Fun Facts — About Company – Grace And Grooves | Hetal Nagaraj | Hetal Joshi M

Fun Facts — About Company – Grace And Grooves | Hetal Nagaraj | Hetal Joshi M

  1. Facts : posted on grace and grooves company fb page :

Hetal Nagaraj Dance has never worked for anybody for any performing arts companies and all of collaborations are transparent till date! All along, Hetal Nagaraj Dance has been a solo flyer & independent because of Hetal Nagaraj Dance‘s straight background year by year! The only artist management companies that Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M has worked for is her own friends as Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Nagaraj is from mainstream industry and all her dance-friends are from mainstream. Ms. Hetal Nagaraj Dance has own well knit dance/school/college friends from her childhoold and direct her own family in these areas of performing arts.

One such company is Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 which Hetal Nagaraj Dance took over from Jinal Shah and other in hyderabad-delhi based company with their clients in USA(that’s her dance friend-classmate too). History! Here’s updated list of collaborations :

Other collabs w/non-profit orgs :

All the other choreographers or people that you see in the list were hired by Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M depending on their specialities by the Grace And Grooves Group of Companies on various terms with full rights to advertise for them! At the end of the day, it was Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M whose consistent results, straight background and stable decisions to run the company & benefit the students under the leadership attracted all the students, irrespective of open houses! Rather, at times, Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M gave her own students and batches to all the new choreographers to start the classes because we never had anybody who would sign up for them! Those are listed too :

With bad experiences from 2019 to 2022; from Jan 2023, fees will be charged for all artist-launch. Sure, use Grace And Grooves Group of Companies and Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj Dance‘s platforms, knowledge and everything too but pay for it, be successful & end on a good note.

We have programs and platforms for all types of artist : Texas All Star Talents (gifted,talented,aspiring individuals who need all the help ) and Reachh Mediaa Since 2013(skilled people who just need guidance).

After all, it is Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M‘s job to make you successful because of her international certified trainer’s background :

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2. Facts : posted on hetal nagaraj dance page.

As of 2023, Feb 16th : We don’t have G3. There is no g3 by Grace And Grooves Group of Companies or by me/@Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M. For now, we are working on expanding our existing brands/all our activities and so, we don’t have any bandwidth for G3. G1 = Grace And Grooves Group of Companies, G2 = G2 Dance Factory, Grace Creations Fusion Company.

And that is more than enough for now 🙂.

We don’t want G3 until all of our brands are on next level. Yep. We are not looking for any partners either. Only capital partners with more than 98% participation/involvement are welcomed. We aren’t looking for partners who just invest blindly either. We want to be transparent and we want to show! Because why not 🙂.

Straight background, exceptional skills and transparency with real experience is required. We are not buying anymore brands or companys either! Looking for people who can contribute to the company & earn their place as well as $ & not just take from company 🙂. Because otherwise, we have our elites. Grace And Grooves Group of Companies belongs to elites. Elites have worked with us, earned everything in their journey to all that you see today with Hetal Nagaraj Dance, without excuses or arguements. To know what it takes to do it is entire diff story than to claim to do it. Here’s how to do be one of the elites, must submit, clear auditions and also pay for services that we offer :

If this made sense. You can use me and the company, going forward. Just not free! Pay for it and sure, be successful. That’s the goal you know to make you successful 🙂.

Donations are welcome though! 501 3 c receipt will be issued.

List of our brands :


Fun facts: posted on company and hetal nagaraj dance page.

Hetal Nagaraj Dance’s best workshops on songs & genre on demand for choreo by several clients by genre: (in Hetal Nagaraj’s own choreo): Ghoomar-padmavat, dangerous-mj series, dhoom series, allu arjun series, nimbooda(hum dil de chuke sanam), azeemo shaan shahensha(jodha akbar), mor bani thangat kare(for zaverchand meghani series), muruga kavtuvam(bharatanatyam), mahaganpathi bhajeham(bharatanatyam), lavani folk, lavani theater, broadway contemporary n neo classical fusion (mental health series), temples of india showcasing allaripu(bharatanatyam), shahrukh khan series, radha ne shyam(fusion folk), kalaripayatt(own remix by genre), kerala folk, dil to pagal hai series, chirmi(folk), telugu literature-bharatanatyam drama, bho shamboo(part2), mari ghoomar chhe(rajathani), navrang chundadi(garba), narsinh mehta series(folk n navaratri folk). From awards to most wanted by several clients several times!!! Exclusive. All dancers fully trained with recitals then only fusions 🙂. Trained in min 2 dance forms.

– congratulations to our students doing their shoots today. #number1


Fun Facts : posted on grace and grooves fb page.

This is why Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj has been always a media spokesman for all the positions till date and that includes Grace And Grooves Group of Companies for all LIVE demo/media sessions, fundraising pitch for projects/clients and interviews.

From her school projects/PTO from coordinator to elected as vice president for so many years back to back to several other companies & big projects, Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M has represented and executed beautifully! That is why, Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj is everywhere. Do you know, she sits and reads for new delivery of lectures and demonstrations for awkward subjects to connect to dance so that she can speak about it. This is after having such an amazing straight background in so many fields. If she can sit and read just to talk about it, you can too! It pays for.

Fun Facts :

What made this company’s history and who made it ? Know our owner, by genre, by category, by program or by event. Hetal Nagaraj Dance, Hetal Joshi M.

It is this history that created so many opportunties for so many aritsts.

Link :



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