Grace And Grooves Dance Performances List

Grace And Grooves Dance Performances List

All Our Past Recitals – Click Here

Recent Dance Performances in Indian Folk Dances, Bharatnatyam and Bollywood :

  • -ALL Pictures Click HERE.
    -Grace And Grooves and Competitions – Click Here.
    Grace And Grooves performs at Diwali Mela organized by DFWICS at CottonBowl Stadium, Dallas-Texas.
    -Grace And Grooves organizes LIVE workshops for Community-Folk Garba-Dandiya for Kids and Adults in various cities, regularly every year.
  • -Grace And Grooves organizes various Community Folk-Garba and Dandiya Workshops of different levels in Frisco, Plano, Lewisville, Irving, Southlake, Grapevine cities of Texas exclusive to Navaratri Festivals.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at DFW Hindu Temple/Ekta Mandir(Irving-Texas), Bollywood Indian Folk Dances and Indian Folk Fusion.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at an event organized by Indian Association of North Texas (IANT) at Lone Star Park, Grand Prarie, Texas to celebrate India’s Independence Day.
    -Grace And Grooves performs in Indian Cultural Heritage Event organized by Cimarron Park Recreation Center, City of Irving, Texas.
    -Grace And Grooves Performs for Punjabi Association of North Texas in Garland, Texas featuring dances in Punjabi and Hindi Language(Bollywood Bhangra, Bollywood Hip-hop and Traditional Bollywood.
    -Grace And Grooves Performs for Progressive Cultural Association in Euless, Texas featuring dances in Punjabi and Hindi Language for Bollywood Hip-Hop, and Traditional Bollywood.
    -Grace And Grooves Intermediate-Elite Team performs at International Yoga Day organized by Isha Foundation, Samskriti Bharati Foundation‬, Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas‬ at Falcons Field Park-Frisco, Texas. Dance featured Yoga stretches as requested. Please do not TRY any of our art-works without training. Our students are trained in these skills.
    -Ms.Hetal Joshi Nagaraj, founding member of Grace And Grooves offered LIVE workshops in Bollywood Hip Hop, Semi-Classical Bharatnatyam and Bollywood Fusion((Ages:8-13)to celebrate Yoga International Day at above event.
    -Grace And Grooves offers exclusive pure and modern Indian Folk Dance workshops(Garba-Dandiya Ages6-13) in Lewisville, Texas. -Grace And Grooves offers Bollywood Hip-Hop Workshops(Ages6-13)in Lewisville, Texas.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at NATA organized North American Telugu Association featuring Dances in Telugu Language(Tollywood-Telugu Cinema Dances).
    -Grace And Grooves Elite Team performs on Mother’s Day featuring Bollywood Indian Folk Dances in Hindi Language followed by Shiva Tandav in Sanskrit.
    -Grace And Grooves Annual Recital and Fundraiser 2016 featuring 40 artists in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Indian Folk Dances Recital 2016 Pictures CLICK HERE 
    -Grace And Grooves Beginners All Boys Team, All Girls Team, And Volunteer School Project Team performs at Lewisville City Hall, Lewisville-Texas. Languages : Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.
    -Ms. Hetal Joshi Nagaraj offered educational workshops in Folk Dances of India(Gujarat to be specific) at Booker T. Washington High School (School of Performing and Visual Arts). Techniques, Differences of Modern, Authentic, Creative & Bollywood Folk were discussed and a 1.5 min of choreography w/techniques were also taught. Direct works of Ms. Joshi’s Folk Inspiration Resp. Smt. Indu Mangrola(Southlake/Grapevine-USA)were used along with her own Indian Folk Dance Guru. Smt. Minal Oza as set-examples. Languages : Gujarati, Kutchi. Past Performances include: Bharatnatyam Shlokas, Bollywood Hip-hop, Bollywood Indian Folk Dances, Indian Folk Dances(Rajasthani Ghoomar and Modern Lavani).
    -Grace And Grooves Beginners to Intermediate performs at Plano Civic Center at an event organized by Punjabi Association featuring Bollywood Indian Folk Dances. Languages – Hindi, Punjabi.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at Hanuman Temple, Frisco-Texas to celebrate Maha Shivratri featuring Bharatnatyam and Folk Dances of India along with other devotional category of dances in Sanskrit, and Hindi.
    -Grace And Grooves Pre-competition team performs at a private event showcasing solo performances in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood and Indian Folk Dances. Languages – Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at an International Show on Global Stage featuring Lavani, Ghoomar(Ghummar) and Bollywood performances such as Bollywood Bhangra and Semi-Classical Dances. Languages: Hindi, Rajasthani, Kutchi, and Punjabi.
    -Grace And Grooves performs at India-Day for Bollywood, Fusion and Indian Folk Dances Categories. Indian Folk Glimpse of Kshatriya, Kalbeliya, Raas(Dandiya), Garba and Creative Devotional Folk were showcased. Bollywood Category featured Bollywood Hip-Hop, Traditional Bollywood, Bollywood-Folk Dances and Fusion Dances featured Indian Folk Dances, Bharatnatyam and Bollywood/Tollywood. Dances in Languages: Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Sanskrit.

Past Performances(2015 and before) : Click Here

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