Pictures by our The Grace Effects Team That Made A Difference! – International Entries.

Pictures by our The Grace Effects Team That Made A Difference on international submissions!

Strictly under the guidance or direction of Hetal Joshi M because of her speciality and request of submissions. Amazing, isn’t it ? We love our crew w/their amazing success with us!

Because at the end of the day a good picture from a good angle is worth a 1000 words 🙂

Ofcourse, our people at Grace And Grooves Group of Companies work really hard to be at a level where it is worth taking their pictures too. After practicing so much by the rules/techniques & creativity, we can not afford to look like a mess or miss those amazing dances and routines. We provide our crew all the gears/camera/cards/gadgets, trainings as required, depending on their ability and availability of our own gears as our activities are on-going!

Ms. Hetal actually directs these. Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Nagaraj

Nruthyakala Folk Dance Academy by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj. The only Indian Folk Dance School, Academy & Company to offer by category folk dances to offer the most successful program in Indian Folk Dances in USA with graduates in each, theory and practicals a full curriculam.Mirchi Dance Academy by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj. The only Bollywood/Tollywood/Cinema Dance School, Academy & Company to offer the most succesful program in entire USA by category, and with graduates and a full curriculam with theory/history.Kalasri Institute of Classical Dances by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj. The only classical institute/school/academy and company to offer the most successful program in entire USA by category, and with graduates and a full curriculam with theory/history. Graduates or Advance students in Kalaripayattu/Kalaripatt as well from 2019.

Photographers whose pictures made the difference to our Grace And Grooves Company/Group with their amazing work as directed by Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj. These pictures were selected again and again in mainstream media during international news/articles, commercial suppliers and publishing houses to represent Grace And Grooves Group or at times for Ms. Hetal Joshi M / Hetal Nagaraj herself : Hetal Nagaraj, Stephen Powell, Phani Pydimarri, Nagaraj, The Settys(, Nandika, Padmesh, Isha K, Pandya Brothers, Priya and Mahesh.

Here’s our best – shots in mainstream media(s). More than 5million views on an average per upload in one-mainstream media, without any voting or without any sharing on social medias.

More about our crew :

Ms. Hetal’s exclusive shots :

Ms. Hetal’s exclusive shots :

Book your shoots with us !! Be it for event at The Grace Effects or for protfolio/commercial at The Reachh Mediaa Since 2013.

Get your pictures done with some of the best mainstream people under Hetal Joshi M (An eye that knows how/what/when/why/where to click and by which angle).

Pictures posted above are either past or present students or clients of Grace and Grooves & their pictures are shared based on their exclusive photo sharing rights and approved by parents when shared/transferred to Grace And Grooves for the purpose of Grace and Grooves ONLY.  

**Mainstream Media = News, Interviews, Awards without voting, by gerne and by category without social media interference.

And yes, we pay too :). depends on projects.

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Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres & Course Packages too!

Reasons Why We Have Graduates By Genres ?

  • Dances are so much fun even within the dance form that students love it until they achieve epitome or mastery over it. After that, they continue with their further journey.
  • Dances are so creative that they love to not only perform but they love to get into internships because of the way they are lead to simple steps of success. Why burn out – when you don’t have to!
  • Dance have so much to offer for techniques, variety and beautiful environment that they learn, grow and achieve by their simple once a week or twice or thrice a week participation.
  • Results, Results & Results !!!! Yep – That is why. Even once a week class has results here and so does our recreational classes.
  • Growth in performing arts that they can control and still be at the peak. To beat these graduates, others will burn out to be there!
  • Value of training with full transparency and background : Education at right places provides you with example of mistakes/pros/cons that in past several people have made in industry. Why do you want to experiment and repeat same mistakes again ?
  • Transparency and Straight background of knowledge source : From where the knowledge comes, it matters. There is science behind every single technique, why, why not and the best way to go through that – take knowledge from right sources. With transparency of straight background, your work actually reduces to half while teaching! Thus, results.
  • Economic and Resonable : Dances that anybody can afford and still earn later from it! Hetal Nagaraj has so many programs and packages for everybody that no student is left out. It is the best place for dancers who want to do – something extra and at no extra price.
  • Environment : Safe, precautionary measures, legal formalities, discipline, results and over all respectful loving environement with lot of positivity and lessson from history – to students of all age groups. For those who don’t know, Ms. Hetal specializes in youth education to young adults upbringing as certified trainer along with her 25 years of indian dance experience for teaching itself and complete trainings!
  • Costumes : Who doesn’t want to look pretty & handsome, be it boys or girls. And when that comes with pocket friendly prices, it gets even better. Our team goes that extra mile for you to make you look fabulous!
  • Pay : Flexibility to pay as you can. That flexibility allows students and parents to enjoy and yet not get stressed over complicated policies and payment plans!
  • It is how you do – matters than what more you did : It is not about trying to fit in every showmanship that you know in one dance but it is about what matters with simple guidelines. Sometimes there is a thin line that – it is not required to do that when there is better way to do it – without burning out. How beautifully you do matters most in this because there are no shortcuts to anything that requires the grooming with training.
  • Practice : Practice not because you have to but because you are NOW ready for it. See Ms. Hetal’s interview on performing arts challenges outside India : Click Here.
  • Fundamentals : Fundamentals by genre never go out of fashion! They are fundamentals. Rules by genre do not change. There are slight variations to it but otherwise they do not change. Lot of fun concepts are added to appeal newer generations. But what has concept to do with fundamentals or rules of performing arts ?
  • Fun : Fun factor is the most important factor. It is fun when it stress free. Grace And Grooves is one stop shop for all your performing art needs. Kids grow here from age 4 to teenagers and now offer classes exactly the way they were offered – generations continue and in that FUN is always pre-dominantly practiced!
  • Peace of Mind : Rest assured, when you are with us, it is our job to worry for your kids’ dance/performing arts.
  • Discipline of Dance forms : It is untouched, pure and as is!
  • Creativity in and out of dance forms : It is innovative, always trendy for newer generations to connect and do it. Even something as simple as Kalari or Bharatanatyam is fun as it is bollywood-here! All our students agree that each of our dances by genre has DIFFERENT FUN ALTOGETHER. They enjoy all the fun of each genre!
  • Professionalism and Love : There is loads of love here and lots of professional lessons to learn. It is taught.
  • Balance : There is a wonderful strike of balance, precision, knowledge, trend, fashion, innovation, creativity and not to mention unlimited use of fundamentals and rules. Be it by form, by style, by event or by competition inside the form/outside the form.
  • Struggle is yours to keep and you own it at your will. Who doesn’t like to own what they do and where they spend time at ! Time is money and it is worth it at the places where they have success streak of graduates because of the knowledge+craftmanship+fun. Just like that you don’t get that. Work for it, we have graduates because everything that happens here-changes people to something very beautiful and very handsome with right attitude and knowledge. Thus, Success is yours to keep too!
  • Freedom to choose the way you work : We give you every freedom to be yourself and guide you where we can cut the corners of all your negativities, donkey-work and lot of other setbacks that you will go through as you start working. When you work with us, we will help you lift up.
  • Build right atttitude to doing / learning : Most important of all. You can argue and fight or you can listen and understand/discuss it. Choice is always yours.
  • Pressures & Stress : To learn to handle right amount of pressures for the right type of activity and the value it comes with! Isn’t that what counts the most ? Stress where & when it is needed.
  • Do it to know it and do it often – When you as teacher do it, and have done it, you will maintain the discipline of it. You know what it takes to get it done. You will lead BETTER & WILL GIVE RESULTS because you have gone through process of learning & delivering.
  • Respect the journey from talent to skill – Everybody is born with talents, it is our job to convert your performing arts talent to skills. We love when we have talented people join us. We convert them to skills.

We will pen more until then here is our biggest secret to how our students stay with us.

We think, We can help you !!!! Let us help you succeed without your friends’ votings/likes and many such dependencies – you know what we mean :). Get out of all of that 🙂 Get Real !!

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