Past Interns,Visiting Faculties :

Here’s the list of past interns who did some classes and performances for us as Grace And Grooves. We thought it would be a great idea giving them credits here as their little contribution towards Grace And Grooves had opened doors to other possibilities. No effort can go to waste!

We have surprised ourselves just as the word The Impossible as I M Possible even by following the rules of Indian Dances and yet we took a step ahead than the norm and yet managed to stay in the category! That’s fun. Serving to knowledge and knowledge only helps to achieve! The magic of training can take you to the heights of enjoying the form or style with unlimited creativity without harming anybody, it is so true! Gaining knowledge through training has helped deal with pressures and proper understanding of body mechanics.

When we say intern-choreographer, it means:

  1. They were working for us either voluntarily or were the part-timers or had occasional official commitments with us as per our mutual understanding and contract.
  2. They had given us full rights for publishing their pictures, videos and all that they had submitted to us to advertise their specialty or workshops either as the independent choreographer or as our own contracted choreographer.

If the names aren’t mentioned here then it only means that

  1. they have not met our expectations to teach our students after their showcase performance (Their performance did not represent Grace And Grooves).
  2. OR they have not worked for us in past at any given point of time.
  3. OR It did not materialize to the level where they officially committed to us, by signing the contract with Grace And Grooves
  4. OR officially they did not submit their videos or pictures to us for either advertising their workshops or their specialty.

Grace And Grooves is a registered business with the State of Texas as an LLC.

Thank you to each one of you for being part of our rich history that’s always in making! shruti

  1. Ms. Shruti Sheladia: 

She was amongst very first intern-choreographer who joined us amongst our very first batches/classes as an intern. She offered some Beginners’ Bharatnatyam Classes and did a few performances for us. Her experience had brought on board some lyrical dance skits in Bharatnatyam.  Here’s her rich experience:

  1. Shruti Sheladia brings her specialization in Classical Bharatnatyam from Abhinaya School Of Bharatnatyam from New Jersey to Grace and Grooves.
  2. She has been a very successful performer ever since the age of 6 and has performed in several awards winning shows in New Jersey such as Rutgers University NATYA- Indian Classical Dance Team and Rutgers RAGA – Raas and Garba Team. She has also danced for AATMA Performing Arts(New Jersey).
  3. She brings an amazing experience of 5 college level titles in classical, modern folk and fusion categories to Grace Creations and these titles are not counted towards the company achievements until now.
  4. She specializes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Contemporary, Modern Folk-Fusions, Modern Folks, and Lyrical. She likes to spend time with family and friends and has a degree in Computer Science.
  5. Solo Performances to represent Grace And Grooves – Chhailaji, Lyrical: Abhinay.  Bharatnatyam.
  6. Contributions as choreographer or teacher : None.
  7. Total Number Of Classes Shruti Took : 1 hour. (Paid).
  8. Shruti’s Personalized Page : None, as we did not have that idea during her time.

2. Deepthi Chandrasekaran :

Deepthi's Pic for FB & Profile

Deepthi Chandrasekaran

  1. Classical Background : Received training in Bharatanatyam from Kalpakkam Dance School, under the tutelage of Guru. Smt. S. Divyasena in Kalakshetra Style.(1995-2002). Guru. Smt. S. Divyasena now runs Divanjali in Chennai.
  2. Performances (India): Deepthi has been an avid performer with public appearances in audiences of 5000 & more. Her best art-works were showcased in Malayala Samskarika Vedi, Onam Cultural Feast, Supreme Foundation-Kalpakkam-India. Other accountable performances include performances at Navratri Festival-Mahabalipuram, Kendriya Vidyalaya , NESCO Cultural Festival, and Kalpakkam Dance School Cultural Festival, India.
  3. Performances To Represent Grace And Grooves LLC (Dallas-Texas, USA/DFW): Classical-Shabdam in charity event organized by CRY America Inc. in CRY-Walk 2015 Irving-Texas, light Semi-Classical Bollywood Performances in Dallas/Fortworth Diwali Mela 2015 organized by DFWICS-Dallas,Texas as well as event by DFW Hindu Temple, Irving-Texas. She was our elite performing team for Bollywood Folk, Bharatnatyam & Semi-classical Bollywood, Classical fusion categories.
  4. Specialization : Bharatnatyam, Semi-Classical Fusions, Modern Folk-Fusions, Bollywood Semi-Classical Styles, Lyrical, & Bollywood Folk, Traditional Bollywood.
  5. Personalized Page on : Click here. 
  6. Contributions as teacher/choreographer and dancer. Click Here.
  7. Deepthi’s Last Day of Work : Jan 19, 2018.
  8. Reason for leaving : Personal Constraints. (Feb 11, 2018).
  9. She continues to dance as part of performing team : Click Here.

3. Mansi Chauhan : 2014 April To August 2018 : 

  1. Joined as intern-part time student choreographer and made it her way to independent choreographer under the leadership of Hetal Nagaraj.
  2. Total Number of classes, contributions as intern, independent and for competition elite teams as well : Click Here.
  3. Reason for leaving : Frequent Intern Full Time Job & travels for college assignments.
  4. 2018 to current : Available occassionally for short time work for Elites Only.

4. Buvaneshwari Murugan : 2016 August To 2018 :

  1. Asst. Bharatanatyam Teacher and Lead Instructor for our online students and makeup class students.
  2. Shloka and Bharatanatyam Recitation : August 2018 to March 2019.
  3. Total Number of classes : 2016 to 2018 : Recreational Bharatanatyam Online Only
  4. Contribution as teacher/choreographer or representing Grace and Grooves LLC :
    • Jatiswaram : Students. Asst. Hetal Nagaraj.
    • Ganesha Kauthuvam: Students.
  5. 2018 August onwards she moved to teaching Shlokas for Grace And Grooves LLC instead of Bharatanatyam.
  6. Reason for leaving : Frequent travels to India & possibility to move to India for good due to visa.

5. Rinku Bhattacharji Das : Kathak, Manipuri : Oct 25, 2018 to Oct 20, 2019.

Time at Grace And Grooves : Oct 25, 2018 to Oct 20, 2019.

Contribution : Classical Kathak and Manipuri Solo performance @ Anantha Dance Production 2019.

Reason for leaving : Unable to spend time for consistent lesson time due to projects and No enrollments.

Phone : 972 979 2559.
Email :
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