Common Guidelines For All Brands of Grace And Grooves under Hetal Joshi M

Common Guidelines for ALL our Dance Programs and Services:

1.   Age 4-5 years & below 4 years: Please call if registrations are open.

2.   Age Groups: 5+, 8+, 10+, 13+, 16+, 21+ and Adults: Open All Year.

3.   All Students will learn to do dances in all languages in their category.

4.   Transferred Students: Welcome, Registrations-Open All Year. Must take test class with Ms. Hetal.

5.   Students are given every single information that they will need with every work they learn.

6.   All Students may/may not perform regularly through-out the year in various events in Dallas-Fortworth cities of Texas.

7.   All Students perform in competitions as an option to challenge themselves when ready.

8.   All Students MUST DO Trial as well as assessment class to determine their level.

9.   ALL parents whose kids are below 6 age-years are required to stay in class for rest-room visits. 

10. Class Student Ratio : Depends on Instructor, Student Level, Program Type & Dance Level !!

11. ALL calls, classes are FULLY recorded for Quality Purposes from 1999, including Online classes from April 1, 2020.

12. ALL classes are taught by curriculam/techniques, choreography, theory, drama and all applicable.

13. Once you give your details about contacts, our admins/staff will contact you as requested or as required for all the opportunities of the companies/group of companies as well as internships, as a company newsletter.

Online Guidelines:

1.   Prior to April 1, 2020: ALL online classes given were to friends to family or in my dance teachers network ONLY. NOT for outsiders.

2.   All our online classes are OPEN to all our existing students, no matter where they move or go for month long trips!! 

3.   Firsthand in-person class with location or by location in-person class is required to continue online.

4.   ALL classes strictly by locations. Addresses are required to take classes. instructors are available there and so the location is accepting registrations!

5. Class Student Ratio : Depends on Instructor, Student Level, Program Type & Dance Level !!

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