The LIVE Mode Requests from Public for Grace And Grooves Group

Message from Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj.

We have received several requests about LIVE mode during our performances or classes. Here’s why we don’t do.

Several of our types of events don’t allow LIVE by contract or it is restricted/private invited only events or it is too crowded to do so.

Our shows when we do, our focus is mostly on shoots, shots, and photo/videography, dance by curriculam and that includes showmanship that we need are focused to/for our artists only and company. It gives results without forsaking fundamentals of performing arts. Our dancers and myself have only so much time to dress up as per the rules of performing arts or genre, or at times as requested and in that, we usually focus on what’s needed!

Besides, videos/clips can always be posted at any time 🙂.

There are times that our own dancers and teams are busy with all they are assigned internships in our shows and shoots and in that we are always just about to be done with all we need! It gets busy with an average of 400 people traffic/attending our events in our own shows. Our crew is brand new as well so i am sure in future we will have somebody designated to be able to do so.

Since most of the events that we do are paid or sponsored events, it is often as requested, or are private and so LIVE is far story!

About our shoots : Our shoots are often for sponsored products or service-launch shoots or are for artists – personal submissions with specific details and by request and so we cannot do those LIVE or release it anywhere unless it is released by organizers FIRST :).

We don’t do social media or viral reels, instead our activities are penned in mainstream NEWS with minimum of 2 million to 20 million views per article and awards !!

The volume of paid/sponsored/shoots/activities/events/peroformances/classes/programs/workshops that we do keeps us very busy!

We usually don’t do volunteer events only because we run our own 501 3 c program which solves fundraising/giving back (Texas All Star Talents) so anything that is volunteer is mostly individual for myself or we, as company, adopt a non-profit org for the whole year. About our other activities for non-profit :

We are a long term company and a training institute where curriculam is focused with showmanship as requirement to build personality, confidence and impart education with it. Students of all ages are involved and so we are cautious in taking impromptu-short-term projects depending on availability of our teams. Sometimes it aligns and there is possibility to pull it through. The other times, we cannot 🙂. We have to consider well-being of our young families to avoid burn-outs or unnecessary pressures especially those who are entering the performing fields. The environment is build around you to bring the best of you with all the right guidance. We will consider in future for LIVE mode and other social media activites, if there is flexibility of doing so and do more as we grow our team.

We will continue posting all the pics/clips as we come across in from our own archives instead. Please feel free to reach us for any queries at (972) 979-2559.

It is in the best interest of my company and teams that you reach us directly via email/website instead of tagging us anywhere. We are working on our social media presence & we are new too, so it is difficult to track all the tags on social medias with so many activities/alerts/updates in our own 38 brands/dba(s)/pages/acquisitions plus the groups and other activities that we follow. We love to answer everybody. It is an honor to talk about it. Much Love!

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The above message was posted on : Jan 13, 2023 on Ms. Hetal’s own dance page that can be seen here.

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