Samarth Setty

Drama & Dance Trainings : Glimpse of his LIVE Arangetram in 2019

  • Drama trainings from the age of 4.5 years onwards to graduation in 2020. (500+ hours)
  • Bharatnatyam training from age of 6 years under Hetal Nagaraj for Kalakshetra Bani/Style | Level : Nationals, USA since 2015. Graduated in 2019. (1000+ hours of training)
  • Indian Folk Dance Trainings for Over a dozen indian folk dances from Age 7 | Level : Nationals USA | List Click Here. (400+ hours)
  • Mayurbhanj Chhau – He is in 3rd Year (150+ hour) Under Training.
  • Kalaripayattu – Thekkan Kalari – 4th Year(200+ hour) Under Training | Won 1 competition – Classical Competition.
  • Drama / Theater / Theatre Graduation in  2020 : Bharatanatyam, Folk & Bollywood : Samarth Setty | With & Without Dance, Voice Over, Theater/Theatre, Acting.
    • See his journey from Age 4.5 to Age 11 | Part 1
    • Part 2 Coming Soon!
  • 12 hours-Contemporary Workshop / Broadway Artist & Bollywood Celebrity : Shakti Mohan
  • 12 hours – Contemporary Program : Applications in Bollywood : Hetal Nagaraj | Asst Intern.Mansi Chauhan.
  • 5 hours of Kathak Introduction Techniques for a 20 second Nritta in Fusion Piece : Hetal Nagaraj | Mansi Chauhan.
  • Started Hiphop(Urban) Training in 2015 as absolute beginner and recreational level with series Dhoom, Dil to Pagal Hai under Hetal Nagaraj. As he graduated to next levels, he also did 4 hours of Master Hiphop Series : United Kings – USA Tour – Workshop for Intermediate & Advance Dancers. He is currently taking his trainings in Intermediate and Advance level for the fun of it.
  • Bollywood Trainings from 2014. Graduated in 2019. (500+ hours) Teaches Bollywood for internships & Students who need help. National from 2015 onwards. Graduate and Teaches Bollywood for internships.

Other Dance Training Related Accomplishments :

  • He enjoys exploring other styles of Bharatanatyam and has done fusion dances in Bharatanatyam with multiple style jathis with our continued education students who are from different styles of Bharatanatyam at
  • His other dance dramas include : Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dance comparison in danceathons with Rabindra Nruthya Series in Anantha-1 Classical Dance Production 2019 & multi-style Bharatanatyam in Sarvaa Dance Production -1 in 2019 September with several other elites and performing teams of
  • His very first copyright permitted dance include *Bho Shamboo* edited to his own level as his training to work with choreography and techniques. See it here.
  • He performed regularly for temple/vidya vikas classes/DFW Hindu Temple-Irving, Texas, Hanuman Temple Dances-Frisco, Texas in his genre of specializations and language literature projects under these organizations and temples for dance and dramas as needed.
  • Year 2012 : DFW-Hindu Temple, Irving-Texas as part of vidya vikas annual program & fundraiser : Bollywood Fashion Show & Dance, Samarth representing different type of instruments such as Dhol-Tasha, Dumroo, Dholki, Dafli and many more representing various regions of Gujarat & Maharashtra : Volunteer Teacher : Navdha Modha | Supervisor, Planning, Costumes & Direction : Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Year 2016 Hanuman Temple, Frisco-Texas as part of temple classes annual program fundraiser as Narsimha Avataar for group dance and drama performance. Costumes : Hetal Nagaraj.
  • Performed with Elites at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Sthapana Day(2015) with dance on Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s own composition as requested by temple to generate funds, a dance piece of Indian Folk and Classical Fusion. Represented Shiva Dances & Stotrams. Teacher/Choreographer/Choreography/Costumes : Hetal Nagaraj. Asst. Internships : Mansi Chauhan.
  • Schools & Organizations – Non – Profit with Performing Arts | Fundrasers | Giving Back To Community | No Charge for These Events & Proceeds of Prize Money or Monetary Value Proceeds go to them :
    • New Age Montessori, Irving, Texas at the 3.5 years for Valentine Dance Drama as main dancer/coupled with 4 year old girl with Ms. Hetal Nagaraj / Latin Dances & Ms. Michelle (Tap, Jazz, Ballet Elementary Dance Teacher).
    • School Fundraisers For Performing Arts : For PTO Castle Hills Elementary Fundraiser, Independence Elementary PTO Fundraiser, Universal Academy Coppell-Texas consecutive 3 years Fundraising Event. ALL costumes, choreography, teacher/choreographer and makeup, setup by Hetal Nagaraj.
    • SEWA : Yoga International Day 2016 : Dance performance : Semi-Classical(Mayurbhanj Chhau & Classical Fusion) & Bollywood Fusion(Indian Folk & Kalaripayattu & Yoga Techniques) with Samarth Setty | SettySiblings. Workshop Demonstration with Samarth Setty for Classical Drills/Warm ups for Kids & Teenagers. Venue : Frisco-Texas with Hetal Nagaraj.
    • C.R.Y Fundraiser Year 2015-2016 to 2017 January – First Time in DFW For C.R.Y America – Fundrasier as well as fundraiser activities for entire year/performances and warm ups in walkathon with Hetal Nagaraj. Venue : Irving, Texas | Carrollton, Texas | Lewisville, Texas.
    • Dallas Catholic Charities : Raise Funds for Catholic Charities of Dallas – Dallas, Texas. Media Coverage : Dallas News.
  • No Charge for These Events from Artists or Dancers. Proceeds of Prize Money of Competitions or These Events or Any Monetary Value Proceeds go to these organizations depending on student’s wish. This is how we do it at Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies by Hetal Nagaraj.

Dance Dramas & Dance Musicals :

  • With over a dozen dance musicals & dance dramas, by style and form in his portfolio, she is an elite of Hetal Nagaraj. Curriculam based by Genre, Dance Form, Theater/Theatre, Natya Shashtra & Language-Literature. She is amongst first graduates in ALL programs with our other Elites.

Competitions, Accomplishments & Performances :

National Level Elite Status For Indian Dances :

  1. Bharatanatyam – ALL Solo(s): He earned his National Level Elite Status under Hetal Nagaraj in 2015 at the age of 9. This was when he won 3nd place all over USA & was invited to compete with USA & Canada winners in Classical Category in Ohio & Chicago – USA. Winner of 4 Margam Dance Pieces in Non-Voting Dance Competitions : Pushpanjali, Jatiswaram, Kavtuvam and Thillana. Back to Back hattrick years for Jatiswaram & Pushpanjali.
  2. Anantha # 2 dances were showcase of not only his award winning dance pieces but lot of other dancers as well under Ms. Hetal Nagaraj. Anantha Dance Production is margam dance productions focused to curriculam based dances.
  3. Indian Folk Dances Solo: He earned his National Level Elite Status under Hetal Nagaraj for Indian Folk Dances at the age of 10 (Solo) when he won 3nd place in Indian Folk Dances Solo for Creative Folk, Festival Folk-Dhol/Tasha followed by last round Garba Fusion-Prachin/Traditional. Again selected for International grounds and it was requested again and again for Garba and Raas.
    • Group With Hetal Nagaraj : Later followed by group dances with Tribute to Gujarati Literature like Mor Bani / Zaverchand Meghani Series, Narsinh Mehta Series & other signature dance pieces with Elites under Hetal Nagaraj.
    • Group With Hetal Nagaraj : Tribute to Maharashtra Literature like Lavani Dance & Theater Series and other signature pieces with Elites@www.graceandgrooves under Hetal Nagaraj
    • Other group accomplishments were : Ghoomar/Group, Garba/Rass/Group, Bihu/Group, Garba/Group, Gidda/Group, Folk-Kavdi/Group, Kollatam/Group and many more. His List of Folk Accomplishment-Click Here.
  4. Bollywood/Tollywood Movie Dances : His Bollywood journey started in 2013 officially with Hetal Nagaraj and since then, he is winner of Non-Voting Dance Competitons in DFW-Texas to National Level.
    • His Bollywood / Movie Dance award winning dances were straight 1st place, 2nd and 3rd place was for the songs such as Dhoom Machale Series/Solo, Bahubali Mashup/Solo, Nimbooda Song/Solo & Taal Mashup with hattrick wins just in DFW-Texas and selected for several competitions in & out of USA.
    • His other group participations that won national level status were : (Dance-Drama)Krishna Leela – Fusion of Folk & Bollywood Songs(as bollywood is not considered as form but because it was bollywood song, competitors put it as fusion : Meethe Ras, Traditional Dances on Movie : Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela Mashup, Nimbooda Series.
  5. Hiphop : City Level Hiphop Group Accomplishment achieved for various events in DFW-Texas specializing in Urban Hiphop to Lyrical Hiphop for Dhoom Series and Micheal Jackson Series with Hetal Nagaraj & her collaborations with Non-Indian Dance Schools.
  6. PAID Assignments : He has repeatedly won several nominations all over USA & has been invited to perform several times for PAID performances. His other PAID accomplishments include Costume Launch and Product Advertisements. His highest paid assignments ranged from 300$ to 900$ for 30mins to 1 hour for his solo dances in Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances & Bollywood Fusion.
    • His Elite Group has been quoted billing upto 5000$ by various organizers with all expenses paid – for non-stop 3 hours danceathon from states like Florida-USA, Ohio-USA, Kansas-USA and many more across USA to put up shows. ALL in the exam time of year and organizers requested only those students as submitted in video for company, so they did not go then :).
  7. He couldn’t compete to enter his International Status due to his school exams as most of the times those dates of events and competitions would fall in exam times and travelling is not possible.
  8. Samarth’s Group Arangetram at Anantha#1 at Plano Courtyard Theater, Plano-Texas. See his LIVE Group Arangetram Glimpse before 400 people and straight 3.5 hours of all major margam dances(invocations & Kavtuvam, Allaripu, Jathiswaram, Thillana, Krishna Shabdham, 2 folk dances, 1 theater dance piece as in Natya Shashtra and recitation of shlokas along with Rabindra Nruthya Danceathon on his channel.
  9. Notable Performances: Samarth Setty has been part of over a dozen in-house signature dance and musical dance productions of Grace And Grooves LLC exclusively in Bharatnatyam, Bharatnatyam Fusions, Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion with full trainings, Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dance Fusions with Full Trainings along with Grace Creations Signature series with American Tap & Jazz & Hiphop.
    • Other than Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies, he has also performed in Hiphop series for American Dance Companies under collaborations with Hetal Nagaraj for Dhoom Series, Micheal Jackson’s Series and Dil to Pagal Hai series for American Born Desi/Indian students.

Current Activities in Dance – 2021 :

  • Samarth Setty is currently taking his teaching internships w/Ms. Hetal Nagaraj for Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk, Bollywood, Kalaripayatt(Hetal-online and inperson & Manoj Sir-online), & Beginners Hiphop.
  • Samarth is also taking advance trainings for Nattuvangam, Thalam, Hiphop & Advance Indian Folk Dance Trainings under Hetal Nagaraj / Grace And Grooves Group of Dance Companies.

He is currently 13 years old(as of 2020) and earned several accomplishments at school, city, state and national level for over a decade, non-stop and continues to take advance trainings in all he does!

Awards For Performing Arts Related Accomplishments & Achievements :

These Awards Require Full Eligibility Criteria To Be Satisfied. First Criteria: Must Be Dancer or Performer or showcase consistent results or dances by genre/form or category. ALL are Non-Voting Selections. Submissions of various dances, as asked – required by video, titles, age/year & clips.

  1. Samarth Setty Receives His Very First International Award by Hello Gujarat Media (NRI) for his achievements in Performing Arts.
    1. Age 13 : Video Link : From 10:15 :
    2. Compilation of ALL the video and newspaper clippings for this awards – Coming Soon!

Other Interests & Non-Dance Accomplishments :

  • Non-Dance Interest : His other interest include chess, swimming, drawing/painting, science and for him education is just as important. He is Former City Level USA chess player, State level USA swimmer, city/school level spelling bees, math competitions. He loves to compete for the fun of it. When free, he enjoys playing or making video games, helping his mom in kitchen, drawing/sketching/cartoons, movies, food, travel, family & friends. He has travelled over a dozen of states of USA and a couple status in India for sightseeing as family & friends trip itself.
  • School Band Player – Instrument : Flute : His interest in flute started when he was 8 years old. He started as school team player. Now he is Solo Flute Player as well as part of his education-school team(School District). He has long way to go to even enter professional soloist.
    • 2019 : Winner of several-school ISD – Flute Band Solo competitions and has won 1st place solo artist twice.
    • 2021 : Grade 8th : Samarth was recognised as outstanding soloist by his school itself amongst other 27 students for the contest by judges with highest rating! Special recognition!!! There were 170 Virtual, Virtual-PLUS, and In-Person seventh and eighth graders that participated in the contest. Of those 170 students, 125 received a rating of 1st Division from the judges. Ratings are given from 1st division through 5th division, with 1st being the highest. Judges gave WOW to these students for their outstanding performances in-spite of virtual setbacks ! Pictures below!
  • Education : He is science GT student at his school from several years now. His elementary years started in gifted classes. At very young age, he exihibited qualities of having intellectual abilities.
  • Leadership Award : Samarth Setty was also nominated(non-voting) as student of the year with grace and grooves group of companies for his displaying his leadership skills, team player skills and organizing skills during his dance journey with Grace And Grooves & Hetal Nagaraj. He has been role model to students especially boys who find it hard to strike balance in all they do or even look up to dance journey as boy.
  • Parents decided to keep him off the limelight & other media exposure until he is ready on his own & with his own consent to pursue whatever he wants! According to his parents, the most precious time that you can ever take away from child is their childhood, happy state of mind & innocence that comes with the phase. Our job as parents end when you give them every opportunity to learn, grow and keep their minds excited and engaged to learn new skills in life.

Social Media For Samarth Setty :

Facebook :

Youtube :

Setty Siblings :

Pictures and Video Compilation : Work In Progress.

Post Updated : April 14, 2021 | May 12, 2021.

This post will be regularly updated as and when he advances or developments come in picture.

Grace And Grooves holds exclusive rights for all the content & pictures being posted with permission of organizers for exclusive Grace And Groove use only. Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa from 2013 for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2021.  

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