40 Hr Workshop Graduates by Genres | Hetal Nagaraj | Grace And Grooves

40 Hr Holidays Workshop Graduates by Genre : (Program launched n 2021 exclusive for holidays) For 8 years & up only  |  Lewisville + Online / Hybrid. (3-4 hours a day, 4-5 days a week).

Bollywood (With Theater, Drama, Lights & Sound Effects):

  • Summer 2021 : Dhanvin, Iraj, Audrey, Antonio, ayan, Sara Mandoi, Neha M, Ayan, Soujanya, Advait
  • Dec 2021 : Ruhi,

Indian Folk Dances :

  • Summer 2021 : Ayan, Audrey, Dhanvin, Iraj, Ruhi, Antonio, Ashna Pethe, Nirja Setty, Soujanya, Samarth Setty, Neha, Sara Mandoi, Puja Kumaresh, Anwita Paruchari, Dheeya, 
  • Dec 2021 :  Disha, Ruhi,

Mixed Martial Arts – Kalaripayattu, Mayurbhanj Chhau & Kshatriya (Combat Skills) – Dance/Showcase only :  ​(list of skills is given!)

  • ​Summer 2021: Dhanvin, Iraj, Antonio, Anwita Paruchari, ayan, Samarth Setty, Soujanya, Advait

Hiphop : Work in Progress

This post is updated / transferred from website for further additions : Feb 27, 2023

Registrations & Locations : In-Person Classes : https://www.graceandgrooves.com/locations

From September 2021 : We stopped virtual classes for outside or new students.

As the annual dance recitals are planned, prepared, the dances and the musicals in all our dance forms are at level where we can easily convert them into an exclusive dance production pertaining to respective forms, and styles.

Website : www.graceandgrooves.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GraceAndGrooves

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GraceAndGrooves

Youtube Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSbZYIr0EPzrfPNzH_0FcVw

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Let us be your host, email here directly to Ms.Hetal for specs : mail2hets@gmail.com

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