Bharatanatyam Graduates of Hetal Nagaraj – Kalasri Institute of Classical Dances

Graduates of Kalasri Institute of Classical Dances by Hetal Nagaraj

Those who have completed their full Bharatanatyam Margam back to back(2-3 hours) in one or more shows exclusively with Grace And Grooves LLC or with Hetal Nagaraj or any other teachers of Grace And Grooves. They may do Solo Arangetram, if they wish to do it or they may continue to dance all their life.

Open to public :

2013 : First Started full program in Kalasri Institute, Irving, Texas

  • Advance Diploma Students – Bharatanatyam:
    • All of Above +
    • Riya Kurian​ – Exams Completed – Rehearsals done in full – Concert Pending.

Bharatanatyam Projects before 2013– Coming Soon!

This post is updated / transferred from website for further additions : Feb 27, 2023

Registrations & Locations : In-Person Classes :

From September 2021 : We stopped virtual classes for outside or new students.

As the annual dance recitals are planned, prepared, the dances and the musicals in all our dance forms are at level where we can easily convert them into an exclusive dance production pertaining to respective forms, and styles.

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