is ready on his own & with his own consent to pursue whatever he wants! According to his parents, the most precious time that you can ever take away from child is their childhood, happy state of mind & innocence that comes with the phase. Our job as parents end when you give them every opportunity to learn, grow and keep their minds excited and engaged to learn new skills in life.

Social Media For Samarth Setty :

Facebook :

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Setty Siblings :

Pictures and Video Compilation : Work In Progress.

Post Updated : April 14, 2021 | May 12, 2021.

This post will be regularly updated as and when he advances or developments come in picture.

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Social Media For Samarth Setty :

Facebook :

Youtube :

Setty Siblings :


Post Updated : April 14, 2021 | May 12, 2021.

This post will be regularly updated as and when he advances or developments come in picture.

Grace And Grooves holds exclusive rights for all the content & pictures being posted with permission of organizers for exclusive Grace And Groove use only. Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa from 2013 for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2021.  

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Terms & Conditions : Dhamaal Events by Hetal Nagaraj.

Click here on the acquisitions of Dhamaal Events by Hetal Nagaraj from November 2020 & Onwards.

  1. Under an event when the workshop or the event does not happen or there are less attendees to carry forward the event, a FULL Refund will be processed.
  2. ALL events are recorded for quality purposes! Online streaming LIVE events may be an option, please be on time.
  3. Dvd or online streaming may be purchased for the LIVE events, PAID subscription for our channel or blog! CALL 972 979 2559. Consent depending on availability.
  4. ALL events are eventually posted on our youtube or social media channels when asked by organizations or media people except for not immidiately after they are aired LIVE;as these students may be using them for various competitions or other titles or awards.
  5. ALL workshops or events are non-refundable for any last minute cancellations, from your side. You are welcome to transfer to somebody with prior notice of 24 hours and use it. See our refund policy, below! All waivers with full forms must be signed in FULL.
  6. For ALL Online events or Workshops, Zoom or Online Video ID & Password will be given ONLY after payment is received. We ask that if you have signed-up last minute, call the number on the flyer and get it. Online payment system may not send notification right away resulting in delays for everybody, please chase it through.
  7. ALL workshops or events will require full details as asked, when asked and full watsapp details are strictly required to carry forward easy communication.
  8. As soon as you sign up for any workshops or events with Dhamaal Events or any other affiliated brands or businesses or artists, you automatically waive ALL of them from any injury caused, either physically, mentally or any other as it is public event OPEN to all.
  9. Some workshops may require additional insurance waivers and such other waivers as requested by artists, themselves. These will be send to you by email, pls fill them for everybody’s safety.
  10. ALL workshops are to target particular work, please read & understand if it is right for you and then ONLY join. Please do not join if it is not of your level. Level & Intensity of workshop is mentioned for a very good reason!
  11. In any event of for-see emergency, please inform at-least 36hours before the event time to receive a full refund.
  12. ALL refunds are processed IN FULL ONLY when workshops are cancelled by us/our teams or artists. We give up-to 3 months to reschedule the events and give NEW dates in case of international events.
  13. Fees that are refunded may have deducted amounts of pay-pal and such other payment portal deductions unless otherwise, it was via zelle or venmo. We ask you pay likewise to avoid unnecessary fee deductions. 
  14. ALL classes/workshops are to be taken with your own due diligence. Ask whatever details you would want, before paying for it. There will not rescheduling of event just for you! Take it or Lose it.
  15. No Other reminders will be send for any workshops unless there is change in workshop timings or instructor or change of any other details. Basic notification or reminders for payments in process, or received or online ids etc may be given as applicable for type of event or when artist may change or there is time change. Upon change of artist or timings, you are welcome to request refund! You will receive it in FULL. ALL of our events will announced, IN PUBLIC.
  16. For Online events, technical difficulty reminders will be send. Please keep an eye on those. Due to online events, there may be few minutes that may be spend on those-when so, workshop hour will be counted is counted keeping in mind those technical difficulties.
  17. Recording of entire work will be given as is. Entire work is not FULL class recording. There is no guarantee if you will receive full hours and hours/class recording as it requires breaking up from master file and you will be required to pay for the labor. 
  18. Other Notifications : There will also be notifications of other exciting opportunities that may be announced before or after the event that you signed-up for. And all enrollments are strictly by payments received. Please let the organizer know if you would choose not to receive those or you would want to register for the other.

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Why Compete!!! Where does it get you ?

We are asked this lot of times, sometimes when people call……..Why Compete!!! What does it get you ? Do you compete because you are not confident…LOL NO…!

Here is why we have culture to compete, perform and do educational activities.

You heard that right, culture to compete is encouraged but not necessary. Our job is to inform you, tell you pros and cons. You do it or you do not it, there is no compromise in dance 🙂 You will still learn the same exact thing even if you do not compete and in same number of classes!

Competitions that we go to are : Healthy, Fun, technique focused/education field/ and lot of them come with really good $$, some are strictly amateur level while some are really good/tough/hard/strict/competitive on techniques and other rubrics. Read about rubrics!

Benefits of competing or even giving the best performance, if you were to give !

  1. You compete because it is not always for the win….! Some competitions will teach lot of other things that even education mainstream will not give you that exposure. It is about being there, feeling it, going through it that will give you the experience.
  2. It teaches healthy sportsmanship…You will still be friends, classmates whether or not you got the wins or lose!
  3. You compete so that you know what comes out of you, under that pressures!
  4. You compete so that when you lose, it does not bother you. It becomes fun!
  5. You learn to lose and still do it all over again & learn to never give up.
  6. You win it and still do it all over again; as if it never happened.
  7. You do competitions to understand life is not about competing. It is about giving your math exam after losing 5 different competitions and still get “A” without a cry. Oh, you bet, elites have gone through that a lot of times. Just like that you do not win. Times they have not won…and still had their exams later next week…Read About them here.
  8. You do competitions so that it gives you a refined audience who knows what you are doing and they have every right to comment or critic on your performance that you will not get in culture or festival audiences or even in those reality show competitions.
  9. You compete as if you are giving your post exam that is optional and fun.
  10. You compete so that when you are there, you do not lose it, no matter what happens on that day. It is the process that teaches you.
  11. You compete so that you learn to trust your trainings..from laughing, smiling, crying, moods or whatever that may come….even if you had worst day of your life.
  12. You compete so that when you get feedback (some competitions come with educational feedback), you do the fixes and do it all over again. It is the pressure under which things will happen that may surprise everybody!
  13. You compete so that the girl or boy you just met took your 2nd place or 1st place or 3rd place and that life is all about how best you did and for what. You get to judge yourself, understand + and – of it. And what could have got you that 1st place, if you would have prob listened to your teacher. Mind you, sometimes too much/over practice too causes failures!
  14. You compete so that you learn to balance everything. It is like a dart board, you hit or miss, you will play it again until the board or the dart is available!
  15. You compete to lead and take charge of your groups’ decision for changes that may happen or support as team member when required. It is not always about you.
  16. You learn to let go your ego and learn to respect others and you learn to never laugh at others. You know what it takes to be there. It is the process.
  17. You learn to get tired, exhausted under pressure and still do a flawless job just as trained without letting audience know of how bad your day was.
  18. Some competitions comes with perks/well most that we do…some $ that students earn for themselves and pay off their own fees and we do too, some give other benefits. It just depends on type of competitions.

Competing in competitions fosters not only healthy environment for sportsmanship between students, teachers, parents, and their own friends but also lot of times depending on rubrics or type of competitions, you will amaze yourself. We have had sweet surprises when our elites forgot their dance moves and made up something(surprise-their own genre steps!) and still got 1st place. Our teachers wondered that time as to where did this step come from and yet the genre suffices and gets them 1st place. Nobody knew till date if it was mistake! While there were days when we had “oppps” moments too then back to point 10. Finish the dance even if you lost that split of the second….get back to it, right away!

Do you know, not all our students compete. While not all our students perform either and yet they all learn the same exact dance/technique and routine. We did it from over a decade just in DFW of North Texas ….and will continue to do so :). 

This is the magic of training…And that is why whether or not you compete, there is no difference in what we teach you or these learning skills! With us, under Hetal Nagaraj, you get a guarantee of technique focused & creativity with all that straight background that we speak of…..Your child or yourself will learn same exact steps in same number of classes, no matter what the level is. See for yourself on our Youtube. The videos are clipped from master recording files of entire recording of non-stop classes.

Competing in educational competitions exposes you to educational field and not to entertainment field. Both are different and so are the dances. The entire choreography changes & techniques are far off. You will know when you will do it separately. We have them both under us for seperate category of dance requirements and they all are seperate. They are like two parallel lines that will NEVER meet or agree to each other. And for sure, that is something not to be compared or discussed. You compare when they have something in common!

Only Best Part about all the educational field dancers is that they fit very well and succeed in entertainment world of their genres because of strong knowledge, techniques/originality in them and the process of the trainings that they go through comes with its pros that no education or experience will teach. While entertainment dancers find extremely difficult to fit in educational field and related state of affairs. It becomes difficult for them to understand concepts, techniques and choreography too. Either way, this is just our experience whenever we had choreographers from entertainment field or direct industry who do not know this process of education. While who are we to argue when it comes to parallel lines. Those who have never done it will not know it!

Call NOW…Learn your life skills from sportsmanship to leadership skills with us and let dance allow you to beat the crap out of everything. 972 979 2559 is the right number. Our owner Hetal Nagaraj ( ) has a certifications in those too other than her trainings of 35 years background in Indian and Non-Indian Performing Arts. For those who do not know, she was trained exclusively under her teachers’ complete trainings, internships, guidance, mentorship, amongst the most mature and strongest leaderships and was launched by one in 1999.

Do you know ? In order to at-least get 1 win for 1 genre, you have to submit at-least 1 student or group or for audition for at-least 1 dance in 1 category/genre ? Do the math, how many of our students must have submitted per competition & per genre to create a record of 10+ years of history in all genres with technique based non-voting educational competitions 🙂 .

This just tells how much we love what we do, how we succeed in all we do…and why! try it, you will achieve it too. #trainingsrequired

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