Our Various Studio Policies – By Hetal Nagaraj.

Our Various Studio Policies – By Hetal Nagaraj.

  1. Kalasri Institute of Indian Classical Dances is under Hetal Nagaraj.
  2. Mirchi Movie Dance Academy is under Hetal Nagaraj.
  3. Nruthyakala Indian Folk Dance Academy is under Hetal Nagaraj
  4. Grace Creations Fusion Dance Company dances under Hetal Nagaraj
  5. Dhamaal Events USA is under Hetal Nagaraj.
  6. The Reachh Mediaa : Artist Management Company is under Hetal Nagaraj.
  7. G2 Dance Factory is our own non-indian dance company – Coming Soon by Hetal Nagaraj. Studio – Manager : Taylor Hayes.

About Hetal Nagaraj : www.hetaln.com | Want to Sell Your Company ? Hire her ? Contact her!

Studio Policies :

About Grace And Grooves of Dance Group / Company :

Grace And Grooves LLC is an elite-award winning Indian Dance Company based in Irving(Texas), Lewisville(Texas), Plano(Texas), Frisco(Texas), Carrollton(Texas) that specializes in authentic Indian Folk Dances, Bharatnatyam, & Bollywood/Tollywood(Movie Dances).

Grace And Grooves is honored to be the only Indian Dance School with straight background for all the offered programs. 

All our programs are certified by Master Faculties from India and have some of the best universities curriculum(s) that do not require any approval of authentication due to extensive research and degrees in Indian Performing Arts that our choreographers pursue or already have. 

Our founding member, Hetal Nagaraj has bagged 27 awards in Indian Dance Competitions for Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood And Bharatnatyam ever-since 1999 by providing freelance, technique focused, creative, & competition choreography in Indian Folk Dances and Bharatnatyam as well as her guru(s) original art-works. Click Here : Teachers.

Hetal Nagaraj has instructed over 1500 students just in competitions and won some of the best competitions not only for groups but for solos and duets as well with her signature dances specified within the dance categories and genres.

With over 2000 students in total so far being taught by Hetal Nagaraj since 1999 with just yearly commitment to dance;Grace And Grooves aims to provide not only quality indian dance instruction but also technique focused knowledge to unlimited creativity from all the right sources. By 2020, she has instructed over 2500 students.

More about the company : http://www.graceandgrooves.com | Owner : http://www.hetaln.com

Post updated : Feb 8, 2021.

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