Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 | Artist Management

Reachh Mediaa Reachh Since 2013 : Artists Under Reachh Mediaa..

              Reachh Mediaa was our service provider freelance private company in Hetal’s Own Network for Media Management, Blog Management/Content Providers, Intranet, Staff Management Services, and Professional Portfolio Management from Mumbai-India and in DFW-Texas, USA.

              This team had worked with movie stars, dance industry altogether for fusion dances & by category dances, Doordarshan as well as Star TV channel/network in Mumbai(India) for their portfolio management and several other performing arts related activities. They were also friends with Hetal Nagaraj in her college days when she started her product launch-internships with Reliance Telecom/Industries as student.

              Their connections with Hetal started again in 2013 when Grace And Grooves started their very first Fusion Performing Team and needed a particular content marketing for the company portfolio for marketing purposes and submissions to high profile submissions. Grace Creations Fusion Company was collaboration with various non-indian dance artists and freelancers where they created a team for very unique fusions for high profile submissions. Grace Creations is the reason we have g2 today!

Reachh Mediaa became international with it’s first international entry in 2013 December with Hetal Joshi M – Hetal Nagaraj – Grace Creations Company submitting their team to 2 countries with shoots for a commercial with dance for USA, Canada & India.

Look at Collaborations.

              In 2020, the owner of Reachh Mediaa faced challenges that only Hetal Nagaraj could solve because of her in-depth knowledge and expertise in performing arts industry/field & legal implications. Lawyers were consulted but there was a way out. Upon just a friendly talk, Hetal proposed for the company instead of asking for remuneration to solve the problem due to extremely-high sensitive issue that could impact the clients on personal grounds. This eventually led to acquisition by Hetal Joshi M/Hetal Nagaraj. Owner still dances under & with Hetal. The issue was resolved by Hetal Nagaraj in just few meetings and practically speaking, it saved owner from a million litigation. Opposition party are now Hetal’s clients too! Case study will be soon kept on Cqunce Inc.

In November 2021, The Settys ( had their first multi-national company shoot stepping into multi-national commercials and projects. The target countries for these products and services are USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand after a 3 hour shoot on sports wear at g2 dance factory location.

             By 2021, Hetal took over the company in full as is and converted to its full potential. It now operates under Hetal Nagaraj’s leadership. In just 1 year, Hetal now has about half a dozen artists in USA under them exclusively under Hetal. All of these artists have achieved exceptional accomplisments in their field of expertise, some under Hetal Nagaraj herself.

As of 2022, company has about 18 artists by genre or category under Ms. Hetal.

 Ms. Hetal’s Own Paid Accomplishments : Workshops, Shoots, Modeling, Commercials, & all paid projects / assignments.

Post transferred from website : April 14, 2022 | links updated – Jan 3, 2023 | links updated – Feb 14, 2023.

Grace And Grooves holds exclusive rights for all the content & pictures being posted with permission of organizers for exclusive Grace And Groove use only. Exclusive Copyrights by Reachh Mediaa from 2013 for Hetal Joshi | Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations | Grace And Grooves 2012-2023.  

All Pictures posted here are with an exclusive consent of participating students, parents or school staffs. This material can not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. 

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