Who are Elites ? What is their level ?

The word Elites and the Level itself was created by Hetal Joshi M (www.hetaln.com) when her own students started achieving certain skill-sets and accomplishments along with awards and remuneration, without a single vote from anybody and purely with skills and knowledge from Hetal’s various own programs, instructions, trainings, development or with her mentorship programs with exclsuively her as in the main instruction under Grace And Grooves and under her various fields other than Grace And Grooves.

This is exclusively because till date, company Grace And Grooves never had a full time dedicated choreographer with that expertise, real-time experience with transparency and with education, knowledge and background without any vote from anybody. Company had several fresh graduates for various services and products.

About Hetal Joshi M : www.hetaln.com

So, who are Elites ? As per Hetal Joshi M’s post, here’s the explanation of Elites, their levels and what all they do.

Elites are graduates from performing arts to several other fields such as commerce, IT, industrial, non-profit, performing arts, spiritual & religion, media and modeling.

These elites are the ones whom i train them for life, careers with and without their specialities under me.

I actually conduct these programs from performing arts to various fields and i personally teach them by taking classes. I am a certified international trainer from Executive Education, IIM Ahmedabad with Ahmedabad Management Association.

We offer these training and development programs by field, by genre, in 10 fields & I can do that because of my 17 years of education, experience, exposure and expertise with 100% straight background and my speciality is for youth and active adults (ages 8+).

These elites become elites after they master certain skill-sets with all the fundamentals and requirements that make them successful!

More here : https://www.hetaln.com/leadership

Grace And Grooves Group of Companies is just one company with 38 brands and more than 2500 students taught till date under me and so i have more than 100 graduates in dfw itself by program and genre. It is the field that got me to charts of success and def news too because of my consistency from the time i started my own trainings(consistent from 38 years) and all of performing arts is my own 100%. Then i have other companies in other fields that i am with and i have my grads there too as i mentor them and consult them. They actually sign under me. www.hetaln.com.#hetaln#hetalnagaraj#hetaljoshim#leadership#traininganddevelopment#skills#success#getusedtodifferent#CertifiedInternationalTrainer

From Ms. Hetal’s Dance Page for dance / performing arts :

To become elites, they have to clear certain skill sets that make them elites 🙂. I personally train them level by level and we also have our choreographers at times for other international exposure that we give them. I prepare their training plans and lesson plans with technique names and i select the creativity aspect too. This is because i know what they need!

Thus, they are my graduates. Most of them are once a week class while some are 100 hours training, 40 hour trainings, some do 25hour and we have 12 hours too, some have done more than 1000 hours or some have done more than 5000 hours. etc in various fields or specialities. Names of which by field are mentioned here.

some are also my highest paid dancers in dfw while some are succesful freelancers in their fields because of my mentoring and consults.

A few adult elites are directly hired or invited if they choose to work under us with a commitment based on their ability to be available for the company. It is because of all that education, exposure, expertise and my own real time experience in real fields that i am able to provide all this : http://www.hetaln.com

More about Ms. Hetal : www.hetaln.com. | Hetal’s social media is available here!

Website of Company : www.graceandgrooves.com

Company Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GraceAndGrooves

Company Twitter : https://twitter.com/GraceAndGrooves

Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbZYIr0EPzrfPNzH_0FcVw

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