People who have claimed to work with us but never worked with us or never provided us any services!

People who have claimed to work with us but never worked with us or never provided us any services!

Company Announcement : Feb 20, 2023 : People who have claimed to work with us but never worked with us or never provided us any services!

Whatever is in this list, is as is. We believe in keeping our entire activities transparent because, why not !

  • David –
    • we received multiple text messages on our former-admin phones from various business owners or service providers (or company numbers that were declared in public for various announcements/events/programs/call back numbers etc) that were somehow unattended and it went directly to unknown spam messages (that came to our notice in February, 2023 via icloud backup / during our routine backups of all our gears) that this individual in particular is calling other businesses and claiming that he is from our company or something to do with Grace And Grooves company or related to Ms. Hetal Nagaraj.
    • In our entire history of all services as of Feb 20, 2023, we never had this name, either as student or as a parent or as first or middle or last name or as any service provider till date and we don’t know where to find this name anywhere in our database for any services!
    • People who reported this incident to us via phone or sms or texts-imessage were random service providers in dance businesses in DFW and we were told that this individual is acting extremely rude to them and so they called our admins or the numbers they had (for our company relations) to verify if this individual worked with us.
    • Some of them called again and again since their messages were unattended or were not replied to or were directly filtered to spam by our systems and for which our admins have noted this incident (only because they called and asked about this individual), in our company notes and so we had to declare today as it came to our notice!
    • We thank for those who called to inform us about this individual! We hope to receive number if anybody has saved it as we were told he called in busy times and so they couldn’t save this individual’s number.
    • It seems like more than 3 businesses around the similar time frame in 2020-2021 called with regards to this matter if this individual has anything to do with our company or worked for us!
    • Since our database is transparent through out the history from the day 1 we started our company, we just ask them to check our site and search the name. We always declare everything with respect to staff, collabs, interns, choreographers irrespective of anything. 
    • We will wait until the end of March 2023 to see what this is about and to see if we can receive any further information about this individual and then we are reporting this individual to authorities without any delays and we will let them find this individual.
    • We are seeking people’s help in this regards and if you know any number that you may have saved as this individual called/texted you etc, or may have called you, please contact Ms. Hetal directly at 972 979 2559.
    • Although, we have come across about 50 Davids who have spammed to our publicly posted company emails with some or the other seo services for which any of our company members have never replied to any of those seo marketing emails and these were directly filtered to spam! These type of emails are common to businesses where phone numbers and email addresses are publicly posted on sites and social medias.
    • Since our company was build by Ms. Hetal Joshi M, Hetal Nagaraj single handed through out with all acquisitions and mergers or her own trained people that she trains from start to finish – All or most people are her own friends/family or graduates/her own students.
    • 2020-post pandemic to 2021 was the first year that we hired through job sites with more than 1000 applicants responses that applied for various services to the company.
    • By 2022 December, most of these were either laid off or fired or they moved to different city. And so, from our seo services to every single service that we have in company is all Ms. Hetal’s classmates and family itself and so we never needed any such services! There is an account for all the hires here including the interns and grads that work for us. Other services were rendered directly through our website service provider itself and reachh mediaa since 2013.
  • Pratap – This incident is recorded here. This individual has been reported for harassment to authorities with proof and traceability.
    • There has been striking coincidence with this individual and experiences with company at grace and grooves and ms. hetal joshi / hetal nagaraj herself. Anytime somebody denies of anything related to this individual, this guy doesn’t take it well causing harm to women/girls in particular as well as young boys by targetting them in social medias.
    • With all due regards, an invoice of damage is send to this individual.
    • A proposal of acquisition was also send by ms. hetal, if she can save the company as ms. Hetal knows the original owner of the company and Ms. Hetal was the first one to welcome her dance activities in DFW.
    • The time has passed by and we no-longer want this acquisition as some other striking coincidences have surfaced upon further investigation.

Post update : Feb 20, 2023.

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